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Now that the weather has started to cool down, the Autumn Glotime fashion police are hotting up and discovering that the new season is lurking just around the corner.

We know that the Royal Wedding has given the British fashion industry quite a boost as the World looked on and studied the look of legends as they stepped through the Palace doors to celebrate as Harry and Meghan tied the knot.

It could also be that Prince Charles now supports the British Fashion Council, that we are now seeing a return of both Tartan the Balmoral headscarf on our catwalk.


As well as the scarf, the headdress is also back – and we wonder if it is a kickback in recent controversy regarding the Burkha!  But the balaclava and also the beret are both contenders this Autumn/Winter and if you are not a fan of the traditional headscarf you can’t go wrong with the multi-coloured wraps that are appearing in Accessorise.


If you want to be safer and follow a more classical line, then Everlane The Cashmere Scarf in Navy is a great investment.


If you have a secret Bet Lynch squirrelled away, then why don’t you bring her out for the colder climes and invest in one of these sumptuous animal print coats.  You may shock the more feint hearted, but their loss is your gain, and you could win some great brownie points as you sweep into the board room a la Joan Collins or just appear in your local pub without going behind the bar to pull pints!


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We are all so dependent on our iPhones, laptops and all aspects of Social Media, that it is difficult to imagine life without such technology.

Many of us can also remember a time when the telephone was restricted to the home or office, emails were non-existent and the World Wide Web was a phenomenon only imagined in sci-fi books or movies.

How on earth did we exist without them? They have certainly improved communication, education and even creativity in our lives, but how do we restrict ourselves and especially our children from digital excess?

A recent survey revealed that we check our phones on average 200 times a day, and many of us are spending more time in front of a screen than we do asleep.

So how do we combat the stress levels that come with keeping up with the latest trends, expensive apps and a general commitment to social media?

It was interesting to discover that a few high-profile personalities have come off Social Media altogether, Simon Cowell for one, who has not accessed his mobile phone for several months, saying that it was adding too much distraction and anxiety to his already busy schedule.

I think like any heavy addiction or habitual activity, to stop abruptly can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms, and can create even more problems.

But to have a holiday or mini-break from texting or checking your phone could be a good way to start and set an example for your kids.

A group of friends recently suggested that they put their mobile phones away when out together, and the first one to resist and check their phone would pay the bill of the entire group. A major deterrent!

Another suggestion is to charge your iPhone overnight in a room separate from your bedroom, so that you are not tempted to reach for it in the night or first thing in the morning.

If you are feeling even more ambitious you could leave it at home when shopping, or if you are visiting family or friends at the weekend.

There is nothing more irritating than someone who constantly checks their phone as you are trying to get their attention.

It is also a good idea to leave it out of reach when driving, as the urge to look down or reach for the phone as a random call or text comes in can be too tempting, which has been the cause of many collisions.

It would be a good idea to discuss it with your family or social circle, and come up with digital tech-free activities, because if you are sharing some screen-free time together, it is a lot easier to enjoy the experience of personal social interaction, which is ultimately far more rewarding.

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A brave beginning in every sense as Zora Panic, a frustrated young freedom fighter come cook played exquisitely by Martha Dancy, opens the Play on a deserted stage.  Her job is to warm up and amuse the audience and ultimately Randolph Churchill himself, against a backdrop of WW11 and nostalgic music of the time, and she wins hands down on every count.

This extraordinary play by writer James Hugh MacDonald is based on a true story and is skilfully directed by Andrew C Wadsworth.

Mr Macdonald who is seeing the Premiere of his first Play at the age of 91 said: “When I read that Waugh and Churchill had been together in this farmhouse in Croatia and Waugh had got Churchill to read the Bible in a week, that seemed to me a godsend plot”.

Happy Warriors, set in a farmhouse in Topusko, a small town in Croatia, formerly Yugoslavia, is based on a true story from World War II. The comic plot sees author Evelyn Waugh, best known for Brideshead Revisited, antagonised by Randolph, son of Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill had sent his son, who had the rank of Major, to join the mission in Yugoslavia, and Randolph who was well known for his overly high opinion of himself, was complaining that he lacked companions of his own social and intellectual standing.  Hence Evelyn Waugh, an old chum of the Major, was factored in as a companion to keep him ‘happy’.

As we observe the constant banter and bickering between the two, we are torn between thinking that Churchill regrets requesting such a challenging companion, as it certainly seems to backfire, but is it more of an obvious distraction where war and death beckon at every turn.

As Mr MacDonald says “There are two strong characters, and both want something the other is not prepared to give – and one way or another they succeed or don’t succeed.”

Mr Macdonald’s play was picked up by Joan Lane, from Wild Thyme Productions, one of the early backers of the script for The King’s Speech, which went on to win an Oscar for best picture in 2011.

Simon Pontin as Randolf Churchill not only exudes the arrogance and grandeur of the Major, but reveals his weaker traits as he is relentlessly challenged by his counterpart, Evelyn Waugh.

Evelyn Waugh, beautifully portrayed by Neil Chinneck, is resilient in his goading of Churchill, who in turn reminds him of his Senior ranking – but Evelyn is not deterred and his pay back is deftly dealt in all forms of emotional and verbal inquisition.

A wordy piece in every sense, but judging by the audience on their first night at the Gatehouse Theatre, the Play has a charm and longevity that like its subject matter will more than survive the passage of time.



£22 – £24 (Concessions available)

BOX OFFICE: 020 8340 3488
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Why ‘mansplaining’ is not just reserved for Men?

Why ‘mansplaining’ is not just reserved for Men?

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We have heard a lot about men’s superior attack on women recently, whether in the work place or on the casting couch, but what about the recent reporting in the House of Commons where Theresa May called out Jeremy Corbyn for telling her the date of the imminent International Women’s Day.   Is this taking the issue of ‘manshaming’ a little bit too far?

I have personally been at the bitter end of sexism in the workplace, as a young actress years ago when propositioned by a well-known Film Director (who shall remain unnamed) when innocently auditioning for him in his office apartment in Kensington.  At the time as a naïve hopeful, who had my dreams squashed by his bullying behaviour, I had no option but to escape, literally by the fire exit, and consequently called my agent in floods of tears.

My Agent who was a key partner of one of the better known Managements, told me in no uncertain terms that I should have taken more care about being alone with him in his apartment, (how could I when this was the address I had been given), and to let the matter rest and keep quiet as the damage had already been done.  My damage I hasten to add, as she was in fear of her own reputation as I had made a complaint and stood up to a giant in the industry.  But that was back the nineties.

It is true I never auditioned for him again, nor did I want to but it was a lesson learnt, and I watched out of interest which actress did actually land the leading role in the movie.  This information will also remain confidential.

So, when I talk about ‘mansplaining’, I am coming from a place of empathy for women.  But in defence of the ‘unfairer’ sex, have had a lot of ‘mansplaining’ in my time from both males and females.

First those of you who do not know what the word means, and I am not about to act as the perpetrator.  But It is the act of a man explaining to a female who they feel is less intelligent or who needs information spelt out.

I think we have all been at the other end of this type of ‘put down’ as it certainly feels like that.  It has happened to acquaintances and friends a number of times.

A close friend recently told a group of us how he was talked down to by an employee who happens to be female, yes it can happen the other way round too.

My friend is a highly motivated entrepreneur, but is single and hopeless at the intricacies of technology and keeping house.  His PA who is a smart middle aged woman constantly ‘mansplain’s’ to him irrelevant information, forgetting that the person in question prefers to spend his time carrying out more urgent tasks, which is why the PA has been employed in the first place.

So where ‘mansplaining’ is concerned, it can happen in all walks of life and by both male and female.  So from now on I will call it ‘peoplesplaining’ and although it does not have such a delicious ring – it is certainly more honest – and may loosen the noose around our male counterparts necks for a while at least, and call a truce on the subject of ‘mansplaining’.

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Power Dressing – Show ’em Who’s Boss

Power Dressing – Show ’em Who’s Boss

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What image does Power Dressing conjure up for you?  For many it says Joan Collins with massive shoulder pads in Dynasty, or smart black business suits coupled with an expensive Designer hand bag or briefcase.

But Power Dressing really began thousands of years ago when females lead countries and commanded armies.  Think Boudicca and Cleopatra in their splendid metallic regalia – pure power dressing, and letting everyone know who is boss.

We are also seeing a lot of less obvious power dressing with females, who have abandoned their suits and stilettos for more comfortable attire, even donning a pair of designer jeans and converses with a white T and leather biker jacket, to present the image of ‘cool’ and ‘in control’.

milivanily / Pixabay

But it gets more complicated than that as we are now examining our own individual ‘brand’ to see how we can spell it out with what we wear.  The acceptance of the Selfie has given us narcissistic freedom to proceed.

A recent meeting with a head honcho at a global organisation said it all as she sported her new high shoulder tattoo, exclaiming that if anyone dared question her (and they hadn’t), then they were attacking the very essence of what she was about, her soul essence, and she was not going to accept any internal interference on her own concept.

Another meeting was attended with a top PR Executive with blue and purple highlights and colour co-ordinated earrings in her many ear piercings.  Perhaps this is more acceptable as the Public Relations industry is more artistic, but more and more women in powerful corporate jobs are bucking the trend and creating their own imagery, and wearing what makes them tick.

This brings up the question of social background, where bright colours are often frowned upon in certain circles, and will determine the colour or design of the outfit you wear for the job.  I always believe anything ending in ‘ology’ have set rules, and ethically sourced raw materials and basic colours are ‘uniform’ and separate the highly trained and paid professionals from the minions.  So they have their own code of ‘power dressing’, where the receptionist may want to oppose the ‘dowdy’ main players with a sexy short skirt and thigh high boots, their own kick back at convention, and a sharp reminder that their power resides in their feminine attributes, which they chose not hide under bland blankets of billowing beige.

We are talking about the snobbery that goes with the territory, and we are certainly more prone to it in this country, where the rules have been set in stone, but we still have a long way to go to break them down completely.

Take the colours of Mexico for instance, where the National Dress is multi-coloured.  Imagine walking into a board room with a dazzling dress all colours of the rainbow.  We just wouldn’t be taken seriously, as this look has always been saved for holidays in hotter climes.   But why not flaunt our inner flamenco dancer to get us through the tedious ramblings of the board room – it has certainly become the ‘bored’ room as it is attended by far too many males with their relentless banter of premiership.

prunkova / Pixabay

It will be interesting to observe the development of the self-branding process that already exists and how that will be adapted to all professions as we progress over the next decade, after all fashions change, so why hold back on Power Dressing which is one of our best weapons.

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