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The Vision and the Legacy

Glotime.tv was the brainchild of Sylvia Anderson, the first female film producer of Science Fiction and Fantasy television and her actress/singer daughter Dee Anderson.

Sylvia pioneered empowerment for Women and Haute Couture Fashion with her famous creation, the charismatic and elegant Lady Penelope, star of the classic Thunderbirds series.

Sylvia and Dee launched Glotime.tv as a unique voice for the discerning female who has a thirst for knowledge and cutting-edge information.

Dee has now inherited the legacy, and is at the helm of the multimedia channel, with her eclectic team of writers and contributors, providing a multitude of inspirational and groundbreaking lifestyle topics from health and beauty, mental health and wellbeing, cookery, arts and entertainment, spiritualty and celebrity interviews.  All related through articles, podcasts and vlogs.

Since its launch Glotime.tv has had coverage in the media with celebrity endorsement, and The Royal Mail has produced a unique set of stamp frames around the classic Lady Penelope. The legendary Anderson Brand has over 100 million followers globally.

Glotime.tv supports many charities including GOSH and Barnardos and promotes emerging talent in film, music and television.

All systems are go at Glotime.tv.




Having recently worked closely with Dee Anderson and the team at GloTime.tv, I have taken the opportunity of writing this review to thank everyone for the professional way they have approached our new business – resulting in over a thousand new potential customers.

GloTime.tv is both a cutting edge multimedia channel for all aspects of ‘Arts and Entertainment’, `Education’ and `Travel’, to name but a few, and the team care deeply about forming great business relationships with all of their clients.

The loyalty to their business partners, (some of whom are A list) is exceptional. I would not hesitate in recommending GloTime.tv if you are looking to approach them for advertising, media topics, or to use them as a platform in supporting your business.

I am excited to be part of the future of this exceptional Channel with Dee and her talented team continuously producing exceptional topics and cutting edge articles.

Nic Worthington – The House of Cream – http://www.thehouseofcream.com/




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