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A wise philosopher once told me that to find true love you must accept that it comes with great loss – of yourself, your identity and ultimately of the person you love – as one of you will ultimately depart this earth before the other – which is a scary prospect in itself.  This is why many of us avoid the great love, as it can be too difficult to manage.  Although some have conquered the fear of falling in love.

“I have learned not to worry about love; but to honor its coming with all my heart.” Alice Walker

But what if you could survive the agony and the ecstasy and embrace the anxiety that comes with finding the partner of your dreams.  Do you believe you deserve the perfect relationship – because the first person you should fall in love with is yourself.

I recently met a brilliantly ‘switched on’ writer and relationship expert, Trelawney Kerrigan, who has incorporated all of her experience and knowledge on the subject in a book entitled ‘Be the Woman He Falls for Not the Girl He Sleeps With’ which could also apply to men as well as women, as it is all about believing you are good enough for an equal loving relationship.

The book gives some insightful personal experiences, meditation, visualisation and guidance so that we can move forward and avoid those toxic relationships, and dangerous liaisons that can ruin your life.

Love is also not restricted to how old we are or if we have loved before, as we can find great love at any age, and it is never too late to fall in love or find an amazing partner.

‘So, love – when you find it – is something to nurture and treasure.  But here’s the thing – being open to finding love on the basis of love alone, ie forgetting about need, social status, financial security, family/society expectations – is a rare human quality.  Many of us go under from the pressure of our insecurities and find ourselves ‘settling’.  Finding great love takes courage, confidence and unbreakable belief in your own right to happiness.’  Trelawney Kerrigan

It is all the pitfalls that we are familiar with and seem to dominate our lives in love, but somehow Trelawney manages to turn them round and make them insignificant and powerless, so that we can pave the way for our future – to begin our own journey and discover our passage to true love.

“The one thing we can never get enough of is love. And the one thing we never give enough is love.” Henry Miller

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The first piece of advice I was given as a writer was ‘capture the audience in the first three minutes’.  I have never forgotten those words of wisdom.

We see a burning house and hear screams of the people inside, we see firefighters and people being dragged from the ruins.    But do we care, we feel the tension but we don’t know who these people are.

Cut back a few scenes, and we see a man drive up to the house, he gets out of the car and is greeted by his wife and two young children who are standing at the open door.  We see him enter and sit down at the table with his family, and talk about their day.  They are chatting about their kids’ school and the family holiday, we get to know them.

We cut to outside and see a man planting an explosive, and see the house go up in flames.  Now we are engaged and we really want them to be saved.

Not all of us are aspiring writers or film makers, but more and more people are wanting to make writing part of their lives.  Some don’t even know if they have the talent to write a page let alone a novel, but if you have a spark of interest or passion about writing then why don’t you explore the possibilities.

You could begin by forming your own writers group – many have started simply by inviting a few friends over with a couple bottles of wine, some basic ideas and a discussion, and before you know it you have short stories, books or screenplays in the making.  Better than crying over ex boyfriends or berating the agony of a recent divorce, and definitely a way of reinventing yourself.

If you are serious about a career change and want to be a writer, then look at one of the writing courses that are around at the moment.

To refresh my own capability as a writer I recently attended a fantastic Writer’s Retreat in the Dordogne in France, The Rocaberti.  It was full of enthusiastic writers at all stages of their career, from their very first shot at writing to the more experienced published writer.

The Mentors were all highly motivated, published and well known novelists, screen-writers and film writers and producers.  In spite of their success, they were equally as supportive to every mentee and made sure each one had the input they needed to take the next step on their writing path.

You could also explore writers’ groups nearer to home, and there are many good ones – check out the reviews and feedback from attendees on the websites attached to the courses, and that should tell you everything you need to know.

Hope I have got you interested – and within the first three minutes.   After all it only takes one minute to make a life changing decision, which could affect everything you do for the next twenty years or more.  So what are you waiting for?

Checkout the writers retreat

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Many years ago when I was attending a spiritual healing retreat, a guru told me that if I had ‘plastic surgery’ the Goddess would not be happy.I have always remembered those words, and have watched carefully as more and more people have gone under the knife to look good. I have to admit that I have also considered this myself in spite of the warning as the years have progressed, but am fortunate to have inherited a very good skin and bone structure, but nonetheless felt it was time for a bit of enhancement.

I had also been contemplating a few areas of improvement, and so a few months ago began to investigate less invasive ways of doing so.  So I started checking out my options and stumbled on the Deluxe Clinic. The Deluxe Clinic resides in the affluent area of Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire, often referred to as the ‘Hollywood of England’, mainly due to its celebrity inhabitants and easy proximity to Pinewood Studios.

My family moved to Gerrards Cross as their their film career was taking off in the seventies, and they had moved their ‘empire’ to Pinewood.  So I am familiar with the fabulous energy of the village and the well-known faces, even though it has undergone changes over the years. So it was a delight to discover the Clinic with its expertise in Hifu which is a brilliant non-invasive laser face lift.  Not only is it administered by well trained staff, but the clinic works with trained nurses and even the NHS with many of its techniques.

The tariffs of this revolutionary cosmetic surgery are also extremely competitive and are well below the prices of most London salons.I decided to check it out, and was warmly greeted by the owner, Simona Goci, who took the time and trouble to introduce me to the other members of her staff and spend time explaining the various treatments.The premises themselves are pristine and the treatment rooms tranquil and geared for the greater good of the client.

In spite of my reservations, Simona was completely reassuring but honest, and told me in great detail the areas of my face that she would recommend could be improved.  She also gave me a number of options, but not once did I feel she was ‘selling’ to me.

After a lot of questions and considerations, I signed up to try the Hifu facelift.   HIFU Face and Neck Lift (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) also known as Non-surgical Facelift has become one of the most sought after lifting treatments for face and neck. 3D SkinMed is a one-off treatment which will help you achieve tighter, firmer, lifted skin! It all sounds so easy, but believe me it was a major decision, especially for someone like me who had been warned not to interfere with nature’s bigger plan.

The procedure takes a couple of hours, and is virtually pain free.   Simona herself is in charge of the Hifu and is an expert.  She explains what she is doing at every stage, and I felt nurtured and in good hands.The effects take three months to reach their optimum level, as the skin has to readjust and tighten gradually over time.  I was told I may not see an immediate difference but I did and friends and colleagues have remarked on how well and young I look, even after a few weeks.

I would certainly recommend anyone who has been considering having ‘work’ done to check out the Deluxe Clinic as their methods won’t make such a dent on your skin or your bank account. I would also recommend that wherever you live, this is a great place to check out, and is well worth the journey, even to make a special trip.

If unlike me you want to keep the treatment a secret, their staff are discreet and confidential.  I am quite happy to recommend this to others who are in need but don’t want to go the invasive route, as it really does give a boost to both your skin and your confidence. I have also consulted my oracle, and feel that in spite of the advice of the guru, the Goddess is pleased with my decision, as it enhances her work in the first place, rather than reinventing it.

If you would like a free consultation call Deluxe Clinic on 01753 885777.
Or visit the website at

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As someone who has been witness to writers in television with my own parents, and now a writer myself, I have spent my entire life learning about what inspires an audience, and even more importantly what keeps them interested.

So with this inside scrutiny and knowledge, you would think that my own belief system when watching TV is extremely limited.  But far from it, and I have been known to binge watch a variety of programmes, and have become lost and involved in them and their characters.

Having been in ‘catch up’ mode over the past few months myself, I am listing below my top four – and so in case you have missed any of them, get some ‘me’ time booked in right now, and get ready to binge.

The most recent is The Night Of, an American crime 8 part drama series, which had me hooked from the outset, and stars the wonderful Riz Ahmed who internalises all of his emotions so beautifully, equal only to Al Pacino in The Godfather, as he turns from college boy to gangster.  John Turturro plays his lawyer, whose skin allergies are almost as painful as the trial, and definitely as desperate.  But the series is without doubt the most compelling I have seen in a while, and will it hold you ‘til you drop.

Big Little Lies is also a favourite, and I have seen this twice, as when I had family over from Tasmania, I insisted that they watch it.  It is produced by Reece Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, who also star in the Drama Series, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.  If you are parents or grandparents, you will get it, and even if you are childless – the suspense will kill you.

The Affair is another incredible ‘must watch’, and stars the fabulous Dominic West who portrays a formerly devoted husband with three young kids, who is sucked into a passionate affair with a local waitress, whilst visiting relatives on a family vacation. Ruth Wilson plays the complex young seductress with every ounce of voluptuous pout she can muster, and it is all offset beautifully against a backdrop of crashing waves and leering locals.  It is a wife and mother’s nightmare, and every young girl’s dream, and you will love those steamy sex scenes.

Grey’s Anatomy is my final choice for now, and I reached the 7th series in just over a month, being hooked on all the dramas of a group of interns in a busy hospital in Seattle.  Their complex love lives are perfect escapism, entwined with their ruthless desire to become successful heart and neuro surgeons, which in my book confirms the fact that hospital dramas are always really successful and a great environment for a television series.  Remember ER, General Hospital, not to mention our own long running dramas Holby City and Casualty.   But that is not to spoil the impact, and Gray’s Anatomy has a DNA of its own, and is not at all predictable with a twist at every turn.


Whats you favorite box set ? let us know.

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How many times do you hear about ‘finding the one’ and ‘when you are least expecting it they will appear’.  It was certainly the case with me, and with the most important relationship of all, My Hairdresser.

At certain times in my life I have found a hairdresser who understands my hair, and it has lasted for several months or even years – until they leave or move away.  Then their successor who promises to deliver, lets you down, and you go on the search again.

After living in London for many years, and moving out to Buckinghamshire two years ago, I have been on a mission to find a suitable person to manage my rather tricky head of hair, and create a few miracles in the process.

From Toni & Guy to more ‘boutique’ hairdressers, I have tried them all, and it is actually six in total, and just when I had given up and decided it was me and not them, a miracle happened.

I walked into a hairdresser in Gerrards Cross called BROX as the owner Darren, was having an auction for his own Charity, Liberty’s Legacy, and I was donating a prize for the auction for him.

There was something about the way he said ‘Please come back I would like to do your hair’ that resonated with me, and although it took a few months, I did eventually go back and hey presto – I had found ‘the one’.

It was late afternoon, and once he had delivered THE HAIRCUT, the only people who remained were a few staff and Darren himself.  They all exclaimed how different I looked and how much younger I had become with this major transformation.

I naturally felt that they were being kind, or supporting their boss, but did see an amazing difference in the thickness and style of the hair as I flounced out of the Salon.

The following day I was visited by my family, and my daughter who takes no prisoners, commented on the youthfulness of the cut and that it really was the best hairdo she could remember me having.  Praise indeed, so it was not just a figment of my imagination.

The extraordinary difference with Darren is that he actually cares about each individual who walks into his salon, and each hair style is bespoke to the person standing in front of him, taking age, personality and lifestyle into consideration.

The added proof is actually in the type of clientele he attracts, from celebrities to film stars, especially as Pinewood is not far away and maybe because Gerrards Cross has been nicknamed The Mini Hollywood.  But I also did spot an elderly lady who he was kindly serving tea and biscuits to prior to her appointment, so he welcomes everyone equally.

BROX have only been in Gerrards Cross for three years, and his training was in London at one of the major Salons prior to that.

But if you are looking for ‘the one’, then why don’t you try Darren at BROX in Gerrards Cross. I know that some of our readers are scattered across the country, and so perhaps you are inspired and will start looking for your own ‘Brox’ or ‘Darren’ closer to home.  But for those of you not too far away, or even if you have a bit of a drive to get there, it would be time well spent, and unlike other relationships, I am willing to share.

Here is what Darren has to say

“Of course, quality is key and it is my intention to continue to grow the Brox business so that it is known for its attention to detail, personal client care, a warm and welcoming environment staffed by fully trained stylists offering a superb client experience that clients look forward to repeating many times.”

Set in the heart of Gerrards Cross, Brox is located on a bustling High Street with ample parking and the opportunity to shop from a variety of exclusive boutiques, plus the option to enjoy eating in the many cafes and restaurants nearby.

Check out Brox and see what they can offer you

Thanks to BROX we have a great prize of a FULL hair makeover to give away to one lucky person
Just enter your details below to enter, good luck x

Click here to view this promotion.

Please also check out Liberty’s Legacy for information and how you can help support here:

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