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How many times do you hear about ‘finding the one’ and ‘when you are least expecting it they will appear’.  It was certainly the case with me, and with the most important relationship of all, My Hairdresser.

At certain times in my life I have found a hairdresser who understands my hair, and it has lasted for several months or even years – until they leave or move away.  Then their successor who promises to deliver, lets you down, and you go on the search again.

After living in London for many years, and moving out to Buckinghamshire two years ago, I have been on a mission to find a suitable person to manage my rather tricky head of hair, and create a few miracles in the process.

From Toni & Guy to more ‘boutique’ hairdressers, I have tried them all, and it is actually six in total, and just when I had given up and decided it was me and not them, a miracle happened.

I walked into a hairdresser in Gerrards Cross called BROX as the owner Darren, was having an auction for his own Charity, Liberty’s Legacy, and I was donating a prize for the auction for him.

There was something about the way he said ‘Please come back I would like to do your hair’ that resonated with me, and although it took a few months, I did eventually go back and hey presto – I had found ‘the one’.

It was late afternoon, and once he had delivered THE HAIRCUT, the only people who remained were a few staff and Darren himself.  They all exclaimed how different I looked and how much younger I had become with this major transformation.

I naturally felt that they were being kind, or supporting their boss, but did see an amazing difference in the thickness and style of the hair as I flounced out of the Salon.

The following day I was visited by my family, and my daughter who takes no prisoners, commented on the youthfulness of the cut and that it really was the best hairdo she could remember me having.  Praise indeed, so it was not just a figment of my imagination.

The extraordinary difference with Darren is that he actually cares about each individual who walks into his salon, and each hair style is bespoke to the person standing in front of him, taking age, personality and lifestyle into consideration.

The added proof is actually in the type of clientele he attracts, from celebrities to film stars, especially as Pinewood is not far away and maybe because Gerrards Cross has been nicknamed The Mini Hollywood.  But I also did spot an elderly lady who he was kindly serving tea and biscuits to prior to her appointment, so he welcomes everyone equally.

BROX have only been in Gerrards Cross for three years, and his training was in London at one of the major Salons prior to that.

But if you are looking for ‘the one’, then why don’t you try Darren at BROX in Gerrards Cross. I know that some of our readers are scattered across the country, and so perhaps you are inspired and will start looking for your own ‘Brox’ or ‘Darren’ closer to home.  But for those of you not too far away, or even if you have a bit of a drive to get there, it would be time well spent, and unlike other relationships, I am willing to share.

Here is what Darren has to say

“Of course, quality is key and it is my intention to continue to grow the Brox business so that it is known for its attention to detail, personal client care, a warm and welcoming environment staffed by fully trained stylists offering a superb client experience that clients look forward to repeating many times.”

Set in the heart of Gerrards Cross, Brox is located on a bustling High Street with ample parking and the opportunity to shop from a variety of exclusive boutiques, plus the option to enjoy eating in the many cafes and restaurants nearby.

Check out Brox and see what they can offer you https://broxhair.com/menu/#myhair

Thanks to BROX we have a great prize of a FULL hair makeover to give away to one lucky person
Just enter your details below to enter, good luck x

Click here to view this promotion.

Please also check out Liberty’s Legacy for information and how you can help support here:




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As the Summer sets in and we are watching a variety of sport on TV, and witness optimum health and fitness with our sports stars, we can only observe our own reflection in the mirror, and set out to shape up.

I did that recently, having lost a bit of extra weight I am proud to report, but needed to tone up.  As always, with a really busy schedule and juggling act between family and career, decided to try something a bit different that would fit into my programme.

Fending off the jeers of colleagues I decided to explore the local Bowling Club.  Oh I know what you are all thinking, elderly men in their airtex T shirts, and their ‘other halves’ watching on whilst sipping lemonade.

But to my amazement, the local Bowling club was filled with young singles and couples, as well as some even younger contenders as well as the over 60s as in any club.  They were welcoming and helpful, and I played my first bowling game ever under the watchful eye of a private coach at the club, and discovered I wasn’t bad at all.  Plus the exercise regime was not strenuous but steady with all the bending and stretching, and the social interaction good as everyone was so friendly.

The club manager offered that I come back again before joining to make sure I was comfortable in doing so, and so I went away with a completely different attitude to Bowling Clubs.

As luck would have it, I was then invited to my local Tennis Club by a local acquaintance, and although I had a secret desire to be an ace at Tennis, had never cut it at school and it had been years since I played so told them that I had no talent for the game at all.   In fact I would be embarrassingly bad!.  My colleague, who was one of the coaches at the club assured me that it did not matter at what level I played, he would be able to help and inspire me to play.

I was quite excited at the prospect, and so only last week I took myself off to the Tennis Club which is literally two minutes away from where I live, and was again greeted warmly with drinks on the terrace whilst watching a variety of tournaments played at very different levels.

It is now down to me to decide which one ticks all the boxes, because both of them are great options to have, and as well as toning up, will provide some great diversification which we all need in our lives.

It is also great that these local clubs are open after working hours and at weekends, and so there is no excuse not to join.  Even with a hectic diary, it is possible to fit in a couple of hours a week as a minimum of time to allow for yourself, and can easily be scheduled in with your weekly visits to yoga or the gym.

I will let you know which one I decide to join, and you never know, I may choose both.  There are no rules to joining clubs, apart from the rules of the clubs themselves, and once you have put your prejudice and self-doubt in your pocket, you will be ready to go.

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As someone who has always taken risks in my career and personal relationships, I am always told that I look really calm and in control.

This is certainly the case most of the time these days, but I have suffered huge bouts of anxiety over the years, and for no particular reason. When the stress levels were at their peak, I would be mentored by an exceptional psychotherapist who would tell me to live through the anxiety, feel and experience it and come out the other side. He would say ‘so what sort of prejudice do you have against anxiety, it is part of life’. So instead of pushing it away, I would go into it more and then it would pass more quickly.

Nowadays I tend to be able to manage the stress levels far better and spend less time stressing about the future, because that is what anxiety is. My daughter, who is now in her twenties, reminded me recently when I was about to relapse into worry about some small issue in my life, saying ‘If you continue on this path, what message are you sending to the Universe’ – strong words of wisdom indeed, and those I have reiterated over and over again throughout her life. How timely that they should be reflected back to me.

So what has this to do with Vision Boards you may well ask, and that is a very good question.

As a result of this Mother/Daughter conversation, we both decided to create a Vision Board, to give ourselves an image of how we want our lives to look in the future.

Vision Boards are a culmination of all that we want to achieve in our lives, and they really do work. In my mentoring work, I always advise my mentees to create a five-year plan, which nine times out of ten they thank me for as their aspirations start to come true.

Vision Boards can be created as simply as you want, and should reside in a chosen area of your work space or most favoured room where you will see it the most.

You can create it from a very simple pin board using magazines, quotations, paintings or drawings or a combination of imagery acquired around the goals and aspirations in your mind’s eye.

Too good to be true? There is no such thing, and judging from the world-wide best seller ‘The Secret’ there is no limit to what you can achieve if you know what it is you desire.

Your vision can be as large or minute as you make it, and your ambitions could be huge and seemingly unrealistic, but according to recorded history, if you see and absorb your aspired goals each day, it does change your brain patterns and will set you on the road to changing the course of your life.

One case history recorded someone who had spent her entire career in an office as a PA, catering for the boss’s needs; after doing a course in NLP, funded by the firm, she completely changed the course of her career as she did her own Vision Board. She is now a ‘boss’ herself, but a far better one to her own assistant, as she has experienced the ‘dumbing down’ of subordinates from people in power.

Another friend closer to me had a wish list as a child that she put in a box for when she grew up, and she had written that she wanted to live in Central London and have six kids. For a career choice she wanted to be an actress and have a certain amount of money. She now lives in Holborn in a five-storey house, is married to a man who had two kids previously, and now has four of her own. She is also now starring in a well-known television series, her name remains anonymous for now! She had created her own ‘Vision Board’ long before it was fashionable to do so.

So when you begin to worry, spend time with it but not too long, and then start to visualise what you would like to happen in your life; thinking about the material aspects like the career, relationships, home and finances are important, but it is more about how good those material things make you feel. So remember to visualise the feelings of happiness you have had at certain times in your life and create a space on the Vision Board for those too.

After all, it is all about love and happiness at the end of the day, and if a Vision Board can help you to achieve these powerful sensations as well as your life ambitions, then your mission is well and truly accomplished.

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As we kick off for another World Cup in Russia, the media are still interviewing thousands of men, chomping at the bit, as they defiantly wave their flag or display their T-shirts, as if going into battle.

But it is 2018 and not 1966, so where are all the women supporters because there are many, and it is not just because of the Players toned abs or fine physiques.  But because they love the sport as much as their male counterparts.

As we recently celebrated one hundred years with the women’s right to vote, it is less publicized that it is almost 50 years since the FA lifted its ban on women’s football. One would have thought that this would be a major step toward a female recognition of the sport, but at that time many females were still unaware of the sheer bliss of supporting their favourite team, or having any team at all – it was regarded so much as a man’s sport to be played and supported.  So that victory was hardly celebrated, and women hardly dared step over the threshold of the seriously macho pastime.

I was fortunate in that I used to watch football with my young neighbour Derek Collins, whose parents owned the corner shop near to my grandparents house in Maidenhead.

I was introduced to the sport from a very early age, getting to learn the rules and the various teams and colours, and quickly got involved in the sheer excitement of seeing my favourite team win.  I didn’t really have one in particular, and it would change with the day and the teams playing. but it was a great introduction to the sport and a fabulous way to learn.

My own mother Sylvia Anderson, adopted Manchester United as her special team quite late in life when she was around 55, and enjoyed each game so much she would literally sit watching the TV, especially in her more senior years, wearing their distinctive colours in a scarf draped over her shoulders.

My grandparents when they were alive, stared in disbelief as their normally elegant and refined daughter stood up shouting at the television, oblivious to all around her, to cheer her players on.

She had visited the famous Old Trafford several times, and had met and chatted to Alex Ferguson.  It was not often my Mum used her celebrity status to her advantage, but did so with the sport she was so passionate about.

So it is also hard fathom that we are still struggling to recognize that Footie is a sport loved and supported by a wide female following.

I could name several groups of women even within my own circles who are football fanatics, and throw open house parties to share their love of the game with other like-minded women.

Perhaps we should work towards being more open about our passion for the game, and who we support, and plan some female afternoons with our mates, even if to introduce them to the sport, and relish the sheer drama and heaven of seeing our chosen teams win or lose.

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Ballydehob – A Pub, A Castle and A Movie Star

Ballydehob – A Pub, A Castle and A Movie Star

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Ballydehob – A Pub, A Castle and A Movie Star by Dee Anderson

As the whole world is speculating where Harry and Meghan will go for their MiniMoon, Ireland has been whispered, as has Botswana.

Although Botswana is a favourite of the newlyweds, they could not go wrong by visiting Ireland, which is much nearer and gives the guarantee that they will be greeted with a true Irish welcome.

It reminds me of when I was on my way to a friend’s birthday bash in Dublin a few years ago. Gary Whelan was then starring in a TV series called Ballykissangel, and his lovely wife Gabe had thrown a surprise party for him in Dublin, inviting the entire cast and close friends.

We all had to be careful that he didn’t spot us in the town of Dublin, so I decided to drive over with another guest, and he suggested we stop off to see a writer friend en route in a little town called Ballydehob.

I went with the flow on this occasion, and we ended up arriving as dusk was setting in. My friend Sam suggested we meet up with his friend in the little town itself, as he knew the area, and so we stopped off at a bar in the centre of town, to the cheers of the locals – not at our arrival, but for the local violinist and his magical musical abilities.

It was an amazing night, and it was a fight to stay sober as the drinks were lined up on the bar as a welcome to the new girl in town, namely me.

But we eventually left the pub to be ferried by the local driver, who then ventured to drop off all the locals who lived in farms and houses dotted around the outskirts of the area.

The next couple of days were filled with joyous adventure as we explored the town and found two sisters, both in their nineties. They were unmarried and had opened their family house as a shop and a bar, and were still humping beer barrels from the cellar. They had letters from the Kennedys and Clinton on the wall, and I was speechless with reverence for their charismatic charm as they cracked jokes and sent one another up with skilful Irish banter.

We then drove out to Kilcoe Castle a mile or so away, which is owned by Jeremy Irons and his wife Sinead Cusack, and to the little fishing village nearby which is idyllic.

The home cooking in the local cafes and restaurants were second to none, and the very raison d’etre of the locals was to feed us up as much as possible with the local produce and exquisite cuisine, which left the UK in the shade food-wise, as far as I was concerned.

I was sorry to leave Ballydehob and go to Dublin, although the birthday party there was amazing and was full of fabulous food, celebrity guests and brilliant musicians, and we all partied into the early hours of the morning.

It certainly was a party fest like no other, and if Harry and Meghan are going to Ireland for their MiniMoon, they will love every minute, as it holds a magic like no other place on Earth.

Why not visit the Ballydehob website and plan your trip

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