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You will know Debbie from her numerous television appearances as a highly accomplished Actor.  Debbie is well known for her portrayal of April Branning in BBC soap opera EastEnders between 1995 and 1996, as well as appearing in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Doctors.

Debbie, is now about to play the role of her life – that of ‘Mother of the Bride’ to her beautiful daughter Ciara.   It is more of a supportive role this time from her usual one, but incredibly important nevertheless.  The rehearsals have begun and as Debbie recounts highlights of the preparations leading up to the big day, we are able to share some of those special moments with her which also help us prepare for a celebration of our own that we may be planning now or in the future.

In this first ‘episode’ Debbie talks about her non-invasive treatment from a highly skilled practitioner and how it has enhanced her look in preparation for the big day.

It sounds so grown up – to be the mother of the bride but the time has come.

I’ve been married twice and both my weddings were very small -I never wanted the whole shebang but my daughter Ciara however wanted the whole works and part of that is to have me looking my best and so the pressure is on.

Ciara is an actress and she’s marrying Mans Zelmerlow the Swedish performer. They both have huge amount of instagram followers so everyone has to be perfect. I needed to up my game in the glamour department so the first stop had to be to see my friend Dr. Tracy Mountford at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic. The thing I love about Tracy is that she explains everything – how the face ages and where we need slight ‘tweakments’ ( I love that word!) My first ‘tweakment’ was a top up of the Ultherapy treatment I had 2 years ago – it’s like an ‘ironing’of the face- it’s not invasive takes around 40 minutes and the results come slowly but worth waiting for. It has an amazing effect on your skin making it almost glow with health, and it lifts too. Next was possibly one of my favourite treatments – the temple filler. Now I’m not a lover fillers. I don’t need them as I have a big round face. However around my temples and sides of my eyes there was a noticeable gap forming. Tracy told me that again was another area that becomes obvious when we age so she used a filler which didn’t hurt at all and hey presto immediately my ‘gaps’ were filled. It also had a very good effect on lifting my eyebrows slightly too – so as an upper face lifting treatment it’s superb!

So a bit like when you decorate the living room all the rest of the house looks shabby – my lower face became my issue. I’ve always had a lopsided mouth. Not noticeable when speaking or smiling but definitely when my face is still. Over the years I’ve very rarely been photographed full faced because it’s so obvious. My dentist said it was my jaw alignment and could be corrected through surgery or braces so I never took it any further. I just happened to mention it to Dr Sophie at the clinic she said – no problem and sorted it in 10 minutes! She filled my bottom lip slightly so it matched the other one put a tiny bit of filler either side of the corners of my mouth. Then she put a tiny bit of filler in my chin to lower it. The results were immediate and outstanding if not very painful!! The chin filler is really good treatment too and but if you are thinking of doing it there is downtime pain and swelling – but it’s worth it. Dr Sophie took so much care and called me every day afterwards to see if I was ok. Just wonderful service and amazing treatments that really work!. I’m now ready for the wedding – and my daughter approves.
The Cosmetic Skin Clinic
8 Devonshire Pl, Marylebone, London W1G 6HP, UK







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HI IMPACT presents

WORKING – A Musical

Performed by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe) Limited

We bring exciting news of a 70s musical that has been reworked and revised by our very own award winner Amanda Noar who won the Sylvia Anderson award in 2018 for Best Director.

We are familiar with sure fire hits in the West End or The National and touring shows with recognised productions, but now let us support new ventures and talent, and be at the cutting edge of this brilliant musical with a stunning cast of young performers.

If you begin by watching this clip of the cast in performance, it will really get those Musical Theatre taste buds flowing, and you will feel compelled to take yourself along to The Gatehouse Theatre in Highgate to soak up the creative energy of this amazing new Production.

“It’s a rare treat to have such an eclectic mix of musical influences and composers in one show. There isn’t a musical like it”, says Amanda

Fans of hit musicals such as WICKED and HAMILTON can now see the brilliant work of composers Stephen Schwartz and Lin-Manuel Miranda (among a host of others) coming to North London this month in a reimagined production of ‘WORKING – A Musical’, directed by award winning director, Amanda Noar.


Opening at Upstairs at the Gatehouse for a two-week run from 10th – 22nd September 2019, ‘Working’ tells the “extraordinary dreams of ordinary people”.

Based on the book by Studs Terkel and featuring songs by composers Stephen Schwartz, Nina Faso, Lin-Manuel Miranda and best-selling singer-songwriter James Taylor this recently reworked production is set to be an exhilarating mix of fantastic voices, slick musical numbers and moving, poignant and honest accounts of real people’s lives.

Laura Allen, Hannah Cheetham, Kris Marc Joseph, Makeda Nansah, Ryan Owen, Shivam Patel, Lara Beth Sas, Mikey Wooster

Direction – Amanda Noar
Musical Direction – Jamie Noar
Choreography – Amanda Noar & Laura Allen
Set Design – Emily Megson
Lighting Design – Jen Watson
Sound Design – Phil Stannard
Stage Management – Bethany Barrington-Davis
Production Assistant – Angie Lawrence
Tickets range from £14-£20 and are on sale online at and via the Upstairs at the Gatehouse Box Office: 020 8340 3488

Contact info –
Name: Amanda Noar
Phone: 07900 576 809
Company: HI IMPACT
Venue Address: Upstairs at the Gatehouse Theatre, Highgate N6 4BD
Box Office: 020 8340 3488







PRAVDA HA HA – True Travels to the End of Europe

PRAVDA HA HA – True Travels to the End of Europe

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PRAVDA HA HA – True Travels to the End of Europe by Rory MacLean

Published by Bloomsbury in hardback and as an audio book on 31st October 2019
An important and unsettling exposé of Putin’s Russia, European disintegration and Britains future
from the acclaimed  travel writer and historian, Rory MacLean.

Pravda Ha Ha asks the question what has happened to the optimism of 1989 and, in the shadow of Brexit, chronicles the collapse of the European dream.

In 1989, the year when the Berlin Wall fell, 11 countries had border walls or fences.
Thirty years on, there are more than 70 around the world. 

November 9th 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

‘No one writes quite like Rory MacLean’ – Robert Macfarlane

“A gem of a book, informative, companionable, sometimes funny, and wholly original. MacLean must surely be the outstanding, and most indefatigable, traveller-writer of our time.” – John le Carré

Available now to pre-order from Amazon

Book Synopsis:
In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. In that euphoric year Rory MacLean travelled from Berlin to Moscow, exploring the forgotten half of Europe. “Stalin’s Nose”, his book about the journey, became a UK Top Ten and has never been out of print.  Thirty years on MacLean retraces his original journey, backwards, travelling from revanchist Russia through Ukraine’s bloodlands, to illiberal Hungary, Poland, Germany and the UK, across countries confronting old ghosts and new fears. Along the way he shoulders an AK 47 to go hunting with Moscow’s Chicken Tsar, plays video games with a St Petersburg cyber-hacker who cracked the US election, drops by the Che Guevara High School of Political Leadership in an unrecognised Nowhereland and meets the Warsaw doctor who tried to stop a march of 70,000 nationalists.  As Europe sleepwalks into a perilous new age, MacLean explores how opportunists – from Putin to Home Counties populists – have made a joke of truth and examines the veracity of historical narrative from reportage to fiction to fake news. He asks what happened to the optimism of 1989 and, in the shadow of Brexit, chronicles the collapse of the European dream.

Rory Maclean Biography:

Rory MacLean is one of Britain’s most expressive and adventurous non-fiction writers. His books – which have been translated into a dozen languages — include UK top tens “Stalin’s Nose” and “Under the Dragon” as well as “Berlin: Imagine a City”, “the most extraordinary work of history I’ve ever read” according to the Washington Post which named it a Book of the Year. He has won awards from the Canada Council and the Arts Council of England and was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary prize. According to the late John Fowles, Rory’s work “marvellously explain why literature still lives”.    In his humanitarian work, Rory has written about the missing civilians of the Yugoslav Wars for the International Committee of the Red Cross, on divided Cyprus for the UN’s Committee on Missing Persons and on North Korea for the British Council. In addition he has made over 50 BBC radio programmes. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, he divides his time between London, Dorset and Berlin.

Book Background:
“Thirty years have passed since I made my original “Stalin’s Nose” journey from Moscow to Berlin, at the dawn of a new age. In 1989 Europeans embraced the idea of a borderless continent, believing that they had changed the world. Now in “Pravda Ha Ha” I’ve retraced my journey to try to understand what went wrong. Why – after liberating themselves from Soviet tyranny – have Russians surrendered their freedom for Dictatorship 2.0? How could so many in the West have fallen for the populists’ lies and spin, dragging democracy to this precarious moment? At the dawn of another new age, I have to find a way to keep faith in tolerance, empathy and the promise of the future, despite the rise of chauvinism and xenophobia, the echo of marching boots and the shadow of Brexit.”

Book Details:
“Pravda Ha Ha: True Travels to the End of Europe”
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Hardback publication date (UK): 31 October 2019
30th Anniversary of fall of the Berlin Wall: 9 November 2019
RRP Hardback price: £20
Hardback ISBN: 978-1408896532
RRP ebook price: £16.80

True Travels to the End of Europe by Rory MacLean
Published by Bloomsbury in hardback and as an audio book on 31st October 2019
An important and unsettling exposé of Putin’s Russia, European disintegration and Britains future
from the acclaimed  travel writer and historian, Rory MacLean.





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One of most exciting discoveries this year has been the highly gifted and inspiring Artist, Jenny Anne Morrison who is living proof that anything can be achieved if you feel the passion and follow your heart.

Jenny is also a practicing Buddhist of many years and firmly believes that her mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo has been the key to her success, and enabled her to keep on track with her creative vision and ultimate success.

As a young adult, Jenny was advised by her parents that art would never yield an income, and that she should pursue a more reliable ‘day job’.  Jenny then went onto run a highly successful health and beauty business but never felt completely fulfilled.

Then after a number of major life challenges and changes, Jenny decided to study Art, which had always been her life’s ambition.  She enrolled into the Heatherly School of Fine Art in Chelsea in 2005, having not picked up a brush since her childhood.   Within a short space of time, this amazing lady realised that she had a very special gift and decided to pursue it wholeheartedly, now with the full support of her family.

The rest is indeed history, as Jenny moved to Spain with her highly supportive husband Willi Morrison and has now transformed part of their home into a heavenly art gallery where she can exhibit her paintings and host viewings for her guests and loyal clientele.


Jenny has also travelled the world and seized the opportunity to interpret on canvas vibrant flamenco dancers, ballerinas, horses, landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, skies, people, places, feelings, faces; and indeed anything that has captured her eye and imagination.  Her paintings and art are awe inspiring.

Jenny Anne Morrison is now a highly acclaimed and successful International Artist, and has exhibited across the World at renowned galleries and exhibitions.

She is also running a thriving business with her work, taking instructions from all over the Globe with original commissions, as well as transforming her original paintings onto cards and canvas.

But to us the most exciting aspect of Jenny Anne Morrison is her overall objective as an artist which is ‘to lift the spirit, to elevate the soul and to give inner peace, joy and happiness.’which in our book is the most important thing of all.

Check out Jenny’s paintings at

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Olive and Sage is a fabulous new discovery in the World of eclectic home furnishings and garden ornaments.  You may not be partial to garden gnomes, in fact my neighbour has just hidden her husband’s more ‘kitch’ garden decorations.  But you will find a variety of inventive designs and quirky pieces, to inspire you in your home and garden.

To add some colour to you garden, or to encourage your kids or grandchildren to grow plants and flowers outdoors, these vibrant planters are just what you need.  Only £25 each or £63 for three.

Pandora the Pig is a great way to celebrate this much loved animal without the toil that goes with keeping such a creature, and there are a variety of carefully crafted animals to choose from.  Pandora the Pig is just £38.

If you a lover of shabby chic, then this lantern is for you and has been skilfully designed and reasonably priced.  Large Shabby Chic Lantern – £59.

For those of you who value a little ‘you’ time, this fun wall frame is a great ‘tongue in cheek’ statement to relish those moments alone.  Now just £13.

Bring out the designer in you with their industrial range, these Pipe coat hooks are both stylish and reasonably priced at £53.

This Company actually offers something for everybody in their ‘Pandora’s Box’ of goodies.   So whether you want to perk up your garden or enhance your home, Olive and Sage have a treasure trove of items in store for you.

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