Extreme Pet Grooming – Are we taking it too far?

Extreme Pet Grooming – Are we taking it too far?

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From extreme grooming to dressing our pets in clothes, what takes it from ‘normal’ to possibly ‘dangerous’?  Are following these trends without prior knowledge really worth the risk?

Despite its growing popularity, the grooming industry remains unregulated, putting uninformed pet owners at risk of exposing their animals to harm. There are concerns that pets can be ‘frightened and distressed by the various extra treatments on offer, such as facials and pawdicures offered at a growing number of dog spas’, the RSPCA has said.  Some who are on the side of extreme grooming, say the treatments are harmless fun as long as the pet is happy and freely compliant. They also argue that it is more concerning that most animals are not groomed enough, stating infections, overgrown nails and severe matting, as some of the alignments these pets face.

There is also a belief that pets are increasingly treated as an alternative to children and their owners are choosing to spend more money and attention on them. However, can this excuse the use of potential dangerous dyes on their fur, especially around their face? Would we allow parents to do these same things to children? You wouldn’t imagine giving them body modifications, at least we hope not.  While it is important to groom pets, by brushing them daily (or more for specific breeds) and brushing their teeth daily (important for cats and dogs), changing their appearance to such extremes turns them from intelligent, sentient animals to being viewed as novelty accessories. RSPCA said that, even if a dye is marketed as ‘pet friendly’, they would strongly advise against it.

Like people, pets can have negative reactions to dyes and even if no reaction is seen can be a silent killer when dye is eaten when they groom or absorbed through their skin. Unlike people that can give consent, animals cannot do that and instead we should keep what we offer them, from food to their enrichment as natural as possible. It is important to keep grooming to their needs. They are shouldn’t be seen as fashion accessories to try out the latest trend on them.

From extreme grooming to clothes, surely dressing them up is a better option, as it is only temporary – but even that comes with its caution? The risks aren’t worth that cute photo. Even though you can “aw” at those photos, you would probably find the photo just as cute if it was the same without the clothes. It shouldn’t be the enhanced image that make the animals appealing to look at, it is the animals themselves.

Animals without these man-made clothes are better. There are only a few exceptions to this, for small dogs and short-haired varieties when it is too cold for them, such as walks in winter and when it is raining., or specifically made medical aids. People love their pets and the retail trade have latched onto that, bringing fashion for pets a widespread money-making scheme. Clothing on pets can cause animals to be stressed, overheat and possible skin damage. Surely we should let them be their natural selves we fell in love with? Any animal is a commitment and their needs should always be put first.

Have a pet? Share a photo of them with us. Find us in the following places and continue the discussion.

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Disney 101 Dalmations x Cath Kidston

Disney 101 Dalmations x Cath Kidston

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When I found out Cath Kidston was partnering with Disney I was very excited and with the collection being Cath Kidston X 101 Dalmatians, I was looking forward to seeing the pieces in the collection.


We had a sneak peak of the collection of limited edition prints and our favourites from the upcoming collection. The collection will be available to buy online from Thursday 25th May, and in stores from Friday 26th May.

disney a

Show your appreciation of the spots with one of these stylish and functional bags or protect your phone with an adorable phone case. Enjoy writing down notes and ideas with these delightful dalmatian coated notebooks and matching pens. Store makeup, bits and bobs and even your lunch in these gorgeous pouches.

disney 5

It is not just bags in this nostalgic collection. Bring the cuteness to the heart of the home with a beautiful array of kitchen goodies.

disney 6

disney b

Share the fun with your little ones that they will cherish with items for even the littlest of pups.

disney c

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of the collection, will you be treating yourself to some dalmatian goodies? Check out our links below and let us know your thoughts on the collection. Are you excited about the collection? Do you love everything Disney? Talk to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #GloTimeDisney.

Sign up to shop first here: http://www.cathkidston.com/disney-sign-up/content/fcp-content.

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Images from: http://www.cathkidston.com/

Show Your Cards This Christmas

Show Your Cards This Christmas

Reading Time: 3 minutes

With Christmas almost upon us, why not bring some festive magic into the home by making your own Christmas cards this year. This is a fun activity for the whole family – as witnessed with my own tribe this weekend. We had all decided that it was time we demonstrated some home grown festive cheer, and so we got to work to create our unique Christmas card designs.

You can find supplies in most stores such as Poundland, The Works, WHSmith, Wilkinsons and even in major supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco.  I recommend sourcing a range of coloured card and non-toxic adhesive to begin. I then bought some amazing items, such as stickers, gems, sequins, glitter glue, ribbons, glitter and coloured card. I also found some pretty gel pens to glam up my messages inside the card itself – plus some double-sided tape for easier assembly.



As the family gathered around the table, we all chipped in with ideas, and utilised all of our individual creative skills to design some original Christmas images. As you can see. we improved with each design, but I have an affection for the rougher ones as they hold their own charm with their imperfections. We are all proud of our creations too, and can’t wait to send them out to non-suspecting family and friends. Wonder if they will realise that we made them with our own fair hands!


As we improved in our venture, I was particularly pleased with the small card, and think the matching envelope makes it even more special.


Then as we progressed with the cards, we discovered a really useful tutorial for some extra ideas – http://www.instructables.com/id/Present-Pop-Up-Cards/. Check it out if you are planning to get creative this Christmas.


Do you make your own Christmas cards? If not, will you try it this year? Share your fabulous card designs with #ChristmasAtGloTime and #GloTime on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Share with us with #ChristmasAtGloTime and #GloTime at the same places as above.

Heal Your World With Colour

Heal Your World With Colour

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Colouring has in the past been mainly reserved for children, but this lovely pastime is now being recognised as more of an art form and an international trend to combat stress.

It is quite a revelation to know that as a result of its healing power, Adult colouring books are finding themselves more and more on the bestsellers’ lists throughout the world, and the therapeutic elements are a governing factor.

The explanation from the experts is simple as we are focusing on a singular activity instead of our current problems or negative thoughts.  Complete concentration in a quiet space with relaxing music is advised, and without being tempted to watch TV or check your phone.

There are some good outlets to see what grabs your attention in the world of colouring like The Works, WH Smith and Waterstones, and here are some ideas to get you started.



The first item (https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/art-for-mindfulness-vintage-fabric-patterns/9780007949236)  is from WH Smith and is very interesting. Available for only £9.19, you can transport yourself to another era and re-design the looks of the fabric patterns that made the glam fashion items of the past. The second item (https://www.waterstones.com/book/spectacular-patterns-colouring-kit-with-15-pencils/9781488929441) is full of intricate patterns that are fun to colour and includes 15 colouring pencils. For only £6.52 you can start bringing colour to kaleidoscopes. This third item (https://www.waterstones.com/book/i-heart-colouring-patterns/9781780554068) is perfect for those who want to carry your colouring book around – perhaps to work on in your work break or if you are travelling. For only £5.99 you can get this pretty pocket-sized colouring book for your collection from Waterstones. This fourth item (https://www.waterstones.com/book/70s-patterns/9781910552551) is perfect for those who want to relive the days of the 1970s with these wonderfully inspired pages of patterns. Available at Waterstones at £9.99 you will soon be able to create some 1970s art of your own.



The first item (https://www.waterstones.com/book/the-menagerie/richard-merritt/claire-scully/9781910552155) is a beautiful book full of interesting animal portraits for £7.49 at Waterstones. I have personally bought this book as a gift for friends and loved ones, and they had great fun with the detailed designs and the high-quality pages. Available at WHSmith, this second item (https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/millie-marottas-wild-savannah-a-colouring-book-adventure/9781849943284) is £6.99 and is full of detail imagery reminiscent of the grasslands of the savannahs of Africa, Asia and Australia. This third item (https://www.waterstones.com/book/draw-your-way-to-a-younger-brain-cats/anastasia-catris/anastasia-catris/9781409165460) is targeted towards memory improvement and is the first I have seen of its kind. Featuring 30 intricate drawings, you will be able to colour the stress away as you strengthen your memory to keep those precious moments with you forever for only £4.99. The fourth item (https://www.waterstones.com/book/animorphia/kerby-rosanes/kerby-rosanes/9781910552070) is immediately intriguing – and after purchasing it for myself, I have enjoyed colouring in the detailed images. This unique book is full of drawings to complete, pictures to colour and treasure, and can be purchased from Waterstones for £9.99.



The first item (https://www.waterstones.com/book/the-macmillan-alice-colouring-book/lewis-carroll/9781509813605) from Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece and includes the original illustrations from the two Alice novels and includes extra detail for more creativity. You can get it from Waterstones for £7.49. This second item (https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/the-official-a-game-of-thrones-colouring-book/9780008157906) is from the hugely successful series Game of Thrones. In this official book, you can discover beautiful exclusive drawings and re-imagine their world for only £9.19. This third item (http://www.theworks.co.uk/p/non-fiction-sets/poldark-country-colouring-book-with-36-colouring-pencils/kit20161) is full of wonderful illustrations of Cornwall, the setting of the Poldark. For £9 you get this fabulous book and a set of 36 colouring pencils. This fourth item is from Waterstones for £7.49 and is a unique colouring book, filled with 50 intricate drawings to fill. Finish the pages and discover something hidden within.

Great Offers


This last category is a small selection of great offers on colouring books. The first item (http://www.theworks.co.uk/p/crafting-books/colouring-and-craft-project-book-set/kit21073) is from The Works and is a fabulous book set of four colouring and craft books. For only £8 (£2 per a book) you get four different themed books and save a massive £31.96. The second item (http://www.theworks.co.uk/p/art-lover/day-and-night-ultimate-colouring-book-set/kit21278) is also from The Works and is an excellent set of three books and a set of 36 colouring pencils. Saving you £14.97, you can pick up this awesome product for only £12. The third item (https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/the-tattoo-colouring-book/9781780670126) is great for those who love tattoos but cannot commit to a real one. Available at WHSmith for £6.97, you can start designing you dream tattoos without the risk. The fourth item (http://www.theworks.co.uk/p/non-fiction-sets/colour-by-numbers—mindfulness-and-calm-colouring-book-with-36-colouring-pencils/kit20592) is a lovely set of two colouring books and a set of 36 colouring pencils for only £8, with savings of £8.98. These colour-by-numbers books promote calmness by allowing you a way to colour without any worry about colour matching and mixing. With these predetermined images, you can colour freely knowing the outcome.

Do you enjoy colouring and buy colouring books? Share with us your latest buys and finished pages with #GloTime #CreativeMinds on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a favourite place to get colouring books and pages, let us know with #GloTime #CreativeMinds in the same places.

Images from http://www.theworks.co.uk/, https://www.waterstones.com/, and https://www.whsmith.co.uk/.


Jewellery Wonderland – More Posh Birds on a Budget

Jewellery Wonderland – More Posh Birds on a Budget

Reading Time: 7 minutes

During the recent years, popular store chain Primark has been producing higher quality fashion, accessories and home décor for the same low prices. You can easily find enough fabulous clothes to fill a wardrobe and no matter what your style, you can always find something to suit in this fabulous store. They have an incredible range of designs and styles for different types of jewellery, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. From delicate to statement designs, whatever look you are trying to create is possible to find it here.


I love Earrings as they are easy to match all outfits and are easy to store. I keep mine in various pretty containers. I especially like this season’s range from Primark.


The first two pairs are beautiful studs, available for only £1.50 per a pair. These immaculately designed earrings will be the perfect addition to a pretty day outfit or a glamorous night out. As well as stud earrings, Primark also offers glam drop earrings, like the ones pictured above for prices from only £1.50. The last picture displays one of my favourite stud earring sets in Primark’s collection. For only £2.50 (about 80p per a pair) you get three dazzling pairs of studs that have the vintage style of classic glamour.


Rings are a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your hands and are the perfect companion to freshly-painted nails. I covered nails in a previous article, which you can find here http://www.glotime.tv/nailing-it-the-ultimate-image-capture/


Many of Primark’s rings are beautifully detailed and delicate. The first ring of my choice is a 3D red ornate rose ring and is oozing with glamour and can be purchased for only £2. The next piece is a fascinating concept of two rings attached via chains. This silver tone ring is designed to look like leaves and is only £2. The next item is one of my favourite Primark jewellery products. Featuring three filigree ring for only £3 per a pack, these stunning rings are inspired by antique and vintage engagement rings. They are all about delicate beauty and are the perfect addition to any outfit. The last item is also a set of three and is also only £3. These silver ornate rings are the perfect counterpart to the previous item and are perfect for evening outfits and social events.


Bracelets are great because they are versatile and can be worn together to create different images.


The first item is a classic chain bracelet. With a delicate design and gorgeous colours, this bracelet will liven up any outfit and costs only £2.50. The second item is a simple, but well-designed cuff that will give your outfit an air of power and strength for only £2. The next item is one of my favourites and is an awesome pack of 3D chain bracelets. They are great for stacking or wearing separately for a delicate look. With a great range of designs, you will have no trouble matching them to your outfit and even includes a rose design that can match a ring mentioned earlier in the article – for only £3 per a pack. The last item has to be my favourite. For only £2 you get a whopping number of eight friendship bracelets. With a wide range of designs, the delicate chains and rope with intricate detailing allow them to match together perfectly.


These can offer the most impact, and with a wide range of styles, you can find a necklace to suit any style or type of clothing.


This first item is a simple, but effective design. It will enhance your outfit and will add a piece of glam for only £1.50. The second item is a cube charm necklace with a stylish delicate chain. This item will liven up any frock or top for only £2. This third item is bolder than the others but isn’t quite a statement necklace. This gold band necklace will only set you back £3 and is perfect for outfits with solid colours. It is ladylike, charming and won’t weigh you down. This final item is filled with glamour and has gorgeous colours. This statement necklace costs only £5 and is glammed out with attractive gemstones. This special necklace can be the star of any outfit.


I put these a category of their own as I want to put more detail in Primark’s choker collection as they are all a bit special. However, not all chokers are shouting for attention and Primark themselves offer a lovely collection of delicate chokers, even the shyest of fashionistas can appreciate.


This first one is a set of three plain chokers and are a great way to start a choker collection for only £2 per a pack. With a simple design, the classic thin black choker in this pack is great for newcomers to choker fashion. The second item is simple but has a beautiful charm to add a bit more style for only £1.50. The third item is a delicate lace choker that will add glamour to any outfit, day or night. At only £2, you will be catching a bargain. The final item is a choker full of detail. At £2, it is stylish in black and gold diamante, is beautiful and won’t break the bank.

Have you bought some irresistible jewellery? Whether it is from Primark or somewhere else, let us know by using #GlamedUp and #GloTime on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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