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It hardly seems possible that one of our all-time favourite kid’s shows, Blue Peter, has turned 60 this month.

Most of us can remember growing up with this wonderfully inspiring programme, and many of us can recall the time when Anthea Turner showed us all how to make the FAB Thunderbirds Headquarters, Tracy Island out of cardboard boxes in the mid 1990s


I have got to know the lovely Anthea over the years and she told me recently that one of the highlights of her career was the Tracy Island project on Blue Peter, as it brought so much joy to so many families, and indeed Anthea herself.

Here is Anthea making the Tracy Island model


This was way before computer games like Fortnight took over the World and years before social media, but we are still assured by Mums and Dads and Grandparents that they still get involved with their offspring in home crafts, away from the computer or iPad to give kids a taste of how they can still have fun, in their very own retro world, light years away from the internet.

So for once I would advise DO TRY THIS AT HOME and enter our competition for the most inventive Tracy Island or homemade project of your choice for and you could win a ticket to the Silver Screen Ball at Pinewood Studios and meet Dee Anderson daughter of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson creators of Thunderbirds along with some of the original team behind the classic series.

All you have to do is make your own Tracy Island either free form or following the Blue Peter instructions and send 3 photos of your ‘make’ to and we will select one entry to be our guest on the night.
click for more details of the event ‘ silver screen ball at pinewood studios ‘

Click to download the original Blue Peter plans to make ‘ Tracy Island ‘

Final date for entries 18th November


here is a look back of all the presenters of Blue Peter


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1st December 2018


In Support of Great Ormond Street Hospital

Sylvia Anderson has left a huge legacy with her pioneering work as co-creator of Thunderbirds with her most iconic character Lady Penelope, and was always at the cutting edge of ground breaking television. Sylvia’s daughter Dee Anderson, in collaboration with Industry Professionals, has created the Sylvia Anderson Awards to be presented to emerging writers, musicians, film makers and animators at a high profile Celebrity Evening event to be held at Pinewood Studios on 1st December 2018.

There will be a Champagne Reception, followed by a sumptuous 3-course dinner with wine, amazing entertainment, the presentation of the Sylvia Anderson Awards (celebrating emerging talent), plus in support of GOSH, we have a “What Money Can’t Buy” Auction & Luxury Raffle.

The Ball is an exclusive black-tie event, in aid of a wonderful cause – Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity. It will be great for entertaining and should be a fabulous evening – guests get to walk the red carpet and mingle with our Celebrity Guests.

All this, plus dancing into the early hours – so plenty to look forward to!

Celebrities from the world of TV & Film will be in attendance ranging from Eastenders to Game of Thrones, along with various people who worked with Sylvia over the years on the productions inc voice artists & puppeteers.

Sylvia’s passion was to support new artists in all genres of film and television, and her memory lives on as we honour her vision and pay homage to all that she represented in the world of Entertainment.

In addition to the award ceremony, there will be a ‘what money can’t buy’ auction to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital, famous for their arduous work in revolutionary treatments for children suffering with serious diseases.

Many celebrities will take part and will walk the red carpet with guests from all walks of life – to share the champagne reception, sumptuous three course meal and enjoy the superb entertainment provided by Glotime TV – held in the most iconic film studio in the country, home to James Bond and Disney and with the largest underwater film stage in the world.

Well-known Anderson character lookalikes will be there to greet you and you can join in with this fun event, whilst supporting a brilliant Charity.

Also on display will be range of Puppets & Props from the many series created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.

Here is a glimpse of last years event

And another.

A small number of tickets are now released for fans to come along and join in with the festivities of this stunning red carpet event, so please contact us at for further details and to reserve your place.

As the Iconic show says “Thunderbirds Are Go” – FAB


contact us at for further details

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Eating the Unknown – A Gastronomic Journey through Europe

Eating the Unknown – A Gastronomic Journey through Europe

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We could sit here all day and wax lyrical about the benefits of an authentic French onion soup for the soul, a Neapolitan pizza to lift your spirits, or a sunny day in Portugal bookended by a golden and flaky custard tart…well, just because they are delicious and addictive. But the chances are you have been there, done that and bought the recipe book. So today we would like to shine the spotlight on some major culinary contenders around Europe’s dining table that we feel may have been slightly overlooked. We’ve taken an example from Northern, Central and Southern Europe, so gastronomic adventurers, take note – Your tastebuds are in for a treat.

Starting at the Finnish

The Finnish menu is a seasonal celebration of locally sourced ingredients. Expect warming soups, potatoes and salmon with lashings of dill, pies stuffed with bright berries and the stalwart of the Scandinavian cuisine that is rye bread slathered with butter and taken morning, noon or night.

There are also unexpected specialties that set the Finns apart from their neighbours. Halloumi-like Leipäjuusto, for example, is baked over an open fire and eaten with cloudberry jam, producing a satisfying squeak. Christmas lovers may want to avoid Poronkäristys, but vitamin-rich and tender sautéed reindeer meat can be found served alongside creamy mashed potato at any time of year. Sorry Rudolph, but it’s absolutely irresistible.

More on Finnish cuisine:

Accommodation in Europe:

Polish your meal off

The Poles have one of the most comforting, indulgent cuisines and proof of the pudding is in the Pierogi. These plump, pillow-like morsels filled with ground mince and topped with crispy fried onions are practically sacred in Poland. Unlimited to the savoury sphere, Pierogi can even transcend the boundaries of the menu when eaten for dessert with sweet berries and dressed in cream.

Smoked meats and cabbage also feature largely in the typical Polish diet. From Kie?basa and Sauerkraut to Bigos and Go??bki, these ingredients make for very hearty and flavourful fare. Veggies, fear not! There are also plenty of meat-free menu options, including crisp potato pancakes, vegetable soups and a whole host of baked goods.

More on Polish cuisine:

Accommodation in Europe:

Love thy neighbour

Slovenia’s largely landlocked geographical position means traditional cuisine there has familiar elements shared with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian and Croatian gastronomy. The landscape, which includes mountains, fields and even a small Adriatic coastline, offers an enviable bounty. You’ll find everything from mushroom soup served in a hollowed out bread loaf, to dandelion and egg salad (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it).

Pasta lovers, we’d also like to introduce you to Žlikrofi – dainty dough parcels stuffed with herby meat and doused in rich rabbit or mutton sauce. Meanwhile the Slovenian charcuterie is nothing to be scoffed at: wind-cured Prosciutto (Pršut), sharply pickled turnips (Kisla repa) and a plethora of impressive cheeses grace the table.

More on Slovenian cuisine:

Accommodation in Europe:

Where to stay

The most seasoned food fanatics will know that the best way to get to the heart of a national cuisine is to pack your bags and make the pilgrimage. Whether your Mecca is a particular market, a backstreet restaurant or a vineyard, our number one tip is to book a villa or apartment right in the centre of the action. Our friends at have over 50,000 holiday homes all across Europe, so you’ll find the perfect base with them for your tasty travels.

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Tweed has always been a rather classic addition to our wardrobe, and always remains in mode, merely by its established stance in British fashion for both men and women.

We used to joke that tweed and brogues were a united front for the traditionalists and the upper-class hunting set, because of its durable nature, and so tweed has always carried the air of sophistication and conformity.

I remember my Mother taking me to John Lewis in the early 90s and ‘forcing’ me to try on a ‘sensible’ tweed coat, which she purchased with great pride.  I wore it reluctantly for several years, when it came into its own when I went to work in the creative sector several years later, as more of an early ‘vintage’ piece due to its style which had come back into fashion – again!

In recent years tweed has been sown into avant-garde jewellery, as part of high end designer costumes combined with traditionalism.  So it is already crossing generations and gender by its sheer determination to remain in situ in our wardrobe.

We can hardly say that tweed is making a comeback as it never really goes away, but it certainly has an eminence on the catwalk as we edge toward Winter.

Here are some great Tweed buys for Winter

French Connection £195


Stella McCartney tweed jacket – £995


Kate Spade – £375


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We had been in Croatia for several days exploring Dubrovnik and some of the local coastal villages, and we were nearing the end of our stay.

We asked Ivo, our brilliant host where he would recommend for us to go for our last day, and he suggested that he take us to Cavtat, further along the coast.

Cavtat was all that we had been promised, a perfect Croatian coastal town, full of great architecture, shops and with a splendid beach, with sun loungers and shades to ensure the comfort of the visitors.   We learned that it had originally been a resort for very wealthy Croatians and an inspirational town for artists, before being discovered as a holiday destination, although still relatively unspoiled.


We spent an hour or so exploring, and as we were having a coffee at one of the small café bars, Ivo asked us if we wanted to see a more rural village and visit a restaurant for lunch, owned by an old school friend and his family.

As you can imagine, the ultimate holiday dream was about to come true as we set off along winding country roads completely off the beaten track, towards the little village of Ljuta, in the protected landscape of the river by the same name.

Ivo had booked a riverside table at Konoba Vinica Monkovic, the amazing restaurant he had recommended, and as we sat down we were greeted warmly by relatives and staff who immediately brought us liqueurs, a speciality from the grandmother of the family.  We tasted two in small glasses as we suspected their strength, one resembled a light sherry and the other grappa.

Fortunately, we had ordered a feast of a starter so we were able to offset the effect of the drinks with their own cheese and hams, and delicious home-made bread served on a gigantic platter.

The main courses were ‘under the bell’ (slow cooked) pork with cheese and the other finely sliced succulent steak with green vegetables and potatoes – followed by apple strudel with ice cream and their own speciality dessert resembling a delicious crème brulee.  We struggled to eat it all, but managed to finish off most of the meal as it was indescribably good.

We washed it down with local wine – all the time insisting that Ivo stayed with us throughout to enjoy the food, as he had looked after us so well.

I have since discovered that it is described on Trip Advisor as ‘the best restaurant in Croatia’, and I have to agree that it would take a lot to beat it.

The afternoon seemed to go in a flash, and as we were ready to leave, Ivo asked us if we wanted to visit his parents’ old house where he had spent his childhood, as it was on the way home.

The house was set even further up into the mountainous region offset by dense woodland, where he had fond memories of running freely as a child, through the trees even higher into the steep terrain.

The house is now his studio and a place of inspiration for his art, and where he often brings his young family to experience the solitude and tranquillity of nature.

Before we left this house, Ivo produced bottles of olive oil, made from his own home grown olives, and later that evening, his wife Ela sent us a local delicacy of a large cake, made from a recipe from her own grandmother, and bottles of local wine to take home.

This was our last day of our Novasol adventure, and we will treasure the memories of that special experience for a very long time.

There are many varieties of holidays on offer, and we all have different tastes and expectations.  I personally felt the adventure of our very special trip was testament to the experience and dedication of Novasol – and which is why after fifty years of practise, they provide such unique hand-picked holiday homes in so many stunning destinations.

Check out the great deals for yourself at

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Quick, Easy & Tasty Miso Noodles with Egg

Quick, Easy & Tasty Miso Noodles with Egg

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A perfect quick and tasty lunch, so simple and quick to prepare
These Miso Noodles with Boiled Egg will get your taste buds tingling.


Ingredients (For one person)

  • 1 medium sized egg
  • 1 tbsp t oil
  • 50g Mushrooms sliced
  • small piece ginger, finely grated
  • small piece garlic,  finely grated
  • chilli flakes (small pinch)
  • 2 spring onions, sliced
  • small handful beansproats
  • 1 tsp miso paste
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 100g egg noodles (fresh or dried), (cook to packet instructions if dried)
  • salt & papper
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