Twentieth Century Fox Goes To The Awards

Twentieth Century Fox Goes To The Awards

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Twentieth Century Fox Goes To The Awards

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Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are proud to announce a Series of Award Winning Movies on DVD and Blu-ray being released in time for the Awards Season.

Collectively with distribution partners eOne and Pathe, the studio presents the biggest inventory of Oscar Winning Movies.


Available now from selected retailers subject to availability are the following award winning titles:

Wall Street, The Last King of Scotland, Birdman, Braveheart, Life of Pi, The  Iron Lady, Slumdog Millionaire, Silence of the Lambs, The Revenant, Lincoln, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Fighter, The Queen, Dallas Buyers Club, The Kings Speech, Titanic, 12 Years a Slave & Lost in Translation 

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I Did It All For Love – Bruno Tilley In The Studio with Dee Anderson

I Did It All For Love – Bruno Tilley In The Studio with Dee Anderson

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When Bruno Tilley visited us at Pinewood Studios a few months ago he was launching his new art based T-Shirt company and wanted to show us. We were definitely impressed with the T-shirts, but even more so with Bruno himself.

An old friend of Bruno’s told him ‘when something really bad happens, good will follow’ which is why in the turbulent industry of Music and Art, Bruno has always remained positive and focused on a good outcome.

It has certainly paid off and in spite of the fact that after Art School Bruno was living in a chaotic but rather creative squat, this is where he landed the dream job as designer at Island Records.

Bruno one of those rare individuals who is both creative and practical, and after enlisting a design team was the first person to create an ‘in house’ art department within a record label – his job description being ‘One foot in art and one in Marketing’.

His passion for art and music drove him to ensure that his success was not short lived, and he remained at Island Records for ten years having worked his way up to creative director and onto the board of directors. In that time he directed videos and lead campaigns for legends like Bob Marley, U2, Grace Jones and many more. Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley was the first music video that Bruno directed.


Wherever possible he would like to meet with the artists first and then create their campaign image, which was a huge part of their ultimate success, both with their imagery as well as their music.

Not only has Bruno designed major album covers he has also produced various music videos and even music videos based on cult television series such as The Prisoner and Thunderbirds. Bruno was especially keen to do a video based on Thunderbirds as it was his favourite TV series growing up. You can see the Thunderbirds music video below. A little known fact is that as in the original TV series of Thunderbirds real human hands were used for close up shots, the human hands in the video are actually Bruno’s!

He always loved working with fellow creatives and commissioned some of the leading photographers, Illustrators, designers, film makers and even sculptors to create the campaigns.

Very often these campaigns would include T-shirts which were then worn by celebrities all over the world. Sometimes the T shirts sold more than the records.

During his time at Island Records, as one of his assignments Bruno fell head over heels in love with a beautiful young singer, who he discovered was dangerously addicted to heroin.
On Bruno’s mission to save the singer, he was beckoned into ghettos, drug dens, and rehab centres, and describes this phase of his life as now seeming unreal, “Every day was like living in a movie” As a form of a personal exorcism and warning to others Bruno took the experience and has written a full length feature film called ‘Hooked’ which he hopes to direct.
As painful as it was, Bruno felt it was a turning point in his life and is now happily married with a lovely young daughter, whom he absolutely adores.

So back to the T-shirts, if you log onto the Website, you can see a wide range of images featuring top photographers, painters and image makers which are not only innovative, exciting but above all unique.

The quality is first class, and the high photographic imagery is indelible as they are produced with a dye process and which means they won’t fade. The T shirts are Eco friendly and printed using recycled plastic bottles leaving a positive footprint on the planet. The prices are great too, and I can feel several Birthday and Christmas presents coming on, as well as a few personal buys.

As we filmed Bruno he said he suddenly was feeling very serious, and joked that he is usually a very entertaining man. However, we looked at it from another perspective, as he reminisced over his incredibly creative and successful life, he was beginning to realise that Bruno Tilley is a bit of a legend himself, and one thing for sure – as he said when referring to his campaign with the young female singer, he ‘did it all for love’, and we know that it is the most powerful emotion of all.

Check out Bruno’s unique collection of Wearable Art at
You can see more of Bruno’s fantastic work on his website
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You can watch the exclusive interview with Bruno below

With special thanks to Richard Selwyn Barnett.



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‘A Wild Ride’ with Aaron Sorkin – On The Side Of The Angels

‘A Wild Ride’ with Aaron Sorkin – On The Side Of The Angels

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Aaron Sorkin is an award winning writer of global repute – emerging onto the scene in 1992 with the stage version of A Few Good Men which was nominated for a Golden Globe. Since then he has written The American President (1995) and Malice (1993), as well as cooperating on Enemy of the State (1998), The Rock (1996) and Excess Baggage (1997). He was also invited by Steven Spielberg to “polish” the script of Schindler’s List (1993). Sorkin’s TV credits include the Golden Globe-nominated The West Wing (1999) and Sports Night(1998).

After making his recent debut as a Film Director with Molly’s Game, Sorkin can now be trusted to speak with conviction on all aspects of the Industry and Politics. When asked about Trump for instance, he doesn’t hold back, and describes the President as visibly psychotic and dangerous.

Sorkin read the Book, Molly’s Game which he described as ‘A wild ride’, but was ultimately convinced to become involved in its development after he met the Author, Molly Bloom who writes about her own experiences of going from near Olympic ski-ing champion to the misogynistic World of Hollywood where she succeeded to aspire to the heights of the Hollywood Elite.

It was not an easy ride for Molly, who was faced with huge barriers from her male counterparts and endless prejudice from the opposite sex. She was subjected to an FBI investigation for her underground Poker empire with celebrities, athletes, and the Russian mob.

Bloom ultimately broke all the boundaries and succeeded against the odds, in spite of the obstacles she endured.

Sorkin describes both Molly Bloom the author and Molly’s Game the Book as ‘inspirational’ and ‘full of integrity’. He describes how he felt compelled to be part of its journey onto the big screen as soon as he met Molly Bloom, and how he knew it was a story that had to be told.

Critics are already full of praise for Sorkin’s directorial debut, and are calling it a ‘masterpiece’ and an ‘iconic work of art’.

Molly is played in the film by Jessica Chastain, who Sorkin describes as a wonderfully outspoken Actor, whom he completely supports, and who he says is ‘on the side of the angels’.

Sorkin describes the film as uncannily timely, with the recent contentions that have rocked the Industry.

On the subject of the allegations coming out of Hollywood, Sorkin feels strongly that all of the victims need to be heard, but that the accused should be taken seriously too and describes it as a ‘biblical flood’ with the Dam that has recently burst.

He quotes Jane Fonda who says that men have to stand up for women in Hollywood and the rest of the World. Sorkin agrees, but says that in order to do that, men who care must be allowed into the fight, and that those men and women are ultimately on the same team.

He urges us women to listen and trust in our male allies, after all we need to recruit soldiers – and why be gender specific when we have warriors already waiting in the wings.


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Petrova and the Swan – An Inspiring new book for children

Petrova and the Swan – An Inspiring new book for children

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Written and beautifully illustrated by my mother, Roslyn Bertram, this is the story of my discovery of ballet.

Roslyn Bertram

I came across this enchanting hand typed manuscript that my Mother had put together. It was after she passed away, while looking through pages of her books and diaries, that I found it. The folder was complete and the sketches still together.


I had always remembered this work, as it stuck out in my mind more than any of her other projects. I’d often mention it to her and she always replied with: –

“Oh it’s not that good really. It was just fun at the time.”

Now I am able to share this book as an example of my mother’s unseen talent, coupled with the story of my own childhood and I hope that not only will you love it, but also you will find within its pages a new inspiration for your own dreams.

I have done my very best to keep the contents as she wrote it and only hope that through my edit I have simply clarified and enhanced her vision.

Tasha Bertram. (alias Petrova)

For further details check out Tasha’s website here TashaBertram

Books can be purchased direct from Amazon or LULU


Christmas Book Launch and Signing at Danceworks Studios,London
Saturday 9th December 16.30 till 18.00
‘An inspiration for any young dancer’. 
Written and Illustrated by
Roslyn Bertram
Adapted by
Tasha Bertram
Also in attendance will be Tasha’s son, the one and only Thomas Brodie-Sangster
who has appeared in many block buster films & TV Shows, inc Game of Thrones
and is the voice of John Tracy in the GCI Thunderbirds Are Go! series.
 See DanceWorks for more details and to book


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See and Read the original Harry Potter pitch by JK Rowling

See and Read the original Harry Potter pitch by JK Rowling

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Unbelievably Harry Potter has been around for 20 years, yes the first novel by JK Rowling – The Philosopher’s Stone appeared two decades ago.

And even more unbelievable is that it was sent to twelve publishers before being picked up by the publisher Bloomsbury.

Now JK Rowling is one of the world’s most famous writers of our time, very influential and worth a handsome sum too.

JK Rowling’s original pitch has gone on display at London’s British Library to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Potter entitled: Harry Potter a History of Magic

The pitch starts off with Harry living with the Dursleys and very similar to the final version in the book.

So the moral to this story is Never Give Up because how ever many rejections you have someone will buy into your project or fund your idea. Just keep going.

Here is the start of JK’s pitch, just to whet your appetites:

“Harry Potter lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin because his parents died in a car-crash — or so he has been told. The Dursleys don’t like Harry asking questions; in fact, they don’t seem to like anything about him, especially the very odd things that keep happening around him (which Harry himself can’t explain).

“The Dursleys’ greatest fear is that Harry will discover the truth about himself, so when letters start arriving for him near his eleventh birthday, he isn’t allowed to read them. However, the Dursleys aren’t dealing with an ordinary postman, and at midnight on Harry’s birthday the gigantic Rubeus Hagrid breaks down the door to make sure Harry gets to read his post at last. Ignoring the horrified Dursleys, Hagrid informs Harry that he is a wizard, and the letter he gives Harry explains that he is expected at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in a month’s time.

“To the Dursleys’ fury, Hagrid also reveals the truth about Harry’s past. Harry did not receive the scar on his forehead in a car-crash; it is really the mark of the great dark sorcerer Voldemort, who killed Harry’s mother and father but mysteriously couldn’t kill him, even though he was a baby at the time. Harry is famous among the witches and wizards who live in secret all over the country because Harry’s miraculous survival marked Voldemort’s downfall.

“So Harry, who has never had friends or family worth the name, sets off for a new life in the wizarding world. He takes a trip to London with Hagrid to buy his Hogwarts equipment (robes, wand, cauldron, beginners’ draft and potion kit) and shortly afterwards, sets off for Hogwarts from Kings Cross Station (platform nine and three quarters) to follow in his parents’ footsteps.

“Harry makes friends with Ronald Weasley (sixth in his family to go to Hogwarts and tired of having to use second-hand spellbooks) and Hermione Granger (cleverest girl in the year and the only person in the class to know all the uses of dragon’s blood). Together, they have their first lessons in magic — astronomy up on the tallest tower at two in the morning, herbology out in the greenhouses where the…”

If you want to read more then you need to visit the exhibition.

You can also see original drafts and drawings by J.K. Rowling and illustrator Jim Kay, both on display for the first time.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic runs from Friday 20th October to Wednesday 28th February. Tickets cost £16 adults, £8 students.

Tickets can be purchased on-line at

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Awesome Gifts for the 50th Anniversary of Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons

Awesome Gifts for the 50th Anniversary of Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons

Reading Time: 2 minutes

2017 is the 50th Anniversary of Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons. To celebrate this iconic sci-fi TV series, ITV Studios Global Entertainment have produced the following fantastic range of limited edition and anniversary products, any of which would make the perfect gift for Christmas!

Available at all good retailers

Captain Scarlet DVD Box Set

Synopsis: This box set includes all 32 episodes of the classic series. Imaginative Supermarionation fun set in the year 2068 when Earth’s security organisation, Spectrum, spearheads an expedition to Mars.  The local inhabitants, The Mysterons, mistakenly believe the arrival of the earthlings signals attack. Captains Scarlet and Black are captured and given the power to recreate themselves, even after being killed. Scarlet escapes, maintaining loyalty to Spectrum, while Captain Black becomes The Mysterons’ pawn and Spectrum battles the deadly forces of The Mysterons.

Special Features Include:  – Gerry Anderson Commentary  – Original TV Adverts – Stills Galleries 


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