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A second hand clothes shop in the mid-nineties, location – Primrose Hill, London.  A female, late twenties enthusiastically sorting through racks of pre-owned clothes, which have been immaculately cleaned and well ironed.  Her mother, a prim woman in her late fifties looking on with scornfully, silent and disapproving.  She suddenly bursts into dialogue with an accent resembling Hyacinth Bucket from the nineties TV show Keeping up Appearances, ‘can we please leave’ she spouts ‘this shop is making me feel quite sick’.

I am sure many of us have encountered the occasional Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) in our own lives, including the snobbish character within ourselves.  But as the majority of us are trying to do our bit to save the planet, the recycling of clothes is now becoming the norm, and in fact a respected way forward.

The past few years have seen the approval from celebrities and the wealthy who not only donate their garments to Charity Shops but also buy from them as well, just to keep the recycling circle going.  Also, as one famously said ‘one girl’s garbage is another one’s gold’.  This is often the case, and has happened time and time again with acquaintances who have boasted huge savings and acquisitions from their Charity Shop rummages.

My own mother Sylvia Anderson, a pioneer for women in television, who was one of the first women to make it to University from a working class family, because of her high level of intellect (but with very low funds), couldn’t afford to buy any new clothes.  But through her own ingenuity purchased a very high quality second hand tweed coat in London in the fifties – a garment she hung onto for years.  She adored the classic line and high quality of the material, even though she paid a fraction of its value.  So I was well rehearsed into recycling my clothes from an early age, as I remember her still wearing it when I was a child.

In fact moving on from this legacy, I was one of the pioneers of the home ‘clothes swap’ way back in the eighties when friends were encouraged to gather at each other’s houses, eat, drink and try on each of our pre-loved outfits.  Such fun, and often very fortuitous.

The environmental charity WRAP states that £30bn of unworn clothing lies hanging in UK wardrobes, and 11m goes to landfill.   So now the World has caught up, and rather than hiding our second hand acquisitions under a bushel, we are now encouraged to recycle our wardrobes as often as possible and restock from the ever giving pile of clothes donated from enthusiastic givers like ourselves.  After all there is nothing more satisfying than a bargain, especially when you are also contributing to the planet we inhabit whilst making a killing – metaphorically of course!


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Hygge on Holiday – Make Yourself at Home

Hygge on Holiday – Make Yourself at Home

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The Scandinavian countries annually jostle at the top of the World’s Happiest Nation rankings to win the prized title each year. So what are they doing so right? And how can you experience a bit of that Scandi satisfaction they call ‘Hygge’? We think it’s about time we learned a thing or two about making ourselves at home on holiday.


Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway have a lot to offer, and not just for permanent residents, but for lucky visitors, too. These Nordic neighbours are blessed with wonderful landscapes and a sense of environmental responsibility that means nature is well-guarded and appreciated. Those that choose Scandinavia as a holiday destination are putting themselves in a fantastic position to experience flora, fauna and the great outdoors right on their doorstep.

Whilst winter leaves much of Scandinavia blanketed in picturesque snow, this also means the Nordic nations know how to do a hearty log fire really, really well. Rent a holiday home with all the trimmings to keep out the cold whilst you’re not exploring frozen lakes, taking in the Northern Lights, or visiting authentic Christmas markets. Many of Novasol’s Holiday Homes are well-equipped to deliver the full Hygge experience with plush fire-lit living rooms, saunas and even Jacuzzis.

To channel Scandi satisfaction on your next holiday, call 0333 012 4926 or visit, where your perfect holiday home awaits.

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With all of the wonderful alternative and holistic therapies I have tried, Reiki had alluded me until last week when at a Retreat in Somerset  just opened by Lynne Franks, I decided to try it.

I had booked a massage with the lovely Helen, a resident practitioner, who is also an expert in Reiki and a clairvoyant, and as she described the Universal energy of healing called Reiki, felt compelled to book a session.

Helen had already told me that whilst rendering the treatment, she had flashes of insight into the person, in the form of images or names of people or even glimpses of their future.  She asked me if it was something I would be interesting in hearing throughout the session.  I was fascinated, and a little sceptical, even though I firmly believe in holistic healing and even clairvoyance, I had arrived with a severe lower back pain which I was sure would not be shifted in one session.

How wrong could I be?  Helen was obviously an expert in the field of Reiki, and came up with names she could have not possibly known before.

The practise of Reiki in Japanese is translated as ‘miraculous or divine spirit or intention’ and I could not describe it better.  After the session I felt elated if not a little light headed, and Helen told me to drink lots of water, which I did.

The following day my back pain had disappeared.

I couldn’t believe it either – it was miraculous, and Helen had not touched my body at all throughout the Reiki session, just held her hands across the areas she felt needed help, which were the painful areas and my left knee which had also been giving me a bit of discomfort.

Descriptions of Reiki seem to be Universal healing energy administered through healing hands, and even though I had questioned the validity, it had worked.

I have to confess, Helen seemed extremely tuned into me and a great practitioner in the art of healing and Reiki, which was an awesome combination, and so if you can’t get down the The Hub, at least contact an expert in your area and try it.

But for those of you who are believers in Universal energy, it is a good start, and perhaps you can begin by following these simple principles

Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
Honour your parents, teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every living thing

You can find a Reiki practitioner by logging onto

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Nail it With Handirest and Win a Handirest in Limited Edition FAB Pink

Nail it With Handirest and Win a Handirest in Limited Edition FAB Pink

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Win one of twenty Handirests – the ultimate in nail care accessories

The Buckinghamshire based company originally developed the Handirest for use throughout manicures, and the comfortable, latex-free cushion provides a stable base on which to place your hand. This clever tool holds the hand comfortably whilst supporting the wrist and fingers throughout the application of nail polish, gels, foils, acrylics and more intricate nail art, and has quickly become a home-manicure essential for many.

The popular manicure tool stabilizes the hand keeping fingers in the optimum position, whilst still allowing the user flexibility to move the Handirest to help them minimize wobbles and achieve the best results.

As most nail professionals will testify, it’s often difficult to keep still throughout the duration of a manicure, so the Handirest provides an effective solution, allowing more control, steadying those who may be a little shaky or those who simply have fidgety fingers! The front of the Handirest is slightly raised and fingers are separated to ensure a smudge-free mani, meanwhile the curved front edge, allows flexibility where you are able to bring the hand further forward when applying polish in a downward motion, or keep the fingers slightly flatter for other kinds of nail applications.

All Handirest’s are durable, hygienic and resistant to acetone, allowing them to be easily and quickly cleaned using nail polish remover, acetone or a sanitizing spray for use time and time again.

Available in a choice of colours from

About Handirest Ltd 

Based in Buckinghamshire, Handirest Ltd was founded by inventor, Adrian Houlder in 2012. The Handirest manicure accessory has seen a number of versions before the product we know today came to market. Realising that there was nothing available to assist with manicures in this way, Adrian came up with an idea to separate the fingers and raises them on this tactile foam cushion in a way that is not only comfortable, but also allows for a more controlled manicure whether it be in a salon or the comfort of the users own home. Since its launch, Handirest has been embraced by salons and beauty wholesalers along with online and teleshopping retailers and department stores. Additional information about Handirest Ltd and their products can be found at

Here is a video on how the Handirest was developed

To be in with a chance to win one of 20 Handirests, just enter below





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THE HUB AT NO 3 in Wincanton, Somerset, is a powerhouse of healing and alchemy, with Lynne Franks OBE as its heroic leader – heading up the unique fusion of magic and divine feminine, in true warrior fashion, within the DNA of its foundation.

Men are also very much a part of the picture, and both male visitors and mentors are welcomed to the Hub, as the male energy is equally respected as an essential ingredient of spiritual growth.

Lynne is famously known as the inspiration behind the dynamic but quirky PR guru Edina in Absolutely Fabulous played by Jennifer Saunders, but since her own fearless spiritual journey, Lynne has transformed into more of a Wise alchemist whose insight into each of her mentees is remarkable as she pinpoints their path and helps them rediscover their mission and self-worth.

I was determined to discover how accurate her reputation for personal growth had become and have recently returned from three days at The Hub in Wincanton, only to discover that Lynne really is a legend in her own lifetime, and that is quite separate from her Abs Fabs fame.

I arrived early to avoid the snow, and was welcomed with open arms by Lynne and her team who looked after me as soon as I arrived, but gave me the space to find time to meditate and soak up the healing atmosphere.  I also managed to chant my mantra of many years, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, with Lynne who is a confirmed Buddhist.

The two buildings of The Hub have been restored and transformed by the passion of Lynne herself over almost two years, with all the trials and tribulations that come with a project of this magnitude, and which also involved a great deal of spiritual healing and cleansing, as it had been an old pub and drinking house.  I also heard through the local grape vine, that Lynne had created a bit of a stir in the area, even offending some of the local church going community with her ‘holistic’ messages.  Lynne has remained steadfast throughout as I understand, still respecting the people of the area, but sticking to her guns which is admirable and maintaining her integrity as always.

I had booked for three nights, and on arrival was taken to Rose room which was a lovely tranquil space with a cosy bed adorned with a duvet of Alpaca feathers – totally healing in itself.  I had the best night’s sleep in a long time, and this apparently is a shared experience of all the guests.

I then decided to sample all of the holistic treatments available as well as a special one-to-one experience with Lynne herself, which I was really looking forward to.

They started with the lovely Saskia Marjoram who administered Flower aromatherapy and healing with her incredible insight into flower essences.  I have to confess I was a little dubious at first, but quickly understood the relevance of the remedies, as I had used Rescue Remedy over the years, and was reassured by Saskia’s knowledge and confidence.  She seemed to pick the remedies associated to me personally, so I quickly knew where it was heading.

I then had a massage and facial with Helen, who I discovered is also a Reiki healer and clairvoyant, and as if this is not enough, completely tuned into me and identified areas of my body and indeed my life that needed attention.  She also explained more about the Hub, saying that they felt that the ‘healers’ and ‘witches’ are congregating there, which I found mesmerising and awe inspiring.  I have to agree, as spookily on the last day, I realised that my lower back pain had completely disappeared which was definitely down to the Reiki and so would really recommend this treatment too.

The one-to-one with Lynne Franks was life changing, as she not only tuned into me, but channelled my inner world and guided me into where my focuses should be.   She was pragmatic and honest as well as being sensitive and nurturing, and I know I have changed an essential part of my own self-discovery and future passage.

There was only one other guest at the Hub, who was a beautiful young woman from the corporate world who was there to redress the balance, and she and I built our vision boards together under the enchanted eye of our mentor.  The results were extraordinary with the vision boards reflecting our inner souls rather than skin deep illusions.

We all connected as Lynne had predicted and in many extraordinary ways, with shared and similar life experiences to help heal each other, and it made me feel that the Goddess was working her magic to bring us all together.  The food is organic, healthy and delicious and all part of the collective collaboration at meal times.

I had heard that when you visit the Hub, it facilitates the beginning of a new life and way of being, and incredibly I found all of this to be true.  Having said that, you have to be ready to change your life, and be open to all possibilities, and if you are – be brave, face your fears and visit Lynne Franks and her healers at The Hub at No 3, where your future awaits.

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Whether we have done a dry January, or planning a fitness February the one constant in our lives is Passion, but its killer is now lurking at every corner.

We are all insanely protective about our privacy but will discuss intimate details of our sex lives with complete strangers if we are coerced, so why not actually have one to shout about.

So many of us are trading passion for parenting or a healthy sex life for tetchy behind doors grouching.  So how about confronting those Winter blues and getting some passion back into your lives.

You don’t have to act out the Karma Sutra, just some gentle hugging and stroking will do for beginners to reinvent their ‘honeymoon’ or romantic early dating, if it has been a while.  It has even been advised by the experts to refrain from doing more than that for a few days to build up to a satisfactory ‘climax’, in more ways than one, if you have been experiencing problems in this area.

There is nothing better than forbidden fruit to rouse your desire, remember when you were dating and your parents told you to be home by 11.  Those frantic stolen kisses were worth their weight in gold, although the majority of us didn’t appreciate it at the time.  Avoid illicit affairs, as the majority end in tears, but if you are needing to get a bit of spice back into your life, you could do as one of our members of the Glotime office did (and she will remain anonymous) and dress up to meet your partner in a nearby bar, as if complete strangers, wearing only a faux fur coat and a pair of slingbacks!   We dare you!

So we are encouraging you to reinvent the wheel, or at least the wondrous early days of your life before you had the responsibility of a mortgage, family and career – all monumental passion killers.  Which is why the over 60s seem to be having the most fun in their retirement, although they often need help in this area too.

There are some fabulous sex toys on the market, try Agent Provocateur in deepest sexy Soho for the more unique chic sex toy, as well as Ann Summers who always have the latest invention in eroticism, so why not go together to explore what you both enjoy.

The same goes if you are single, and the staff will make you feel welcome and help you chose if you get stuck.  Yes really, you should not get embarrassed as they are quite au fait with most fantasies, and will even encourage you with the most recent additions to their variety of sex toys and lingerie.

There are some excellent lubes on the market too if you need them, and they come in a variety of flavours as do condoms.  You can buy them online as with any sex toy, if you have difficulty in buying in person.  Try who have a good selection.

Vibrators are also extremely useful for both couples and lone lovers, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours – with a variety of speeds and vibrations.  Take a look at

In finality, don’t rule out a good sexy book – if you have exhausted Fifty Shades, then you may like something a bit more romantic with an erotic undertone like some of the following titles.

The French Lieutenant’s Woman
by John Fowles
avg rating 3.86 — 42,771 ratings — published 1969

Vision in White
by Nora Roberts 
avg rating 4.11 — 117,180 ratings — published 2009

by Richelle Mead
avg rating 4.29 — 284,773 ratings — published 2008

The World According to Garp
by John Irving
avg rating 4.08 — 190,067 ratings — published 1978

Anna Karenina
by Leo Tolstoy
avg rating 4.04 — 543,195 ratings — published 1877

There is nothing better than snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with your favourite sexy story, it is guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart, and hopefully a great deal more.


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