Sharon Burbridge

SHARON BURBRIDGE has been a professional intuitive Psychic for over 33 years.  Her readings are combined with Karmic Astrology, Esoteric Numerology and Tarot together with psychometry.  She is also a reiki healer and spiritual teacher and hosts a variety of workshops on the subjects throughout the year.

Sharon is also the go to numerologist and psychic to many well known celebrities.

Sharon believes that the combination of teachings can change lives, and help for all of us to move forward and be able to deal with life’s hurdles and triumphs.

Sharon absolutely loves her work and is totally dedicated to it and to helping others.  She gains her greatest rewards from working in unison with her clients to put positivity, clarity, happiness and purpose back into their lives and loves to be able to utilise her intuitive and psychic gifts to do so.  In particular for those people that are bound by psychological blockages that hold them back in life, as often they are from recurring patterns which can leave them feeling depressed and with low self-esteem and unable to see clearly what lies ahead.

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