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As my old science teacher would say, the only way you will succeed is by using the three P’s – which are perseverance, patience and for the life of me I can’t think of the third.  In fact, all have thought about when trying to lose weight in the past is just one P, and that I am not able to publish, but to give you a clue, is also a word used when drunk!

In the past year, several of us at have been under the watchful eye of Gudrun Jonsson, a revered Kensington based bio-path, who has monitored our diets and put us on an organic regime to regulate the gut and get the system working again.  This has resulted in a massive weight loss of several hundred pounds between us, and we now have the challenge of sustaining the weight loss.

It is true that successful weight loss is more than a few visits to weight watchers or slimming world, but for the more committed it is a complete life change in diet and exercise.

It sounds challenging and it is, but if you really want to change your shape and improve your health, it is well worth the investment.

I would strongly recommend that you sign up to a recommended nutritionist like Gudrun, but if you can’t make the trip to London, then there will be many in your area, but make sure you read the reviews and try to access one who has some sort of medical experience or knowledge.

Once the digestive system has been accessed, and you have a diet plan in place, you will begin to see the difference immediately as we did, and the pounds will start to drop away.  We gain weight when there is too much acid in the blood, which can be due to all sorts of factors but stems from the central area of the body, the gut.  So once that is sorted, the rest will follow.

It is true that exercise accelerates weight loss, but it is 80 percent diet, and a brisk walk every day or a visit to a yoga class or the gym two or three times a week are sufficient to support your regime.

My diet needed a bit of tweaking but was not drastic, and I was able to add some really tasty foods like avocado and quinoa, pomegranate and papaya as well as rye bread and tahini.

You will also be pleased to hear that you can drink alcohol, in moderation, one or two units a day will not affect your diet – preferably with your lunch or dinner – although I elected to sustain from alcohol completely for the first couple of months when I was kick starting my system.

Once you have lost the weight, and you definitely will, the challenge is to keep it off.  We have been advised to watch our food combinations – do you remember the old Atkins diet.  Well there you have it, and if you stick to not eating carbs with protein, the weight loss will sustain or even increase.


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It is a well shared belief that if you own a dog or cat, your life expectancy can be increased by a number of years.  I am sure that this is true in the majority of cases, but as the owner of a gorgeous kitten and young rescue Labrador, am an expert on the dos and don’ts of a pet owner, and with all of the wonderful benefits of these blissful animals, there is still a lot to consider before committing to the joys of pet ownership.

Before you decide to take on an animal, consider it carefully.  Look at your lifestyle, family, environment and bank account.  Because owning an animal does not come cheap and does come with a lot of responsibility.

Cats are probably easier and cheaper than dogs, because they are far more independent, and can be left at home for longer relatively unsupervised, and if you are not near a main road, with the aid of a cap flap, can even be allowed to wander around outside when you are not at home.

If you are considering owning a dog, this is far greater a deal, in that they need walking, grooming and a lot of attention.

Both need injections, flea and deworming treatments, pet insurance and care when you are away.

Again cats are easier to leave under the watchful eye of a neighbour you trust, who can feed and watch they are in good spirits.  Dogs however need to be walked and fed several times a day, and so unless you have helpful friends, family members or dog walkers, then think carefully when taking on a dog.

I am not being the voice of doom and gloom because I love my pets, as does my husband and kids, but you have to sit down as a family, and write down all the expectations and expenditure as explained, plus the food, so that it fits into the family budget and lifestyle.

Explain this to your kids too, so that they understand that a pet comes with a lot of upkeep and responsibility.

The cost per month for a cat or dog can be anything from £40-200 per month, depending upon the amount of cover that you need if you are working or out of the house for hours at a time.

For instance, if you are thinking about owning a larger dog, it will need a lot more exercise, so you should source a local dog walker who does not cost an arm and a leg before you decide to go ahead.

We have found a local doggie day care ‘paradise’ where we can drop our Labrador off for the day to play with other dogs for only £8 for the entire day, and if we are away just £16 per night or two days.

This is a real ‘find’ and without this facility we could not afford the expenditure of a walker or dog minder or carer, who can be as much as £20-35 a day.

Also on the plus side, if you decide which variety of food is good for your pet, you can buy it in monthly online which will bring down the cost.  We have gone for an organic healthy eating variety – and keep it in the freezer for both animals, and they are thriving on it.

So, having explained the considerations, if you are all in agreement, or if you live alone, and feel the desire to own a pet, it will be one of the most rewarding and life enhancing decisions you have made.

It will add a new dimension to your household and your lives, is a well-known distraction from depression in the elderly, and will give you years of happiness and love that you will cherish forever.

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We have recently spoken about a major Detox, whether it be in your diet, alcohol intake or Digital activities, so now we have the most challenging, especially if you or your partner like to hang onto things that are well past their sell by date.

My parents were prime examples, so much so that some of their keepsakes actually came back into fashion after a few years.  It was actually my Dad who had the addiction to clutter, but was cleverly overcome by my Mum who packed the ‘rubbish’ into storage and put it in their very ample loft space in tidy boxes.

Nowadays, we are much better at throwing out unwanted belongings, especially furniture, ornaments and clothes – as they are easier to recycle or sell online or give to charity.

I recently had a major declutter, and feel a lot better for it, helped tremendously by a revolutionary book I’d heard about by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organising consultant, which began from friends comments on how she had transformed their lives.

The book is called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, which has sold millions of copies across the World.

Marie Kondo’s book is simple but instructive, and if you take it seriously, is revolutionary about how your approach clutter.

Her first instruction is to identify and put your hands on everything you own, asking yourself if it makes you feel good, and if it doesn’t, thank it personally and then dispose of it.

Secondly, once only your most joy-giving belongings remain, put every item in a place where they are visible, accessible, and easy to grab and then put back. Only then, she says, will you have accomplished your housekeeping happiness, and cleaning will be easier and more satisfying.

You may find this idea challenging at first, as a working mother or if you have lived in a house for a long time with a lot of precious memories embedded in ‘things’ around the house.  But according to an array of home owners and occupiers, who have followed the advice of Marie Konde, it is life changing and can become a blissful remedy to depression, anxiety and even lead to releasing endorphins that you didn’t know existed.

It may not surprise you if you have been following any of my articles in the past that I have tried this myself, and it began with my overly laden wardrobe of unwanted clothes, especially tops and jumpers.

It was hard at first to get rid of ‘favourites’ but I discovered I had several of the same type, and discovered I only wore one of each of them anyway.  So after eight black bags had been filled for the charity shop, I started to feel better and certainly more enlightened as Ms Kondo had suggested.

I am now starting on the home itself, and even if you really really don’t want to let go of old heir looms, then why not store them away in the loft to see how you feel with a clearer living space, which in feng shui speak, can only lead to a more productive clutter free future.

So for once I would advise ‘Do Try this at Home’.

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Just imagine your life is a play, well Shakespeare said ‘All the World’s a Stage and all the Men and Women Merely Players’, and that is a fact.

We are all programmed by our childhood, or a chain of events that have shaped our behaviour or thinking.  Our expectations are based upon our own self-image, and these can be reflected in every aspect of our lives, from our relationships to our career choices.

Sometimes patterns of behaviour can be repeated, like constantly making the same misjudgements in the choice of a partner, or putting your trust in the wrong people.  You can then become a victim, and start to feel sorry for yourself, which becomes a downward spiral to depression.

Any of this familiar?  Well, it is not too late to change, and if you seriously want to rewrite your own life script, I assure you it is possible.

Without going into the details of my own life, I hit a stage where nothing seemed to work, whether it be my career, relationships or where I was living.  So after a few months of therapy with an amazing psycho-analyst called Andy White, with his help I did rewrite the script and am continuing to do so every day.

You may not have to take such drastic measures, but you can challenge just one area of your life and start with Mindfulness.  In simple terms, this means to meditate and be aware of your thought patterns and as soon as you are, and on a deeper level, things will start to change and miracles will begin to happen.

It may seem absurd, but it really is as easy as that.  As soon as you challenge repeated patterns or question your lack of self-belief, the power will be taken out of the demons that have ruled your life.  I am not saying they will vanish for ever, but they will certainly be put in their place and you will have the upper hand.

It is a lot to take in but I assure you it works, and I am going to give you a few easy exercises to get you started on the path to challenging your life patterns, and ultimately changing your life.

Are you ready?


Sit in an upright position and breathe deeply.   If you are distracted by the sounds around you simply come back again to the next breath. It takes time so take it slowly and stage by stage, and don’t worry if your mind wanders at first.


  • Sit comfortably. Find a spot that gives you a stable, solid, comfortable seat.
  • Notice what your legs are doing. If on a cushion, cross your legs comfortably in front of you. If on a chair, rest the bottoms of your feet on the floor.
  • Make sure your back is as straight as possible – if you have back problems lean against a chair.
  • Let your arms rest. Put the palms of your hands on your legs wherever it feels most natural.
  • Close or rest your eyes. It’s not necessary to close your eyes completely, but better for concentration.
  • Feel your breath. Bring your attention to the physical sensation of breathing: the air moving through your nose or mouth, the rising and falling of your chest.
  • Keep returning to your breath. Your attention will leave the breath at first and wander to other places. There’s no need to block or eliminate thinking. When you notice your mind wandering gently return your attention to the breath.
  • When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes or come back to full gaze. Listen and be aware of any sounds in the environment. Notice how your body feels right now, and feel your thoughts and emotions.


If you would like to learn more about meditation and mindfulness please contact us at and we will send you helpful links and information.

Here are some books you may want to acquire to help get you started.  I am excited for you, sending you love and light and looking forward to hearing about your new transformation.

Jason Chan – Radiant Warrior


Henepola Gunaratana – Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness


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Why didn’t I think of this, and patent it!  For years I have been struggling with backless bras and strapless bras and then when ‘revealing the straps’ came in, I thought, problem solved.

Now of course we have the rather revolutionary backless and strapless bra, fully padded and with reliable adhesive to cling to your skin.  Like all brilliant ideas, it is simple but the answer to a maiden’s prayer, or should I say, that of a rather full on, middle aged, life juggling Mumpreneur like myself.  (A rather flattering rendition recently awarded!).

It really does go with everything, T-shirts and tops for the day, and evening wear of course, and creates the illusion of fabulous jugs, which we all aspire to.

If you are more of a traditionalist then it is still good to be properly fitted, and many of the John Lewis stores still do a rather comforting and confidential bra fitting service.   They cater for maternity, post op and bog standard, and their prices are still ‘never knowingly undersold’. See John Lewis lingerie

A few years ago I was greeted by a rather lovely elderly assistant who had an immaculate appearance as she had been trained in the old fashioned way, and as she measured me reassured me that to ‘keep my man’ this was the way to go, adding the reason for divorces these days was that women had lost ‘that little secret’ of beautiful underwear.  I didn’t like to disillusion her having been recently separated, so agreed wholeheartedly.  But I did buy a stunning set of bra and panties, which set me back a hundred or so quid, but I still have and wear to this day.

In spite of their recently iffy PR, M & S still have some fantastic lines in lingerie, and you really can’t go wrong with their expertise in the underwear department, and their range is still good. Book a fitting online, and there is no pressure to buy, but you will probably find a bra you like as the choice and prices are good.

M&S Lingerie Sets


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