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We have recently been introduced to this spectacular new magazine called EQUAL by the King of Introductions, Richard Selwyn-Barnett (see recent article).

EQUAL is published online and also as a magnificent high end journal that you can read and keep, showcasing Fashion, Art, Culture, and Music with a heavy emphasis upon diversity and uniqueness.

The charming and down to earth Shelley Rodgers, who is at the helm of EQUAL lives in a sleepy coastal village in between Dublin and Belfast with her musician partner Kieran Sherry and her daughter Maya.

Her stunning photography is shot through her own creative eye and embraces all aspects of our Planet and its people, from sub-cultures to those who have been excluded, with a particular emphasis upon the environment with cruelty free makeup, recycled jewellery and eco fashion.

EQUAL is also the perfect platform to promote both established and up and coming artists to showcase their work while also nurturing their talent.  They have live fashion shows in iconic and historic buildings.  Their most recent was held in Belfast Castle in February of this year, where they presented artists like Skyler Jett (the Commodores) with a life time achievement award for his career in music and other emerging creatives.

On Saturday 19th October at Belfast Castle there will be another ‘alternative’ fashion show with live music and a captivating catwalk featuring some stunning new designs like the new Bruno Tilley collection of T shirts, models from the LGBT community and those with severe injuries – the physically challenged.

Our very own Dee Anderson will be walking the catwalk and modelling a jean jacket in glittering Swarovski crystal, which has been designed by Rachel and Dean Mayhook, and their son Josh at

Dee will be performing her new song written especially for EQUAL entitled ‘You are Unique”.

Ticket sales will be announced in the next few weeks – watch this space and keep a close eye on EQUAL magazine.


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Win £25 John Lewis / Waitrose Gift Card

Win £25 John Lewis / Waitrose Gift Card

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John Lewis, regularly voted the UK’s favourite retailer, began trading in 1864 with the opening of their first shop in London’s Oxford Street. Since then, and through the efforts of their 90,000 Partners (staff), they have succeeded in becoming the largest multi-channel retailer in the UK, with 42 John Lewis stores (31 department stores and 10 John Lewis at home) and the market leading online business  which consistently ranks one of the top online shopping destinations in the UK. The full line department stores typically stock more than 350,000 separate lines, with their stores at Oxford Street and Bluewater also including a John Lewis Foodhall from Waitrose.


Where can I spend my John Lewis Gift Card?

John Lewis Gift Cards are redeemable in all John Lewis Department Stores, Waitrose supermarkets and can also be used to purchase goods online at John Lewis Gift Cards can also be redeemed over the telephone with John Lewis Direct. To find your nearest store please visit the John Lewis store locator or the Waitrose store locator.

Do John Lewis Gift Cards have an expiry date?

John Lewis Gift Cards remain active for 24 months after the last activity, which includes a balance enquiry.

To be in with a chance of winning just enter your details below.

There are two prizes up for grabs

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Looking For A City Break Not Far From Home, Canterbury Is A Stunning Cathedral Destination

Looking For A City Break Not Far From Home, Canterbury Is A Stunning Cathedral Destination

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If you are looking for a City Break not far from home, Canterbury is a stunning Cathedral destination in Southeast England, which really will tick all the boxes and cater to all palates and passions.

Canterbury was originally a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages.  The Ancient walls which were originally built by the Romans, are the boundary for its medieval centre with cobbled streets and timber-framed houses.

Canterbury Cathedral founded in 597 AD is the headquarters of the Church of England and Anglican Church, boasting Gothic and Romanesque stone carvings and stained-glass windows.

Ancient walls, originally built by the Romans, encircle its medieval centre with enchanting cobbled streets and timber-framed houses. Canterbury Cathedral, founded 597 A.D., is the headquarters of the Church of England and Anglican Communion, incorporating Gothic and Romanesque elements in its stone carvings and stained-glass windows.

There are plenty of wonderful buildings and churches to explore as well as the Cathedral, if you enjoy ancient architecture, but if you want to indulge in food, wine and entertainment, this is also close at hand.

On a recent trip we visited The Marlowe Theatre in The Friars, Canterbury. which is the recently refurbished Modern theatre for Shakespeare, musicals and stand-up with a studio for contemporary performances.  They often have touring shows and household names appearing there so if you like a good play or musical, book to coincide with your holiday.

There are a plethora of restaurants if you are a foodie, and depending on your taste buds and budget you can’t go wrong with the centrally located Cote Brasserie either for a brilliant brunch, pre-theatre meal or romantic supper.  The food is excellent and the service first class.,  They also have a great variety of wines and cocktails to toast your time out.  The restaurant itself is huge and spacious and so you can also have an intimate meal at your own pace which is worth its weight these days.

If you are watching your diet or want to eat ultra healthy, then try The Skinny Kitchen, also near to the centre, which is ‘a healthy hangout serving clean, fresh food all day long. Whatever your diet, goals or macros there’s something for you. Everyday food with a clean, healthy twist. HOW IT ALL STARTED Back in 2014 three friends realised Ibiza was missing a major part of their lifestyle; healthy food. Fuelled by passion and the desire to bring something totally unique to the food industry, they immediately set about opening Ibiza’s first healthy food hangout. But they didn’t stop there. Now with five locations across Ibiza and the UK, The Skinny Kitchen still focus on that initial concept; creative, clean and healthy food with lots of variety, to suit many diets. MISSION They create healthy…

If you are looking for a reasonably priced but highly recommended place to stay The Millers Arms Built in 1826 is an inn positioned in the middle of Canterbury.
Guestrooms feature flatscreen TVs, telephones, work desks and complimentary Wi-Fi. Also included are tea and coffee-making facilities. Hair dryers and free toiletries can be found in the private bathrooms. Rollaway/extra beds can be made available upon request.
Wi-Fi and wired internet are both free in public areas is of this hotel, which has its own garden.
A complimentary breakfast is served every morning. Later in the day, guests can enjoy some food and a drink in the bar.

The Millers Arms is under half a mile from Canterbury Cathedral. Marlowe Theatre, the Royal Museum and Art Gallery, Westgate Gardens and Towers and Weaver’s House are all also within half a mile. Other local attractions include St. Dunstan’s Church and St. Augustine’s Abbey are within easy walking distance as well.

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WIN a special edition PINK FAB Handirest

WIN a special edition PINK FAB Handirest

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Handirest is a new innovation designed and developed by Adrian Houlder, who came up with the idea when observing that his wife and daughter had nowhere to rest their hands when applying their nail varnish. They say that the simplest of ideas are the most successful, and this is definitely the case with this product, which has already been featured in some of the top fashion and lifestyle magazines and TV channels throughout the UK.


The Handirest is an ingenious manicure product for professional and home use. It is simple, easy and helps you to achieve a more comfortable and controlled manicure by supporting your hand and keeping your fingers secure and steady. The specially formed recesses help to keep your fingers still and therefore avoid accidental smudging or mess. The foam cushion is perfect for intricate nail art, applying false nails, and nail polishing. Handirest can be used anywhere. The cushion’s design means that one pad fits both your left and right hands, and any hand size.


I met up with Adrian, who is still amazed by the overnight success of his invention, and he told us the incredible story of how it all came about.

‘The idea for Handirest began whilst I was watching TV with my family. An advert came on showing a woman painting her nails with her hand held up in the air. I asked my wife and daughter how they managed to paint their nails without their hands being supported? My wife said that she rested her hands on the table but found it uncomfortable. My daughter then suggested that I design something to overcome the problem.

The following day, I decided to find something soft, something to keep the fingers secure and something easy. I found some foam at work, I put my hand on it quite firmly and the foam wrapped around my fingers. I thought “this is exactly what is needed”. I then shaped a piece of foam with channels to support the fingers.

I took the piece of foam home and showed it to my daughter, who thought that there was probably a similar sort of device on the internet.   We went online and did a search, but we could not find anything that supported both hand and fingers.

At the time, I believed that was the end of it. I took what I had made back to work and left it in my reception area. To my surprise, the shaped foam started drawing a lot of attention, and became a talking point when customers were in the reception.

During one conversation, it was suggested that I should look into seeing if there was a market for the product, and also apply for a patent just in case something may come of it. I took my customer’s advice and came up with the name Handirest.

I began to research and speak to various nail technicians to come up with an improved version. After a few months, I had something ready to show. Shortly after completing the initial design, a customer came to collect some work that I had completed for a local radio station. The customer noticed the Handirest and we started talking about it as she just happened to be in charge of the beauty show which aired once a week. To my surprise she asked if she could feature Handirest on their show.

175As my background is manufacturing, I knew very little about marketing and retail sales. I spoke to a marketing company who offered to help and suggested they start a facebook account to see if Handirest would draw any attention. On the launch of the Facebook account it went viral with ‘Likes’ appearing every few seconds. This excited everyone and now we had to see if it would sell. An Amazon account was opened at the end of 2012 and Handirest started to jump off the shelf.

I decided that I needed to look into getting a reliable supplier who could produce in volume if necessary, and as a result, this required some changes to the material to make it more durable and high quality product.

At the start of 2013 I had made some changes to Handirest and it was now suggested that I put it in front of the public by doing an exhibition. My marketing company signed me up to the Beauty UK NEC taking place in February. About a week before the Beauty UK, I received a call from a Amazon buyer who asked if they could buy direct from me. I was a little confused as I was only selling very small quantities on my account, but they informed me that they were alerted to Handirest sales, as the conversion rate was almost 100% every time someone landed on my page.

At the Beauty UK exhibition, I was selling a Handirest almost every minute throughout the two day event. I was also approached by Capital Hair and Beauty wholesalers. A member of the Scratch magazine team also took an interest in the Handirest. A few days later, I received a phone call from Scratch magazine, I was told, to my surprise, Handirest was now featured on the home page of their website, and that the other employees at Scratch magazine loved my product.

During the remainder of 2013, I continued to look for a manufacturer to produce Handirest. Eventually I found someone that I felt could produce larger volumes with compromising on the quality of my product.

I continued to make improvements to Handirest and began using a material that would be acetone resistant so that the Handirest could be easily kept clean and wouldn’t be damaged by the acetone found in nail care products.

I decided to take the new and improved Handirest to the Beauty UK 2014 exhibition. Handirest sold more than one every minute over the two days. The feedback from the trade and public was unbelievably encouraging.

During 2014, I started receiving calls from magazines asking to do advertorials on Handirest. Salon magazine, Scratch, Look. Mail On Sunday, At Home With Tess Daly to mention a few. One call was from Cosmopolitan who asked if they could put Handirest in their ‘Must Have’ section of the magazine and would allow me to use their logo endorsing Handirest as a ‘Must Have’.

as-seen-in Cosmo musthaves

Towards the end of 2014, I decided I now had the perfect Handirest, and finished making any alterations. I also felt that I was now ready to market Handirest in a bigger way. I took Handirest to the Autumn Fair 2014 at the NEC, so that I could introduce Handirest to retail buyers. The exhibition was a great success.

Handirest is currently available in over 150 stores, including; Bentalls, Fenwick, Capital Hair and Beauty, Dennis Willams, Alan Howard, Pompadour, and other online stores.

QVC have also signed up Handirest to be shown on their shopping channel.

Every week, there is new interest in Handirest, and I am extremely pleased to also have Handirest endorsed by Sylvia Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds and Lady Penelope, and we are now working with Breast Cancer Care with special edition PINK FAB Handirest.

Contact Details





Tel: 44 (0) 1494 440022

To be in with a chance to win one of five Handirests, just fill in the form below


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If you are looking for a bit of escapism in these turbulent times (didn’t even mention the B word), and if you can get the kids farmed out if you have any, or want to get away with a loved one.  Then you should seriously consider a City Break in the number one destination for adventure and diversity – London.

I am going to give you three options only to get you started, with some linked suggestions – ranging in price so that it does not pull too hard on your purse strings, or could equally cost you an arm and a leg if you go for broke.



I have a rather interesting suggestion for you if you enjoy an artsy boutique hotel with an edgy interior.  40 Winks, which has housed both Hollywood Royalty and the more ‘under the radar’ glamorous guest is run by the charismatic but cosy Interior Designer David Carter who welcomes his guests as if they are family.

40 Winks is situated in the trendy eclectic East End of London but is only three minutes’ walk to the tube and only a 10 minute ride into the City Centre.

Each room is artfully designed and just stepping inside the door take you into another World.  Perfect for the quick getaway.  The prices are incredibly reasonable too, coming in at around £115-150 per night.

A great boarding platform in every way as it will set you up for the great venture into town, where there are a plethora of places popping up to explore and immerse yourself to finally sweep away those Brexit blues.



The Karaoke and Bao Restaurant which is opening in May should be your first port of call.

BAO is the great Taiwanese restaurant that took London by storm with its funky, animated steamed buns that have been plastered all over Instagram. So everyone is talking about the latest opening coming to Borough in May which will join the other outposts including BAO Soho and BAO Fitzrovia, XU Teahouse and Restaurant, as well as the original BAO BAR stand which remains at Netil Market.

Oh, joy of joy it’ll have a karaoke room named BAO KTV?!  This is incredible, as normally with Karaoke and bao never the twain will meet, although you can see why because Karaoke is incredibly popular in Taiwan so it all makes sense.  It opens on May 6th.  I have already made my reservation.




Lyaness has recently been reinvented from Dandelyan which was voted best bar in the World.

The bar rebranded as Sea Containers remains in the Thames-side ground floor position it’s been in for the last few years. But everything inside is different. Named after Chetiyawardana’s 2018 International Women’s Day pop-up that ran at bar Super Lyan, the interior is a gorgeous palate of powder blue, greys and golds channeling a 1920s chic and a 1970s retro. The work of creative director Jacu Strauss, and the team at Lore Studio, who also created Amsterdam’s Super Lyan with Chetiyawardana’s, Jacu.

There is also a sensational view across the Thames.

The cocktails are incredible as you would imagine from this great mixologist and you will relish both the drinks and the ambience in this mini paradise.


If you are a fan of jazz then why don’t you come to the legendary Pheasantry in King’s Road on 9th June to see our very own Dee Anderson perform with her band Topsyike.  They are a funky Jazz fusion band of some notoriety, and will be performing their own compositions as well as some jazz standards such as Don’t Explain by Billie Holiday, Put a Spell on You and Amy Winehouse’s Love is a Losing Game.  You can listen to the music whilst devouring a very tasty Pizza and a glass of wine as this iconic venue has in recent years been taken over by Pizza Express.

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