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As Karl Lagerfeld said, “black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means.”

As a modern outspoken woman of the 21st Century, my friends are always telling me not to be so black and white, but in this case I am recommending it.

It is true – black and white always looks cool and chic, perfectly placed wherever you are – and monochrome is this season’s ‘must have’.

Black and white stripes have never gone out of fashion as far as I am concerned – I seem to always replace my stripy Breton top every year.  It is always flattering and easy to wear over jeans or under a black biker jacket.

Monochrome dresses were introduced in by Ozzie Clarke back in the sixties, but again have never really dated, and are back now on the High Street in all their glory.

credit: Nata Sha /

Polka dot leggings or trousers are really kind to the figure, and will instantly slim you down if you need it.  Similarly polka dot dresses or tops have the same effect and are adaptable and easy on the eye.

White trousers should be worn all the year round, and team up well with black jumpers or sweatshirts and pumps, in either black or white.  This look is easy to accessorise with bangles and handbags.

Also, remember the all-time classic of the black suit trousers teamed with a gleaming white shirt and black tie, to float from office to champagne bar.

Alternatively a smart white jacket over ripped black jeans is a cool look for spring.




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Buying a watch can be as rigorous as buying a house or car, and often as expensive. It can also be a joy and a sound investment. A very close colleague, Alvin Hall is the money guru. He got himself into debt when young, and turned his life around by facing it head on. Since then he has been a financial advisor for many years, and has appeared on the Apprentice many times in the UK and US, and hosted his own BBC TV show where he advised families how to become debt free.

The theme of this story is that Alvin, our very own Time Lord, advised us personally to invest in a Patek Philippe watch is a sound investment, as it will not diminish in value.

So we have done our own investigation and in the process have made some exciting discoveries in the Time department. Some are good investments, others are cosmetically beautiful and others a practical buy – but there is something for everyone in our Watch of the Day line up.


Hublot – Big Bong 38mm Red Gold Diamond Watch £19,100 hublot/big-bang-38mm

Larsson and Jennings – Chain Metal Watch £230.00 larsson-and-jennings/chain-metal-watch

Rolex Cellini 18 ct £2,995.00 rolex-cellini-18ct

Cartier Ladies Tank Francaise £2,495 cartier-ladies-tank-francaise

Michael Kors

Sofie Pave Access – Silver Tone Smart Watch £399 sofie-pavé-silver-tone-smartwatch

H Samuel

Sekonda Ladies Silver Watch and Christmas Set £79.99 Seconda Xmas Gift Set

Watchfinder and Co – preowned watches – many gems so search to find the ONE for you.

Patek Philippe Ellipse – preowned, approx. 41 years old, comes with original box – £5,950.

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When Meghan Markle stepped out with her bo Prince Harry last month at the Invictus Games, the World took a gasp of relief. Firstly because their much publicised romance was on every tabloid’s lips and secondly we were all dying to see what she would wear as their union was consolidated and announced to the World.

A ‘husband’ white shirt with ripped jeans was both a relief and a revelation, as she looked cool, fresh and confident, which let’s face it is the most important aspect of retaining one’s identity. Meghan achieved that in abundance, sticking close to her Californian roots whilst not bucking the fashion altogether as she donned a very expensive pair of designer sunglasses.

So back to the white shirt. I have always been a fan of a crisp white shirt worn in a slouch mode with rolled up sleeves and perhaps nipped in with a low slung belt. But there are a multitude of ways to make it work for you.

If you are going from the Board Room to a party this Christmas, you can adapt during the day with a black or navy jacket or blazer and then vamp it up for evening with jewellery like a choker, sparkling brooch and earrings.

A white shirt can also be ‘customised’ with sequins sown into the lapels or collar and matched with skinny jeans or sparkling leggings and high heels to complete the outfit.

If you are struggling with the ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ syndrome, which is common this time of the year, and if you have a dinner party or posh work do. Then join the boys in a smart black suit (even hire one from Burtons) and wear a white shirt with a tie or black bow and DJ. This is not just ultra-flattering, it really makes a statement, and you will be the envy of everyone in the room.

So you see, the little white shirt really is the new black dress.


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How wonderful it is to be in the midst of the season for scarves (as if there’s only one season… but we’ll get to that)!

I recently made a major house move, so had to go through my closet to reorganize my clothes. I had a hard time making decisions on what to throw out, as I’m still working on losing those last 15 pounds of baby weight – (eek – baby is actually 18 months old)! As a result, I ended up bagging and boxing some items, and putting them in storage for when I do shed those last couple of inches around my middle.

Having said that, I’ve actually come to terms with my new curves and I’ve purchased a few new wares in my lovely, current, baby hip-holding size, and (luckily) a good portion of my tops fit me once again. Being a designer and a fashion lover, I have actually figured out a way for my new wares to stand up to the wardrobe I had pre-baby.

I’ve never been the person who buys a new wardrobe every year and donates last season’s garbs to charity.   I’m actually someone who shops for items here and there, buying a garment when I fall in love with it, or when I have an occasion and need something new.

I tend to keep my clothes and wear them for years, restyling them as the seasons and the trends change. Some items I have had long enough to see them go out of style and then come back into fashion.

I’m also a huge advocate of layering – probably because I hail from New York, a place with a harsh winter and four full, glorious seasons.

Why toss that glittery, gold tank top from your college clubbing days away when you can layer it under a classy, fuzzy ivory cashmere sweater and get a peek of shimmer at the waist and at the shoulder straps?

But I digress, as this article is supposed to be about scarves, and I am just preparing you for the other topics in my series, so watch this space because there is a lot more to come.

So back to the scarves. As I embark on another autumn/winter with this new limited wardrobe at my disposal, I am faced with the eternal question… how do I liven up my closet without spending a fortune? Luckily for me, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of scarves in my time. Scarves are a true wardrobe workhorse. They’re the ultimate article of clothing that should stay put in your wardrobe.

They do not have to be replaced during pregnancy, and though the chillier months are known to be “scarf season,” they actually have such versatility that you can use them as a lifesaving accessory all year long.

Keep your hair up and out of your face in summer with a light silk scarf. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and cover your head in the storms of spring. In colder autumn and winter days, you can wear them in the usual way, around your neck for warmth, but there are endless ways to wear a scarf that can liven up any outfit, any time of year. And you can wear them anywhere you please, as well! Use scarves as a necklace, as a hair band or tie. As a bracelet, a belt, a head cover, a shawl. Tie one around the hips to accentuate a skirt. Even when worn traditionally around your neck, there are countless methods of securing them. Their uses are endless, as are their abilities to transform an outfit. The scarf truly does take a drab, boring look and make it exciting. You can add a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic look. Bring in a pattern to offset solids, or – if you’re daring enough – mix and match different patterns by adding a wild scarf. Wear a scarf up by donning a fine-fabric one with beaded embellishments, or wear it down by using a well-loved cotton voile paired with jeans.

What I’m trying to say is simply this: Move your scarves to the front of your closet. Mix and match them. Wear them in whatever way strikes your fancy. Expand the options that exist for you without shopping for whole new outfits. Get creative with your wardrobe, and have fun while doing it. I know I will! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go dive into a big pile of scarves…


French Knot: my favorite.

This is a classy, beautiful and timeless look that never goes out of style.

1.Take a long scarf and fold it in half lengthwise

2.Drape it around your neck so loop and ends are at your front

3.Take one part of the loose end and put it through the loop, over one side and under the other.

4.Take the other loose end and put it through the loop in the other direction – under the one side and over the other, then adjust to desired tightness and length.


The Belted Scarf: a wonderful way to show off your favorite scarf.

I love it now, in my current post-baby state because some of my tops still fit a little snug, but not enough to retire, so wearing a scarf in this way hides some of those unwanted creases and bulges (no need for that shaper underwear here)!

1.Start with a long light to medium weight scarf that has a fringed edge

2.Drape over shoulders, and adjust length so both edges are even

3.Take a belt and secure at the natural waistline

4.Tug scarf to tighten beneath the belt


The V-Neck Front Knot: if a cowgirl went to Paris this is what she’d come away with.
A chic and fun way to wear a scarf that also keeps you warm.

1. Take a medium to large square silk scarf and fold in half diagonally, to form a triangle

2. Wrap it around your neck with the fold at your chin and the tip of the triangle pointing down

3. Take the other two corners around your neck and bring back around to your front

4. Tie the two corners in a double knot slightly to one side, then fluff for desired fullness


The Infinity Necklace: a flirty, fun and oh-so-easy look.
This may be the scarf combination I get the most compliments on. Simple, different and playful.

1. Take a medium to long rectangle scarf and tie the ends together

2. Put it over your head with the knot at the back of your neck

3. Loop the scarf around your neck again

4. Leaving the knot at the back of your neck, adjust one part to be tight, like a choker (but not too tight!) and the other part loose, like a long necklace

Stay tuned for more of Emily’s Fashion Hacks on

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Its London Fashion Week – takes a look at the legendary Kate Moss

Its London Fashion Week – takes a look at the legendary Kate Moss

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Kate Moss was joined by her daughter Lila Grace for the Topshop show on Sunday for London Fashion Week, and the pair looked amazing as they walked into the show hand-in-hand. While Kate teamed her long blonde locks with a black  jumpsuit and suede boots, Lila sported a pair of black platform trainers, a black biker jacket and a pair of checked trousers.

Kate & Lila Grace were also joined by the new British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful

Kate sat on the front row between Topshop boss Sir Philip Green and Edward Enninful

Whilst her daughter sat further down the front row alongside her friend Stella Jones who is daughter of the Clash’s guitarist Mick Jones.


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As The Weather Cools – The Catwalk Is Hotting Up

As The Weather Cools – The Catwalk Is Hotting Up

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Please leave your bling detector at home and shop as the best Magpie in town this Autumn as bling is definitely the new black.  Glitzy shoes and boots, sparky dresses, faux furs and messy dresses in colours to clash for. Here are some of our favourites.

Go glam in a snake skin print this party season wearing this bodycon dress – featuring long sleeves and a high neckline from Missguided on offer at just £15.00

Or how about this White cami dress featuring white iridescent sequins, v neckline and loose fit also from Missguided at £28.00

Score a wardrobe win no matter the dress code with this faux fur bandeau midi dress from ASOS on sale at just £15.00

Prepare to get your sparkle on this party season with this bodycon dress, featuring super shiny sequins and delicate tie neck design you are sure to turn some heads this season! Wear with some killer heels and clutch, ready to hit the town from Pretty Little Thing for £28.00

For those of you who are more classic than crass perhaps you could hint at the trend with a rather lovely designer chocker or pendant to add a bit of sparkle.  Go on, you know it is your best kept secret, and it is completely safe with us!

The Ceclia Silver Crystal Sparkle Small Gem Frame Pendant by TED BAKER is the ultimate finishing touch to add a dazzling edge to your outfit on sale at £39.20

Or this Diamante choker from boohoo is a great finishing touch to your outfit for just £4.00

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