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Ann Snapes has been an avid follower of fashion for a number of years, and has an extremely stylish wardrobe of stunning designer clothes, shoes and handbags.  Ann is now bringing her passion centre stage, and has set up a unique designer outlet DressXchange, to lend her experience to all women who are in need of a fashion ‘makeover’ or looking to buy and sell their clothes on a regular basis.

DressXchange is an excellent concept where women can experiment in the art of ‘dressing up’ with Ann’s diverse collection of ‘preloved’ fashion items, sourced from women, who similar to Ann, like to update and recycle their designer wardrobe regularly, and share Ann’s passion for fashion. You can also sell your clothes through Ann’s company, which facilitates an online ‘shop window’ to buy and sell fashion items at the press of a button.

I visited Ann at one of her pop-ups in Beaconsfield and browsed the vast variety of designer labels and items from ball gowns to handbags and jewellery, and she then visited me in my office at Pinewood Studios.

Ann has created a service where you can send her your products to sell and then she will evaluate them and give you an idea of what cost she believes they should be marketed at. The concierge service is that she will have your items professionally photographed and then put onto her website this is all free of charge. When your items sell she will then give you a percentage of the sale.

Ann can be reached at www.dressxchange.co.uk and you can also browse her website as it is being constantly updated.




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Wallis Simpson famously said, ‘a girl can never be too rich or too thin’ – well I don’t agree with that, but my motto is ‘A Girl Can’t have too many shoes’!!

Imelda Marcos allegedly had 3000 pairs of shoes in her ever expanding wardrobe.  Can you really blame her, as she had so many functions to go to and certainly had to match the different outfits, besides which it was a bit of a passion for her too.

We have learned in recent years with reflexology that our feet represent different areas of our entire body, so why not nurture them.  Shoes should be added to our list of psychological wellbeing ‘must haves’ for the sheer bliss of wearing comfortable but beautiful adornments on our feet.

I have found as I get older, I am struggling to wear the shoes I proudly donned in my teens and early twenties, and would never be seen dead in a pair of Clarks or wider fit shoes.  But then to be fair, these brands have upped their game and made their designs far more elegant and catwalk friendly.

If you are struggling with wearing heels, invest in a pair of Dr Scholls party heels at only £4.49, and wear shoes around the house days before the party to break them in and get used to the height and balance, you so that you can enjoy them to the full.  I recently spotted a gorgeous pair of stilettos and wanted to buy them anyway, in spite of the fact I knew they would probably kill me.  The shop assistant just flung me a throwaway line as I walked out the door – ‘don’t forget to practise’.  It made a big difference.

Here are some party ‘must haves’ for you in the shoe department:

Clarks – Ellis Ruby – Rose Gold Leather party shoe, lovely to look at and easy to wear.  £69.

Shoe Embassy – hand crafted shoes are an investment – blissfully comfortable and made from comfy leather, one review said ‘I’m having an affair – this is my second pair’ I spotted this gorgeous shoe aptly entitled ‘Exotic’ now only £47.50.

New Look have some amazing bargains as always, and one I thought you would like is this sexy black faux snake pointed court for only £19.99.

Very.co.uk have a multitude of wonderful choices, and I just fell in love with this unique pair of ‘Irregular choice Nick of Time party heel shoe’.  Yes, that is its name and well worth considering for its sheer style and comfort at £82.

So get in there girls, and start practising!

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Thought I would be ahead of the game this year, and recommend some stunning party outfits if you are looking to celebrate over the festive season.  We are all at various stages of our lives, and may decide stay at home and celebrate with our children or grandkids, or have invitations from friends or colleagues.  Hopefully you will find ideas for most occasions.

Quiz has a delightful Berry velvet bardot knot front fishtail maxi dress at only £39.99 – see on our front page.  This is very flattering for us curvy types, and easy to wear as well as being utterly glamorous.

Coast has produced a forest green ‘monroe’ lurex maxi dress which is well worth the £179.00 because this style and colour never dates.  In fact I remember window shopping as a kid, and dreaming about a green evening dress I had spotted in the window of Debenhams whilst shopping with my Mum.  I was far too young to wear it, but I am tempted to do so now as it is rather special and will suit a number of events I have coming up.

Girls on Film have produced a sassy red bibi tiered shift dress for only £42.  If you want to go shorter this season, this could be the one for you, especially if you are hoping to make an impact, and are thinking ‘outside the box’.

Reiss Sandie Long Sleeve Drop Waist Dress in black, is a smart but comfortable dress, immensely flattering and covers up the arms if you are like me and prefer to do so.  This is definitely one that will come out season after season so well worth the investment at £195.

Hush Glitter Easy Dress in Metallic gold which is exclusive to John Lewis and Hush, is really as it says on the tin, an easy dress and very stylish and flattering.  Especially if you are entertaining at home and don’t want any restrictions in the kitchen.  Only £59.


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Tweed has always been a rather classic addition to our wardrobe, and always remains in mode, merely by its established stance in British fashion for both men and women.

We used to joke that tweed and brogues were a united front for the traditionalists and the upper-class hunting set, because of its durable nature, and so tweed has always carried the air of sophistication and conformity.

I remember my Mother taking me to John Lewis in the early 90s and ‘forcing’ me to try on a ‘sensible’ tweed coat, which she purchased with great pride.  I wore it reluctantly for several years, when it came into its own when I went to work in the creative sector several years later, as more of an early ‘vintage’ piece due to its style which had come back into fashion – again!

In recent years tweed has been sown into avant-garde jewellery, as part of high end designer costumes combined with traditionalism.  So it is already crossing generations and gender by its sheer determination to remain in situ in our wardrobe.

We can hardly say that tweed is making a comeback as it never really goes away, but it certainly has an eminence on the catwalk as we edge toward Winter.

Here are some great Tweed buys for Winter

French Connection £195


Stella McCartney tweed jacket – £995


Kate Spade – £375


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Some years ago when visiting a distant relative in Mississippi, I noticed a Coat of Arms hanging on their living room wall displaying a rather distinguished tartan crest of our family tree, dating back to the 17th century.

It made me think about tartan and its origins and the significant role in symbolising clans and heritage, and the part it is still playing even within our own Royal Family.  Kate, Duchess of Cambridge recently wore a Black Watch tartan outfit when visiting St Andrews school in Berkshire, and Prince Charles is famous for donning his tartan kilt at a variety of events in Scotland.

It is not surprising that tartan keeps making a comeback in our fashion industry, and the Burberry plaid is actually recognised by the Tartan Organisation in Scotland.

This Winter you will see the return of tartan in both high end labels and on the High Street, which is good as it always seems to hold its charm and resonate with most generations.

Versace have a stunning outfit embellished within its layers, as only they can portray, and if your budget stretches to those heights, you can only indulge in the splendour of this stunning and actually ageless outfit.

Warehouse are doing a smart but stylish reversible tartan trench, a snitch at £99 which can adapt nicely with jeans or as a smarter work coat.

Next Lipsy have an adorable tartan mini-kilt at only £40 and , and you have to check out the morgan tartan asymmetric skirt from Preen By Thornton Bregazzi at £745, and more can be found on www.shopstyle.co.uk and www.farfetch.com.

If you just want a hint of tartan, dress any outfit with a classic tartan scarf for Winter.

Within its history, tartan has also symbolised the Rebel and the Royal, and this is reflected in all aspects of its evolvement in fashion, either being worn regally with its classic bent, or with a more daring punk influence.

It just gives us food for thought, and also gives us the confident to explore and include this heritage emblem within our own ‘brand’ of fashion to bring it home and make it our own.

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Now that the weather has started to cool down, the Autumn Glotime fashion police are hotting up and discovering that the new season is lurking just around the corner.

We know that the Royal Wedding has given the British fashion industry quite a boost as the World looked on and studied the look of legends as they stepped through the Palace doors to celebrate as Harry and Meghan tied the knot.

It could also be that Prince Charles now supports the British Fashion Council, that we are now seeing a return of both Tartan the Balmoral headscarf on our catwalk.


As well as the scarf, the headdress is also back – and we wonder if it is a kickback in recent controversy regarding the Burkha!  But the balaclava and also the beret are both contenders this Autumn/Winter and if you are not a fan of the traditional headscarf you can’t go wrong with the multi-coloured wraps that are appearing in Accessorise.


If you want to be safer and follow a more classical line, then Everlane The Cashmere Scarf in Navy is a great investment.


If you have a secret Bet Lynch squirrelled away, then why don’t you bring her out for the colder climes and invest in one of these sumptuous animal print coats.  You may shock the more feint hearted, but their loss is your gain, and you could win some great brownie points as you sweep into the board room a la Joan Collins or just appear in your local pub without going behind the bar to pull pints!


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