The Truth about Turmeric – from Turmerlicious founder Maggie Howell

The Truth about Turmeric – from Turmerlicious founder Maggie Howell

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Turmeric is most definitely flavour of the month, appearing in everything from face creams to ice creams, but we recently came across a really lovely way to take turmeric which is not only delicious but ensures your body is fully able to absorb the turmeric

An “easy option” to take turmeric in capsules which are now very readily available however, there are quite a few drawbacks to this.

  1. Most capsules are made from predominantly one compound (curcumin) and so you miss out on the other 299 compounds found in the whole root!
  2. Turmeric is fat soluble so you have to take it with fat for it to be absorbed into your gut (hence many supplements just pass straight through you).
  3. Turmeric also needs to be buddied up with pepper for it to be fully absorbed (research has shown it increases absorption by 2000%).
  4. And finally you need heat as that makes the curcumin more soluble and so more easily absorbed into the body

With all this in mind, we were delighted to come across Turmerlicious turmeric lattes  –  a delicious blend of coconut (a great fat), turmeric, ginger, cinnamon with that all important hint of black pepper. To make the drink you simply add boiling water (heat) to 3 teaspoons of the blend and stir. This combination ensures your body is able to fully absorb, and so benefit from the turmeric.

The beauty of Turmerlicious is that it is not only super healthy, so easy to make and maximises the absorption of turmeric, it is also vegan, dairy free, uses no refined sugar and is caffeine free (apart from a small amount of caffeine in the chocolate versions) so perfect as a bed time drink!

There are four delicious natural flavours to choose from vanilla, ginger, choco and chilli choc, which all of contain approx 1.5 grams of whole turmeric root powder:-

As Turmerlicious have offered all Glotime TV members a warming 20% off, you can treat yourselves to a delicious and healthy alternative to tea, coffee or hot chocolate which ensures you get a good daily dose of turmeric. Just use coupon code GlotimeTV18 when you buy from their website (valid until December 8th)

Plus Turmerlicious is now available from Ocado!

Check out the full range of Turmerlicious at
Or call 01252 716859
Or email

We know you will love these drinks as much as we do.



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Mature Dating With The County Register

Mature Dating With The County Register

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Due to increasing numbers of people finding themselves alone in their 50s, 60s and beyond, the ‘mature dating’ industry is booming. However, many singles are under the false impression that they have just two choices: create an online dating profile…or resign themselves to a partner-less future.

The fast and ruthless world of internet-love just doesn’t suit everyone… particularly those who value their personal privacy and safety. Likewise, few people genuinely want to be alone.

Thank goodness, then, for traditional dating agencies like The County Register who have survived the internet dating explosion and continue to thrive. The County Register offers a bespoke matchmaking service for the more discerning dater. As Mike Parker, director, explains: “People join our personal matchmaking agency for many reasons but, primarily, it’s the need for anonymity, a lack of time and opportunity, sensitivity over entering – or re-entering – the dating scene, as well as the more specialised search that we offer compared with other agencies. It’s important to us that we have happy clients and will therefore do everything we can, to make sure our clients really do, at the very least, have a happy experience. We are possibly the best matchmakers in the UK today and have a reputation in the industry for integrity and honesty. We will be honest with you. Come and meet us without obligation, then go away and think about it. Safety is first and foremost in our minds for both men and women. The word ‘County’ means nothing more than the fact that we cover the entire UK and beyond.”

Founded by Heather Heber-Percy, who set up a small agency in the early 1980s, The County Register very much still has the feel of a family run business. Heather’s many years in the business have given her tremendous insights into human relationships. She uses these, together with her sympathetic interviewing skills, to gain a clear understanding of her clients’ needs and thus match them with suitable partners.

Traditional dating agencies, like The County Register, offer a real alternative to mature men and women looking for love away from the unpredictable world of online dating.
For more information, please call 0208 994 3500
or visit



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They say that every successful creative enterprise is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration, which brings me to the ingenious invention of Nibble Protein Bites, by its founder Erin Moroney.

I say this because Erin is a true creative, having successfully run and co-owned a photographic business for more than 12 years, and was also an agency Art Director and Producer, so nothing to do with food – but she knew there was something wrong when she was constantly tired with low blood sugar, and her nails and hair suffering in the process.

As an avid vegetarian Erin felt she was doing everything right, but when she was told by her nutritionist that she was ‘protein deficient’, and as she was about to run a marathon, she knew it was time to take action for herself, her family and ultimately the rest of the world.

She had previously spent weeks trolling the supermarkets and health food outlets, and discovered there was a serious crack in the market for protein rich snacks.

Erin knew absolutely nothing about creating a food product, let alone launching it onto the competitive market place, but through sheer determination, serious research and her own creativity and passion, she now has her own Brand, which can be purchased in a number of leading outlets, including Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Ocado, to name but a few.


As Erin says ‘We use the finest natural ingredients including antioxidant-rich dried plum purée and a blend of toasted pumpkin/sunflower seeds and crunchy protein crisps (TELL ME MORE. .. ). The bites are super nutritious, with less sugar and more yummy flavours. Perfect for healthy eating on the go.’

Erin has now been nominated for the prestigious Catherine Awards from the Variety Club of Great Britain.

We are really excited to announce that Nibble’s founder, Erin Moroney, is a shortlisted nominee for a prestigious VARIETY CATHERINE RISING STAR AWARD.

Founded in 2016 by Variety (the children’s charity), the Variety Catherine Awards recognise the contributions of women in business. The Rising Star Award honours women who are making a difference in their chosen field and are “women to watch” for the future.

With awards across a range of sectors (including finance & banking, professional services, creative industries, science & tech, and retail/fashion), Erin is the only nominee from the food industry.

Erin started developing our innovative bites two years ago, after a long career in the creative industry.

The Variety Catherine Award judging panel includes:

  • Paula RadcliffeMBE
    • Lisa Francis – CEO, Barclays Private Bank, UK and Ireland
    • Kanya King MBE – Founder, MOBO Awards
    • Lesley Batchelor OBE – Director General, Institute of Export and International Trade
    • Lucy Choi – Owner, Lucy Choi London
    • Dr Maggie Semple – Owner, Maggie Semple Limited
    • Suzan Antonowicz – Head of International, Beauty, Fashion and Luxury – ESI Media – The Independent and Evening Standard
    • Christina Blacklaws – President, Law Society of England and Wales

This year’s nominees include Dame Natalie Sara Massenet, founder and former CEO of Net-A-Porter (Retail and Fashion Award); Charlotte Tilbury MBE, creative director of her eponymous beauty and skincare brand (Retail and Fashion Award), Anne Boden OBE, CEO of Starling Bank (Finance and Banking Award) and Joy Haizelden, team GB Paralympian (Sports Industry Award) amongst many others.

The awards are being held in London on the 13th of November 2018.

Made with lots of love for Austin & Julie x

Well, this is a slightly different story! Nibble Brownie Bites were inspired by Erin’s 12 year-old American niece, Julianna. Julie is a notoriously fussy eater who rarely ate any protein (but loved brownies). To help boost her niece’s protein intake (and lower her sugar consumption!), Erin set out on a mission to develop a brownie recipe that passed the Julie-test (ie. it couldn’t look too healthy otherwise she wouldn’t even try it!). Erin’s older nephew, Austin, is a chocoholic (and already a Nibble Protein addict) so he’d love these too. Roughly based on the original recipe, these bites would only include “brownie-stuff” (no seeds or healthy looking bits)—with some sneaky protein snuck in. The brownies proved so popular, they sparked a whole range (with a note to Austin & Julie on the back of every pack)!

And in total contrast to the first range, the brownies came together very quickly (most of the painful points had already been worked out!). You’d never know these little bad boys were 20% dried plum purée (and 18% plant protein).


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Win a Delicious Pack of Turmerlicious Latte Blends

Win a Delicious Pack of Turmerlicious Latte Blends

Reading Time: 5 minutes

“As the nights draw in here is your chance to win the full range of Turmerlicious Turmeric latte blends –  a dairy and caffeine-free range of hot drinks made from coconut, a good daily dose of superfood turmeric and a delicate blend of aromatic spices.

Amazing as it is, turmeric is very hard for the body to absorb as it is a fat-soluble spice and needs pepper and heat to break it down (making many supplements ineffective).

Because of this founder Maggie Howell created the Turmerlicious range of turmeric lattes specifically to maximise the absorption of turmeric, so adding one cup to your daily routine is a really effective and delicious way to take turmeric every day.

 Available in four natural flavours – vanilla, ginger, choc and chilli choc.”

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine  – in fact, one of the Sanskrit translation for turmeric is “defender of diseases”. In more recent years it has been found to ease arthritis pain, aid the liver in detoxifying, boost blood circulation, heal and soothe the digestive tract, reduce the pain and fever associated with illness, and even help prevent ulcers due to the antiseptic properties.

It truly is a superfood and yet for most people, it has only ever been used as a flavouring or colouring in savoury dishes. However, more and more people have started adding turmeric to their daily diet from both a medicinal as well as preventative perspective. Amazing as it is though, turmeric is very hard for the body to absorb as it is a fat-soluble spice and needs pepper and heat to break it down (making many supplements ineffective).

A particularly easy and delicious way to take turmeric effectively is as a hot drink, based on the age-old “golden milk”. The popularity of turmeric lattes in trendy cafes is growing at a significant rate, however making it yourself can be time-consuming, tricky to get right in terms flavour – turmeric is a bitter, dry tasting spice and can stain everything in your kitchen a sunny yellow.

That is exactly what Mum of 5 Maggie Howell found when making turmeric lattes at home as she wanted to get a good daily dose of turmeric into her diet. So after a year of experimenting with different blends and spices, she came up with a range of four flavours that complemented turmeric and coconut perfectly. In addition she found a way to make them completely instant – a huge time saver in a busy household!

She launched Turmerlicious last year and now her range of turmeric latte blends are available across the UK in Holland & Barrett, over 500 independent health food stores and of course from Amazon

Turmerlicious ticks so many boxes as it is free from caffeine (apart from a small amount of caffeine in the chocolate versions), preservatives, artificial flavours, refined sugar, GMO products, nuts, eggs and gluten. It is also dairy free which make its suitable for vegans, those following a Paleo diet and anyone with a lactose intolerance.

And it is delicious! As one customer said “it is like a hug in a mug!” a really comforting hot drink which is a great healthy replacement for tea, coffee and hot chocolate, simply add 3 heaped teaspoons to a mug, pour in boiling water, stir well and enjoy!

Her is you chance to win 1 of 3 sets of mixed bundles (4x 200g packs of choco, vanilla, ginger and chilli choc) RRP £26
Just enter you details below.

Click here to view this promotion.

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Afraid by Sharon McGovern

Afraid by Sharon McGovern

Reading Time: 5 minutes


When I met author Sharon McGovern at her house in Grays, Essex recently I was warmly greeted by a sharp, kind, intelligent woman – a writer, wife, mother and philanthropist who has survived against the odds, and is living proof that we as human beings have the capacity to endure the deepest of pain and come out the other side.

Sharon’s story began when she was four years old, after her biological father had left home, and when her step father, Mick Garvey, moved in.

For the next 13 years, Sharon suffered unthinkable abuse and bullying, which she was forced to keep secret from her mother and young brother, for fear of their own demise at the hands of this terrifying man.

It was only years later and after a failed marriage, the birth of three beautiful children and meeting her real life partner was Sharon ready to confront him.

At the same time Sharon had a premonition.  ‘It was not a dream, it was different.  I saw a small cell, with a window high up, and a man with his back to me sitting on a hard chair.  Beside him stood four prison guards, all in uniform, and all with the same face, like clones.  I was standing in the doorway to the cell when suddenly the man turned and looked at me.  It was my step father.  I knew they were waiting to take him somewhere.  I also knew the place where he was imprisoned was not in this country, but was in France, Spain or Italy.’  Sharon eventually tracked him down in Spain, where he had been locked away for a serious criminal offence.

This was another frightening but incredibly brave chapter of Sharon’s life when she finally faced Mick Garvey in court in the UK after several years.  She saw his face go ashen as she walked into court, as he witnessed her resolve to finally get justice for herself and her family.  He was charged of seven accounts of rape and indecent assault, and sentenced – but eventually died in prison.

Many people over the years have asked Sharon if this finally laid ghosts to rest and brought some sort of solace and closure to her years of abuse.

‘Closure, I heard the word ‘closure’ many times in my life to bring Mick Garvey to justice, and afterwards it seemed to be on countless people’s lips:  ‘Now you have closure.’  But of course I didn’t.  It’s too easy, too glib, to think that because my abuser was behind bars, all the evils of my childhood would be wiped out.  There is no such thing as closure – there is never an end.  I will take my abuse to the grave with me; it’s with me every day, it’s what has made me who I am.  I have had to fight all my life to make sure it doesn’t take over, but I can never deny that it happened, or that it affected me’.

Sharon continues her work with rape and abuse victims and speaks publicly on how to help survivors of crime.

‘I try never to use the word ‘victim’ to refer to my situation.  ‘Victim’ would hand the victory to my abuser.  The word I use is ‘survivor’ because that’s what I am.  Mick Garvey saw me as his victim, he didn’t count on me being a survivor’.  Sharon McGovern, Afraid

The book is available from Amazon

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It was only a decade ago I was living in Shorditch, the trendy oasis of the Galaxy, obsessed with ‘grime’ and ‘cleaning up’ as a PR consultant with all of the media startups in the area.

Now, ten years, one marriage and three kids later, I am still OCD about grime, mostly created by my two year old twins, and cleaning up the home on a daily basis.

I am also reluctant to admit that I enjoy it as much as I did back in the day, and am having fun on a daily basis with my very hectic lifestyle.  The only difference being the location which has been switched to Surbiton, and the heady PR activities which have been replaced by sleepless nights and grimy facades – so no great change there.

So how have I made such a drastic life change without regret.  I am enviably with the love of my life and have three gorgeous kids, who challenge me every day so I am never bored and always on my toes.

I have also found a new hobby and share the benefits with the rest of the family.  I have also discovered a charismatic new ‘performer’ Sophie Hitchcliffe, whose hilarious entertaining blogs are filled with ideas, and advice inspiration on cleaning.

Sophie Hinchcliffe is a char lady from Essex who is known as Mrs Hinch, and 28 year old Sophie’s tips have gained her over 300k followers on Instagram, who she refers to as her Hinch Army.

Sophie shares frequent photos on social media of her house, sharing interior design advice as well as cleaning hacks.

This excellent entertainer names all of her products as if they are characters and you can feel her passion as she embarks on projects ranging from slimy frying pans to blocked plugholes, saying that if you have a clean home you will have a happy clear head.  All of which is perfectly true.

You may feel that I have completely ‘lost the plot’ as a switched on educated female, but I am the first to admit that I have discovered the therapeutic benefits of ‘cleaning up’ as well as playing with my kids, spending quality time with my partner and meeting up with friends.  In other words I have achieved the perfect work/lifestyle balance, without losing out on some precious ‘me’ time, close at hand to the kitchen sink.

Check out Sophie’s tips here

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