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Tweed has always been a rather classic addition to our wardrobe, and always remains in mode, merely by its established stance in British fashion for both men and women.

We used to joke that tweed and brogues were a united front for the traditionalists and the upper-class hunting set, because of its durable nature, and so tweed has always carried the air of sophistication and conformity.

I remember my Mother taking me to John Lewis in the early 90s and ‘forcing’ me to try on a ‘sensible’ tweed coat, which she purchased with great pride.  I wore it reluctantly for several years, when it came into its own when I went to work in the creative sector several years later, as more of an early ‘vintage’ piece due to its style which had come back into fashion – again!

In recent years tweed has been sown into avant-garde jewellery, as part of high end designer costumes combined with traditionalism.  So it is already crossing generations and gender by its sheer determination to remain in situ in our wardrobe.

We can hardly say that tweed is making a comeback as it never really goes away, but it certainly has an eminence on the catwalk as we edge toward Winter.

Here are some great Tweed buys for Winter

French Connection £195


Stella McCartney tweed jacket – £995


Kate Spade – £375


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Your offspring or grandchild is off to University?  Surely not.  When did that happen?  They have only just started school!  But it is true, and they are leaving home – well at least for the time being, they are going to be independent, and feeding themselves.

Your greatest fear is that they will spend all of their precious student loan on takeaways, or not eat at all.  But the truth is you should give them more credit, and back it up with some really useful tips on food and cooking.

You could help by advising them to stock up with with the basics like pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables and dried quinoa and plenty of tins of baked beans and tins of tuna.  Also a good idea to fill their freezer with vegetables, oven fries and pitta bread.

A quick lesson in the life span of meats and the ‘how to, or not’ of reheating food, without sounding too patronizing.  I remember my first student shared accommodation where we almost got food poisoning when one of the students reheated chicken from the day before.  I don’t mean to scare you, but it has to be said.

Encourage them to enjoy cooking meals to share with other students, as this will also earn them brownie points and help them to integrate.

Explain how easy it is to freeze food and give them some containers or freezer bags to make sure they have the option.

Theming the meals is also good and this can easily be done with the help of some tasty spice ingredients eg meal kits, which are both cost effective and healthy. Incidentally, this family run company started when their son was at University and they would send him home made spices to ensure he ate at all.  It worked, as he is now married with kids of his own.  See some of their quick and easy recipes, which could get your young adult through their entire time at University or College.

This will also encourage the ‘bonding’ experience of cultures and experimentation with food, as well as good old fashioned nutrition.

Try this new Spicentice Firecracker curry kit with recipe, and you can buy via the link below and get a discount with the discount code .

Guaranteed to awaken your senses, this dish is infused with spicy, zesty flavours that’ll transport you to the Far East and beyond!

Ingredients: Chilli, Coriander, Cumin, Onion, Fenugreek, Garlic, Ginger, Paprika, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Salt, Black Pepper, Cloves, Bay, Cardamom, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Fennel.

Did you know their Firecracker Curry kit is:

  • 100% Pure Herbs & Spice
  • Gluten Free Spices
  • Sugar Free
  • Slimming Club Friendly
  • Paleo Friendly
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
  • Blended in the U.K.


check out the full range at

use discount code GLOTIME20 at the checkout for 20% of orderes over £15
and you also get free delivery

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Now that the weather has started to cool down, the Autumn Glotime fashion police are hotting up and discovering that the new season is lurking just around the corner.

We know that the Royal Wedding has given the British fashion industry quite a boost as the World looked on and studied the look of legends as they stepped through the Palace doors to celebrate as Harry and Meghan tied the knot.

It could also be that Prince Charles now supports the British Fashion Council, that we are now seeing a return of both Tartan the Balmoral headscarf on our catwalk.

As well as the scarf, the headdress is also back – and we wonder if it is a kickback in recent controversy regarding the Burkha!  But the balaclava and also the beret are both contenders this Autumn/Winter and if you are not a fan of the traditional headscarf you can’t go wrong with the multi-coloured wraps that are appearing in Accessorise.,acc_5.9/5871249900

If you want to be safer and follow a more classical line, then Everlane The Cashmere Scarf in Navy is a great investment.

If you have a secret Bet Lynch squirrelled away, then why don’t you bring her out for the colder climes and invest in one of these sumptuous animal print coats.  You may shock the more feint hearted, but their loss is your gain, and you could win some great brownie points as you sweep into the board room a la Joan Collins or just appear in your local pub without going behind the bar to pull pints!

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We are all so dependent on our iPhones, laptops and all aspects of Social Media, that it is difficult to imagine life without such technology.

Many of us can also remember a time when the telephone was restricted to the home or office, emails were non-existent and the World Wide Web was a phenomenon only imagined in sci-fi books or movies.

How on earth did we exist without them? They have certainly improved communication, education and even creativity in our lives, but how do we restrict ourselves and especially our children from digital excess?

A recent survey revealed that we check our phones on average 200 times a day, and many of us are spending more time in front of a screen than we do asleep.

So how do we combat the stress levels that come with keeping up with the latest trends, expensive apps and a general commitment to social media?

It was interesting to discover that a few high-profile personalities have come off Social Media altogether, Simon Cowell for one, who has not accessed his mobile phone for several months, saying that it was adding too much distraction and anxiety to his already busy schedule.

I think like any heavy addiction or habitual activity, to stop abruptly can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms, and can create even more problems.

But to have a holiday or mini-break from texting or checking your phone could be a good way to start and set an example for your kids.

A group of friends recently suggested that they put their mobile phones away when out together, and the first one to resist and check their phone would pay the bill of the entire group. A major deterrent!

Another suggestion is to charge your iPhone overnight in a room separate from your bedroom, so that you are not tempted to reach for it in the night or first thing in the morning.

If you are feeling even more ambitious you could leave it at home when shopping, or if you are visiting family or friends at the weekend.

There is nothing more irritating than someone who constantly checks their phone as you are trying to get their attention.

It is also a good idea to leave it out of reach when driving, as the urge to look down or reach for the phone as a random call or text comes in can be too tempting, which has been the cause of many collisions.

It would be a good idea to discuss it with your family or social circle, and come up with digital tech-free activities, because if you are sharing some screen-free time together, it is a lot easier to enjoy the experience of personal social interaction, which is ultimately far more rewarding.

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A brave beginning in every sense as Zora Panic, a frustrated young freedom fighter come cook played exquisitely by Martha Dancy, opens the Play on a deserted stage.  Her job is to warm up and amuse the audience and ultimately Randolph Churchill himself, against a backdrop of WW11 and nostalgic music of the time, and she wins hands down on every count.

This extraordinary play by writer James Hugh MacDonald is based on a true story and is skilfully directed by Andrew C Wadsworth.

Mr Macdonald who is seeing the Premiere of his first Play at the age of 91 said: “When I read that Waugh and Churchill had been together in this farmhouse in Croatia and Waugh had got Churchill to read the Bible in a week, that seemed to me a godsend plot”.

Happy Warriors, set in a farmhouse in Topusko, a small town in Croatia, formerly Yugoslavia, is based on a true story from World War II. The comic plot sees author Evelyn Waugh, best known for Brideshead Revisited, antagonised by Randolph, son of Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill had sent his son, who had the rank of Major, to join the mission in Yugoslavia, and Randolph who was well known for his overly high opinion of himself, was complaining that he lacked companions of his own social and intellectual standing.  Hence Evelyn Waugh, an old chum of the Major, was factored in as a companion to keep him ‘happy’.

As we observe the constant banter and bickering between the two, we are torn between thinking that Churchill regrets requesting such a challenging companion, as it certainly seems to backfire, but is it more of an obvious distraction where war and death beckon at every turn.

As Mr MacDonald says “There are two strong characters, and both want something the other is not prepared to give – and one way or another they succeed or don’t succeed.”

Mr Macdonald’s play was picked up by Joan Lane, from Wild Thyme Productions, one of the early backers of the script for The King’s Speech, which went on to win an Oscar for best picture in 2011.

Simon Pontin as Randolf Churchill not only exudes the arrogance and grandeur of the Major, but reveals his weaker traits as he is relentlessly challenged by his counterpart, Evelyn Waugh.

Evelyn Waugh, beautifully portrayed by Neil Chinneck, is resilient in his goading of Churchill, who in turn reminds him of his Senior ranking – but Evelyn is not deterred and his pay back is deftly dealt in all forms of emotional and verbal inquisition.

A wordy piece in every sense, but judging by the audience on their first night at the Gatehouse Theatre, the Play has a charm and longevity that like its subject matter will more than survive the passage of time.



£22 – £24 (Concessions available)

BOX OFFICE: 020 8340 3488
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