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How many times recently have you heard the words ‘don’t beat yourself up’ or ‘don’t put yourself down’.  I can bet it has been said to you a number of times in recent years.  I know I am guilty of doing both, and it is now time to stand up to the ‘inner bully’ and show it who is boss.

It is hardly surprising as we are constantly ‘bullied’ by the media, ordering us to look more attractive, younger, thinner, smarter – unrealistic goals when juggling any sort of descent lifestyle.

As a woman of a certain age, I now feel compelled to fight back at this tough tyrant within, and have begun to congratulate myself on bringing up a family – no easy feat, being a great friend and partner, my own skills and talents, and doing a list of my assets.  I don’t mean in monetary terms, but my own attributes, and if you search you will find there are many that you can write down about yourself.

If you have this list by your bed, or in a prominent place where you can read it daily, I guarantee the negative feelings relating to yourself will begin to disappear.

Since I instigated this exercise into my own regime, as advised by a renowned life coach, ‘miracles’ started to happen, I was advised that they would.  I was sceptical at first, but seeing a close friend successfully turn her life around, I was urged to try it, after all what did I have to lose.

So this, along with daily meditation, my life began to turn around for the good.  I can’t explain how things began to improve, but can certainly pinpoint when, and that was the moment I stood up to the inner ‘bully’ and resolved to overturn the negative feelings I had for myself and stop setting myself unrealistic goals.

Small things started to happen at first, like a Yoga class appearing, practically on my doorstep and a part time job opportunity mysteriously coming up that would not eat too much into my time.  I have even been given affordable beauty products and treatments at the local spa, and a multitude of benefits I hadn’t previously been made aware of.

Perhaps it is the Universe rewarding me for taking action against the ‘bully’, or maybe I am now freed up to notice my own good fortune, but I recommend taking charge, as it can only be for the greater good, and certainly in these circumstances, it will be for your own inner strength and future.

So, the rule of thumb is that bullies are actually cowards, and if confronted will always back off.  So if you have done any sort of meditation, now is the time to have a serious talk with your inner ‘bully’ and tell them their voice is no longer effective in your World.

When the pressure is off you can then decide what is best for you, and you will be surprised at how liberating it will be to make your own decisions, based upon what you really need to make you happy.

If you would like more information on the above subject or any sort of holistic help, please contact us at, where we can recommend related reading and life coach options.

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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee – It Can Taste As Good

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee – It Can Taste As Good

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I recently heard on the radio a so called coffee expert and Barista exclaiming that the aroma of coffee is always so good that the taste never fails to disappoint.

As my friends will tell you I always rise to a challenge, and have been investigating this notion ever since, and think I have proved her wrong!

A long time buddy of mine bought me a Tassimo coffee maker for my birthday at the end of last year, which has totally revolutionised my life in that not only does it cut out the painful cleaning of my old coffee machine, but it makes incredible coffee too. Now you may think that this is an advertisement for the Tassimo, but I assure you it is not, I am just sharing my knowledge and excitement at this recent discovery! Tassimo have a new range of machines in fantastic colours.


The coffee and creamer comes in separate capsules and you simply slot them into the top of the machine and away you go. The milk or creamer is delivered piping hot and steaming and frothy, just the way good coffee should be. Plus the taste really does not disappoint as with so many other makes of coffee, even in established coffee shops.

I am also going to invest in one for the office, as it will cut down on the crazy prices that have evolved since the birth of trendy coffee cafes such as Starbucks and Costa. Don’t get me wrong, I will still enjoy the occasional cup of coffee at the weekend when meeting up with girl friends in our local chic café, but for the everyday, will continue to enjoy the various types of coffee available for a Tassimo coffee machine.

So far I have tried COSTA cappuccino, COSTA macchiato, breakfast coffee and COSTA latte, and all of them are really good in their own way. Of course nothing beats going into a COSTA coffee shop with friends but now I can enjoy the great taste at home as well.


There are also lots more on the market, and I won’t spoil it for you, go and explore the coffee counter in your local supermarket once you have invested in a Tassimo, and let us know which one you enjoy the best. I am betting you will find it really hard to decide.
You can see the full range of drinks available at

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As we embrace the warmer climes our mission is to rediscover our own style in selecting a pair of sunglasses.  They are both a statement and an essential part of our wardrobe as well as our wellbeing, and both should be seriously taken into consideration.

Sunglasses have completed many iconic outfits throughout the past decades from Audrey Hepburn to Jackie Kennedy/Onassis, and now is our chance to create our own identity, even if inspired by one of the legends of Society or the Silver Screen.  There is nothing like a great pair of sunglasses to complete an outfit and give you that extra chic and confidence which is guaranteed to turn heads.

It is tempting to opt for a cheaper pair of sunglasses and there are many around on the High Street, and this could be a false economy as they can both fall apart and go out of fashion very quickly.  So we are giving you a few options of sunglasses that will stand the test of time, both in quality and as classics in their own right.

Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh Tortoise £127 – from Very

Saint Laurent – Kate Cat-eye acetate sunglasses – black one size £270  from Net-a-Porter

Ray-ban Erika Sunglasses £64 – from the Sunglasses Shop

Vogue Eyewear Gigi Hadid Square Tortoise Sunglasses – Pink/Brown Tort, Now £61 – from Very

Aviator Sunglasses – Rose Gold – Ray-Ban £135 – from Very

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Thought I would be ahead of the game this year, and recommend some stunning party outfits if you are looking to celebrate over the festive season.  We are all at various stages of our lives, and may decide stay at home and celebrate with our children or grandkids, or have invitations from friends or colleagues.  Hopefully you will find ideas for most occasions.

Quiz has a delightful Berry velvet bardot knot front fishtail maxi dress at only £39.99 – see on our front page.  This is very flattering for us curvy types, and easy to wear as well as being utterly glamorous.

Coast has produced a forest green ‘monroe’ lurex maxi dress which is well worth the £179.00 because this style and colour never dates.  In fact I remember window shopping as a kid, and dreaming about a green evening dress I had spotted in the window of Debenhams whilst shopping with my Mum.  I was far too young to wear it, but I am tempted to do so now as it is rather special and will suit a number of events I have coming up.

Girls on Film have produced a sassy red bibi tiered shift dress for only £42.  If you want to go shorter this season, this could be the one for you, especially if you are hoping to make an impact, and are thinking ‘outside the box’.

Reiss Sandie Long Sleeve Drop Waist Dress in black, is a smart but comfortable dress, immensely flattering and covers up the arms if you are like me and prefer to do so.  This is definitely one that will come out season after season so well worth the investment at £195.

Hush Glitter Easy Dress in Metallic gold which is exclusive to John Lewis and Hush, is really as it says on the tin, an easy dress and very stylish and flattering.  Especially if you are entertaining at home and don’t want any restrictions in the kitchen.  Only £59.


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Beef Olives – A FAB Retro Recall

Beef Olives – A FAB Retro Recall

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BEEF OLIVES are a real comfort food according to Jamie Oliver.  They were also a favourite decades ago with Sylvia Anderson, creator of Lady Penelope and Thunderbirds, according to her daughter Dee.

Sylvia was a dab hand in the kitchen when she was not creating her latest storyline or character, and Beef Olives was one of her specialities.

‘In those days’ Dee recalls, ‘it was quite unique as lamb chops or roasts were more standard in home cooking, but Sylvia, always the innovator, even pushed the boundaries of cooking and creativity.  It sounds tame these days as the entire Nation is au fait with international cuisine, but back then it was quite a rarity’, and to Dee’s school friends it was deemed as quite ‘out there’.



400g of lean finely cut beef

1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard

1 medium onion

220g celery

150g carrot

250ml red wine

600ml beef stock

1 Leek


For the Stuffing

1 small onion

3 rashers of smoked bacon

4 mushrooms

A pinch of thyme

1 clove of garlic

1 tablespoon of olive oil



Preheat the oven to 180C. Fry the onions, garlic, mushrooms until soft. Add to the raw bacon and set aside.

Place the beef on a flat surface and beat with a rolling pin or food hammer until very thin (approx. 1cm thick). Spread each beef slice with the mustard. Fill with the prepared stuffing.

Cut the leek in half and blanche for 30 seconds in boiling water place into cold water so that the leek is stringy. Cut the leek in thin strips long ways.

Roll the beef slices over the stuffing and use the leek strings to secure the beef. Fry the beef on all sides until brown and place in an oven proof dish.

Fry the remaining onion, carrot and celery in a pan for 5 minutes. Add red wine and beef stock and stir. Pour over the beef olives and cook in the oven with a lid on for 3 hours.

Remove the beef olives from the dish and keep warm. Blend the remaining sauce until no lumps remain. Serve with root vegetables and mashed potatoes.


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