The Mill at Sonning provides another triumph with their rendition of Calender Girls, 25 years after its original publication. 

This particular interpretation of the play pays tribute to the female spirit and determination provided by a stellar cast and skilful direction from Sally Hughes.

As an ensemble piece, each Actor holds true to the text and delivers authentic and outstanding performances throughout. 

Natalie Ogle displays every emotion with a rare ability to show us her inner suffering after her husband’s passing, combined with her resolve to make sense of it all. 

Sarah Whitlock – a powerful and perfectly timed performance and rendition of Jessie, and Rachel Fielding – a delightfully ebullient and moving interpretation of Chris.

Oscar Cleaver as Lawrence is hilarious as the young, awkward photographer, who has difficulty in averting his gaze in the presence of the jovial gathering of mature models at the photoshoot.

Ciara Janson grows from a timid over accommodating young woman, into one not to be messed with, after the discovery of her husband’s constant infidelity.  

Debbie Arnold is a seemingly rebellious individual, unlike other WI members, but we are proved wrong as she becomes a tower of strength to her collaborators as they weave their web of delights in the planning of the ‘unique’ fundraiser.

As a big fan of The Mill at Sonning, it doesn’t take much to convince me to visit, but this Production exceeds all expectations, and as an already highly popular production, if you can beg, steal or borrow a ticket, I would advise you to go!

Calendar Girls runs until 1st June

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