Barry Blue – Songs From The Heart Book

Barry Blue – Songs From The Heart Book

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“I’m thrilled when an artist of the calibre of Celine Dion or Diana Ross records one of my songs…but there’s always been the feeling that I let these tunes go…it is time for me to get them back to the way I originally conceived them.” BARRY BLUE


Chapter and Verse…50 Years On’
18th September, 2020

‘Songs from the Heart Book’
18th September, 2020

‘Double A Side’ Single: 31st July Release
Crime To Be Cool –
Escaping –

Barry Blue returns to the artist arena with a long-awaited recording project, ‘Chapter and Verse…50 years On’ which includes his first new album in over 45 years entitled ‘Songs from the Heart Book’.

The complete box-set will be released on 18th September 2020. Ahead of this, on 31st July 2020, Barry releases a double A-side teaser of two fantastic tracks…

CRIME TO BE COOL – A long way from the original version by Alison Limerick – Barry treats us to a slick and sassy slice of Future-Funk ‘Cubana’ – ISRC: GB9TT1803751 / COMPOSER: B. BLUE & R. SMITH / PUBLISHER: KARMA SONGS LTD, BUDDE MUSIC UK, COP. CON. / LABEL: FAVORED NATIONS MUSIC LTD


ESCAPING – A #1 single for New Zealand born artist Margaret Urlich in 1989…this much-travelled song grazed the UK charts in 1992 for female group Asia Blue and also became a Top 3 hit for the classy English pop-soul vocalist Dina Carroll in 1996. Now Barry takes his song back under his wing in this emotional and tortured version – ISRC: GB9TT1803751 / COMPOSER: B. BLUE & R. SMITH / PUBLISHER: KARMA SONGS LTD, BUDDE MUSIC UK, COP. CON. / LABEL: FAVORED NATIONS MUSIC LTD

Barry Blue is a man of many titles. Prolific hitmaker, master producer and one-time pop idol. He has history for a bespoke catalogue of songs that have been covered or sampled by global superstars such as Celine Dion, Diana Ross and Andrea Bocelli through to Missy Elliott, J.Dilla, Redman and Philip Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire and writing such pop staples as Dina Carroll’s ‘Escaping,’ Toto Coelo’s ‘I

Eat Cannibals,’ Five Star’s ‘All Fall Down,’ Brotherhood of Man’s European No. 1 ‘Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby’ and many other chart notables.

Barry was a very successful recording artist with major global hits such as ‘Dancin’ (on a Saturday Night)’  and ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’ amongst many others – but he now admits that he was more comfortable on the production side of a hit record and content just to see his name as a composer underneath a song he had written.

No one will forget his work with Heatwave, for whom his brilliant production merged exhilaratingly with a pre-Quincy Jones-era Rod Temperton. It was Blue who put the incongruous harp at the beginning of the anthemic three million seller ‘Boogie Nights’ to superb effect, and oversaw their exemplary Too Hot To Handle and Central Heating albums in their entirety (who can forget the classic ‘Always and Forever’, million-seller ‘The Groove Line’ and UK top ten hit ‘Mind Blowing Decisions’?).

Barry’s production and songwriting skills virtually took over the charts throughout the 1970s and ’80s and continued into the noughties and ‘oo’s with such artists as The Wanted and The Saturdays.


All in all, Barry has a body of studio work that has sold some 40 million records worldwide, in a career of more than 45 hits in as many years as a writer, producer and artist.

But for all of that stunning, prolonged success, there’s been something missing. That’s where ‘Chapter and Verse…50 years On’ comes in…

Barry has taken to the studio again to sing his songs for the first time in the way that he has always wanted them to be heard.

This new album is not a ‘greatest hits’ revisited, nor an exercise in nostalgia, but a chance for him to reclaim the compositions that have meant the most to him since he started his stellar career over fifty years ago. There’s no overblown production … just a gentle breeze of an album with tasteful acoustics augmented by elegant piano and soaring harmonies.

“On ‘Songs From The Heart Book’ I’m singing those tunes I now realise no one ever should have sung before me…because they’re all too personal. They are the soundtrack to my life, and I couldn’t leave them in the past. I needed to drag them kicking and screaming back into the light where they belong. I’m thrilled when an artist of the calibre of Celine Dion or Diana Ross records one of my compositions, but there’s always been the feeling that I let these songs go… it’s not that other artists didn’t do them well… It’s just that it’s time to get them back to the way I originally conceived them”

– Barry Blue ‘Chaper and Verse… 50 Years On’ is a box-set collection that includes the newly recorded ‘Songs From The Heart Book’ coupled with a second album ‘Songs From The Lost Book’ featuring unreleased tracks recorded in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s  together with rarities including the ‘Second Summer of Love’ smash ‘Afrodizziact’ and an edited version of his autobiography ‘Barry Who?’ (Immortality is not dead!) which he has been writing since ‘forever’ and which contains vignettes of his extraordinary life with all the ‘highs and lows’… both personal and musical.


The Album Released 18th September 2020


Eimear Quinn – an epic collection of Irish music recorded with the RTE Orchestra

Eimear Quinn – an epic collection of Irish music recorded with the RTE Orchestra

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Eimear Quinn makes a long-anticipated return to recording with an epic collection of original Irish music recorded with the RTE Concert Orchestra.


Irish soprano Eimear Quinn makes a return to recording with the epic Celtic Classical Crossover album ÉRIU recorded with the RTE Concert Orchestra of Ireland.

The esteemed Irish singer and Eurovision winner (The Voice 1996) has crafted a collection of orchestral songs, all Irish in origin, to include a brand newsetting of Patrick Cassidy’s ‘Vide Cor Meum’. Retitled ‘Love Endless’ with a lyric in English by the renowned lyricist Brendan Graham (You Raise me Up) the much loved aria is reimagined as a duet for voice and cello (Gerald Peregrine).


Collaborations with Graham continue with ‘The Watchman’ an anthem for hope and solidarity for our times.

Eimear had also collaborated with the legendary fiddle player John Sheahan (The Dubliners) in setting one of his beautiful melodies as ‘Jasmine Flower’, a song of yearning for home.

Other compositions include a song co-written with award-winning British composer Sarah Class, an ode to Ireland called ‘Hibernia’.

Eimear’s work with Belfast composer & musician Neil Martin also features with a striking setting of ‘Silent O Moyle’ for Voice and cello (as featured in the Royal Albert Hall during Present Higgin’s state visit to Britain). Martin also orchestrates ‘Crucán na bPáiste’ to include the stunning accordion playing of Máirtín O’Connor.

Other Irish language work includes a setting by Eimear of An Raibh tu ar an gCarraig.

Eimear’s collaboration with Brendan Graham continues with ‘Butterfly’ and the collection reaches a cadence with the first fully orchestrated recorded of ‘The Voice’.


The title ‘Ériu’ is the eponymous mother goddess of Ireland, who gave her name to Éire (Ireland in Gaelic). Eimear feels a deep spiritual connection with her motherland, and draws strength from standing on the shoulders of the powerful women gone before her.

Eimear has been performing with the RTE Concert Orchestra since she first came to prominence after her Eurovision win in 1996, and it has been a long-standing dream of hers to record a full album of these favourite pieces and newly composed works.

Quinn’s soaring and emotive vocal style combines her classical training with her love of spiritual and Irish folk music, resulting in many invitations to sing Irish music in a classical setting for illustrious national occasions. These include the visit of HRH Elizabeth II to Ireland, the visit of Pope Frances to Dublin, at the Royal Albert Hall during President Higgins state visit to Britain, and for HRH Prince Charles for St Patrick’s day celebrations in London.

Her unique sound has been the subject of an RTE documentary film The Living Bridge.

“This collection of songs comes from my heart, with immense joy and gratitude, tracing the musical landscape that I have had the great fortune to gradually inhabit over my career so far. Crossing happily between folk and classical settings, I have found that both genres have organically combined in this space where I ?nd myself the most genuine; singing Irish music in an orchestral setting.”

– Eimear Quinn


Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Vera

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Vera

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ITV Studios is proud to celebrate the 10th Anniversary release of Vera Series 10 & Vera Complete Series 1-10 Box Sets

Both releases are available now to own on DVD 

The most famous Northumberland Detective with the winter mac and hat is back for her 10th successive year.

Detective DCI Vera Stanhope will tackle four new tricky cases in her hunt for the truth. 

This award-winning acclaimed itv drama is based on the bestselling books by Ann Cleeves (Shetland). 

Starring Brenda Blethyn

Brenda Blethyn as Vera

Order Vera Series 10 now from Amazon

Order Vera Complete Series 1-10 now from Amazon

Synopsis: Series 10

Renowned actress Brenda Blethyn returns as the unorthodox but brilliant DCI Vera Stanhope in four compelling new feature-length episodes of this hit crime drama. The indomitable Vera and her trusted team unravel more complex cases, exploring stories of corporate corruption, organised crime and deeply buried personal guilt. An entrepreneur’s murder delivers no shortage of suspects, and the discovery of a teenager’s body floating near a salmon farm reveals a tangled web of deceit between two families. The murder of a cleaner whose death occurred several hours after the killer blow landed sends Vera on an intriguing trail, and it soon becomes clear that not all is as it seems when a wealthy betting shop tycoon is killed during a home invasion. Set against the breathtaking landscapes of Northumberland, this top-rating drama is inspired by the bestselling novels and characters created by acclaimed author Ann Cleeves.

Synopsis Series 1-10

BAFTA and Golden Globe-winning actress Brenda Blethyn stars as the unorthodox but brilliant DCI Vera Stanhope in this hit crime drama. Vera may be unconventional and unglamorous, but she faces the world with her caustic wit, guile and courage, and what she lacks in charm she more than makes up for in wisdom and insight. Follow all ten gripping seasons as the indomitable Vera and her trusted team investigate tragic and intriguing cases, chasing ruthless killers, unravelling complex mysteries and uncovering secrets that sometimes stray a little too close to home. Set against the atmospheric landscapes of the breathtaking Northumberland countryside, this top-rating drama is inspired by the bestselling novels and characters created by acclaimed author Ann Cleeves.

 Release date: 2nd March 2020

Vera Series 10

  • Discs: 2
  • 4 Episodes
  • Cert: 12
  • RRP: £24.99


Release date: 9th March 2020

Vera Series 1-10

  • Discs: 20
  • 40 Episodes
  • Cert: 15
  • RRP £84.99
Thirty Years of Art with Junior Tomlin

Thirty Years of Art with Junior Tomlin

Reading Time: 4 minutes


Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art showcases the work of the mastermind behind some of the most iconic rave flyers and record covers from the 80s/90s and is a comprehensive insight into Junior’s incredible back catalogue.

Flyer & Cover Art

Junior Tomlin’s visionary capabilities led to a long-running career as a flyer artist. His fantastical projections of the future and often surreal imagery earned him the title ‘The Salvador Dali of Rave’. Tomlin’s iconic work was highly sought after, with ravers collecting his remarkable work and promoters queuing up to commission him to produce imagery for their flyers.

Junior’s imagination conjured up alternate worlds, references to outer space and gave us a peek into the endless possibilities presented by an unknown future. It was the perfect representation of the brave new world being cultivated by rave promoters and the community that sprung up around the culture.

The Valentines Ball

Junior worked with a range of seminal rave promoters from 1989 onwards including Telepathy, Dreamscape, Slammin’ Vinyl, One Nation, Dream Odyssey and Ravealation. 30 years since he designed his first flyer, Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art documents his work across 180 pages, with commentary and draft sketches provided by Junior himself.


Divided into two distinct sections – Record Covers and Flyers – the book will also feature an in-depth interview with Junior and a foreword by Chelsea Louise Berlin (artist, flyer collector and author of Rave Art) plus words from members of the public, former clients and, of course, the rave community.

Peace Fest 93

Chronicling the work of a pioneering artist whose art was intrinsic to early rave culture, Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art marks a critical time in British history. In a time where division and conflict seems to be more prevalent than ever, the book allows us to escape into Junior’s fantasy worlds and travel back in time to an era when social barriers were being broken down.

The book will be 25cm x 25cm, printed and bound on high quality 130gsm paper. It is the first time his work will be documented and presented in such a comprehensive, cohesive fashion.

Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art isn’t out until June 2020 but if you pre-order it now via the Velocity Press website, you’ll receive it in May, signed by the author and with your name in the credits.

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Reading Time: 10 minutes


When I spoke to the inimitable Jim Davidson in the wake of the tragic untimely death of Caroline Flack, it was evident that he was reflecting the truth in a way only  someone with his intelligence and ultimate familiarity could comprehend.

Jim Davidson

Jim has been involved with a commendable charity Care After Combat for a number of years providing professional assistance for the care of the Veteran and their family.  So as well as his own legendary recognition and experiences in television, he is also familiar with the aftermath of a major trauma or threat to life, and so the most qualified to speak on the subject.

Here is what Jim has to say:

‘It is with great sadness that we read about yet another “celebrity” taking their lives. I did not know Caroline Flack and I’ve never seen her on television. This would probably come as a shock to young ladies under the age of 40 to whom Caroline would’ve been a big star. Today I’ve been reading about Caroline’s tragic life. Although it wouldn’t seem tragic to people with normal lives or the families and friends of veterans taking their lives as well, it is nevertheless a sad story.. One that is, I’m afraid, all too predictable… In hindsight of course! so.. Let’s look back…

Caroline Flack

One day, someone invented the reality show. We all know reality shows are not real, but what they are, is a money making machine. It is no good having a high rated television show if all the money goes to the stars that appear in it. One can imagine that Morecambe and Wise got huge fees. I bet the producers were thinking,” how can we get these ratings without Morecambe and Wise?, then, we can keep all the money. Producers then made their own stars. Lads like Ant and Dec..who were not an act but were nice and could read the auto cue. They were cheap..they were also brilliant and confirmed what the producers thought. Ironically, now they cost ten time what Morecambe and Wise got paid.

First of all the reality show took the style of following round middle-aged men building houses, and then people selling houses.. Or cooking. Then we had cameras following the police, the Navy, the army. All these programs deliver great ratings and best of all, are cheap to make.

Big Brother

Then along came Big Brother. Not only was it cheap to make, the stars were the public. There was no money to be paid.. Not only that, the viewing public would phone up and pay their money. The people with the most votes, or should I say the people that make the TV company the most money… won. I’ve often wondered if anybody on the phone in shows has published how many votes were made?, and in fact were the winners chosen by the public or the producers? If I was a television producer I would not let the public choose who was going to be on my show next week.

When I did the Generation Game I would ask the audience to vote on their little clickers. They weren’t plugged in… The producer would pick.

The Generation Game

TV companies aim to attract viewers in the 18 to 35 bracket. These are described as people with disposable income.The TV companies then started promoting in house runners and researchers to become producers. Reality TV is produced by young women mostly. They know everything about fake tan and drawn on eyebrows. They deal with people who have no talent apart from being pleasing on the eye. Young producers know what the TV execs want…big ratings and watched by the disposable income mob!

Programs like love Island are really just spin-offs from Big Brother. Everyone is looking for the pot of gold.Love Island promotes vanity. It tells the young viewer that you can aspire to be like one of these people. you don’t need talent, If however you’ve got a bit of talent, do not have a six pack, or eyebrows like a ventriloquist doll, you can go and do X factor and sign your life away.

That seems to be a few tragedies linked to Love Island, and I’m not surprised.
Let me for a second talk about what I actually know about. My best friend and superstar Keith Emerson took his life.
I’ve often wondered why did it. In 1978 Emerson Lake and Palmer played to 88,000 people in the Olympic stadium in Montréal. In California they were top of the bill to a festival that attracted 250,000 people.

Keith Emerson

Like all good things, that came to an end, the band split up and Keith nursing a damage right hand started to struggle with the fact that ELP were not relevant any more.
I believe the Keith could not make the transition from what he was, to what he had become. He was loved by many, had a fantastic family, but, everybody has their demons. Keith had his, and we tragically lost a friend, father and genius…….

I deal with many veterans that cannot cope with not being who they were. 99% of veterans make the transition to being a civilian with no trouble at all. Some however find it unbearable and the demons start circling.

Let’s look at Love Island and compare.

The people that appear on it, have, in their eyes, and in the eyes of their peers, made it to the top. They have achieved fame, something they always dreamed of. They were “on the telly” the trouble is, when you do nothing to achieve fame, and that fame comes along instantly, you must be aware that it can vanish just as quickly. Who programs these contestants to understand this?

Long ago we lobbied the Ministry of Defence to start training soldiers sailors and airmen to prepare themselves for when they leave the forces. Is anyone helping these kids cope with what follows Love Island and the three month honeymoon period of being famous?

Care After Combat

The more I read about Caroline the sadder I become and the more I feel for these poor sods there are paraded around in the search of stardom… But the reality is, all they are doing is filling the pockets of the TV executives and providing false roll models for the millions of young people who aspire to be just like them….. That is the reality of the reality show.

Rest in peace Caroline… I believe although having great talent as a dancer and presenter, and by all accounts being witty an attractive person… You were dragged into this falsehood that Fame last forever..

I don’t think we should blame anybody for her tragic death we should pray for her family and friends and hope that their love for her will never die.. But let us not forget the millions who aspire to be part of the machine that some could say attributed to this tragedy.

” we made you………”

Jim along with Bobby Davro will be appearing at Care after Combats Autumn Ball 2020 on the 27th November in
Nottingham – fun is sure to be guaranteed – check out ticket details and other events at

Jim & Bobby Davro – Care After Combat

Check out jim’s website here
and Care after Combat

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