It may seem these two disparate concepts are hardly related, but they often go hand in hand.

Many of us are labelled at birth by our parents, as the ‘clever’ one or the ‘creative’ one or even the ‘hopeless’ child, which is merely based on how they want us to live their lives.

I had a phone call last year from a close friend, distraught after her elderly Mother had thrown out some of her favourite clothes and childhood possessions.  Marianne had recently moved back in to look after her since her Mother’s physical and mental health had deteriorated, but had taken a short break away from the daily grind of being a constant carer.

On her return she had found her wardrobe and chest of drawers invaded, with half of the contents given away to charity.  My friend who already suffers from anxiety and self-doubt, was thrown into a major frenzy – and it took her several days to return to any sort of normality, blaming herself for abandoning her Mother.

This was however, the turning point for Marianne, who realised after several months of counselling that it was in fact her Mother’s way of getting Marianne to carry the rage and anxiety she had been feeling herself prior to her outburst.

Added to this Marianne had always been told that out of all of her siblings, she was the one who was the major disappointment, and would never make anything of her life.  On the contrary, she has been a high achiever, even more so than her two sisters, but who constantly seeks her Mother’s approval, which is never recognised in spite of her major accolades in her successful career in the City.

How many times do you hear in a marriage or relationship breakup, that the man or woman has to leave because his partner is ‘crazy’.    This always sits uncomfortably with me, because you can bet that they will go on to meet someone else and evoke the same pattern of behaviour in their new relationship.

Therapists and psycho analysts call this ‘projection’ as they are in fact again getting their partners to carry their anxiety or feelings of hopelessness so that they don’t have to.

If this is hard to digest, let me give you a very simple example of how it works and how toxic this type of ‘projection’ can be.  A close friend who is also an exceptional therapist had a new client several years ago who was suffering from depression, so badly that he wanted to end his life.  My therapist friend David spent the entire session baffled by his account of what had happened since his wife’s departure, and at the end of the session told her he felt he was carrying his partner’s feelings of desperation.   He left feeling a lot happier.

Two hours later his estranged wife called him saying she was feeling suicidal and wanted to give the relationship another go!  He thankfully declined, and as far as I know, has remained anxiety free ever since.

I hope this may be helpful to those of you who are suffering with anxiety and depression, because if you look closely, you may find some of it may not even be yours to carry.

If you or anyone you know are struggling please check out the following websites for
help or just for someone to talk to

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If you are an animal lover, as most of us are, an utterly compelling and heartfelt documentary ‘Flying Fur’ tells the story of a courageous and dedicated guy who has set up a rescue mission in The States, entirely self-funded, to rescue dogs and cats who are fated to be ‘put down’ due to an injury or homelessness.


Paul is the founder, pilot, scheduler, social media, accounting, web design, and fur parent.  Paul is a U.S. Army veteran, and currently a network engineer by day, specializing in Cisco collaboration technologies, including VOIP, route/switch, and security.  In his spare time he enjoys cooking and classic autos.


Tessa is Paul’s rescue pup, and the inspiration for the founding of the organization.  Her day job includes sleeping, eating, barking at random delivery people, and general doggy shenanigans.  She enjoys playing, long walks on the trail, chewing on stuff, and licking people.

This compelling and beautifully shot film tracks Paul on one of his missions, as he flies off in his single engine plane across mid America, in often treacherous weather conditions, to deliver his animal Pawsengers to either their new home or an animal hospital designated to take them in.

When this film was aired in the UK there was not a dry eye in the house and Paul himself was in attendance and the questions ranged from a proposal marriage (to Paul!) and how we could get involved in this wonderful organisation.

Paul came across as a humble self-motivated man, whose love and passion for the furry kind had compelled him to set up this unique rescue mission.

It portrayed beauty and kindness in this dark age of violence and devastation, and gives us a glimpse of hope in humankind and a reminder that we share the glorious planet with other living beings, who sometimes need our help and whose love is unconditional as they give back in so many ways.

I hope this may inspire you to find a way of becoming involved in one of your local dog or cat rescue centres, or even set up your own animal National Rescue campaign.

Here’s Paul to tell you a little on how it all started


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That is what it says on my makeup bag which was a present from a friend, and I mean it.

Whats in my makeup bag?

I concentrate on my eyes, because they were the inspiration behind a very famous television character, Lady Penelope.  You would think I would shout it from the rooftops but when you are constantly told something by your mother when growing you tend to take it for granted.

As I get older, I do realise the significance of it, and as Sylvia Anderson (mum) was a pioneer of women in television and was indeed the creator and visionary for the iconic female Secret Agent, I am beginning to appreciate the accolade and share it around.

The face and bone structure of the puppet was based on my mother, but the shape and colour of the eyes were influenced by mine as a child.

Also, as Dr Aamar Khan, skin and cosmetic guru of Harley Street Skin Clinic said, my eyes are my ‘Centrepiece’.  How lovely to hear that from such an expert, and of course I must now emphasise them even more.

It is always important to mois


Mac Mineralize Moisture Spf15 Foundation

I begin with a light moisturising foundation Mac Mineralize Moisture Spf15 Foundation which I apply all over my face and neck, including the eyes.


dusky vintage rose pink blusher

 A dusky vintage rose pink. Takes me back when I used to raid my grandmother’s dressing table, and try on her rouge.  It has a similar scent too, delicious.


Benefit, they’re Real! Big sexy eye kit

Then I use Benefit, they’re Real!  Big sexy eye kit with their smoky range of colours from beyond nude to bombshell brown.


Rimmel exaggerate eyeliner

Rimmel exaggerate eyeliner is my absolute fave.  You may think I have downgraded from my more exclusive options, but believe me this is smooth and slick and stays on for hours.

Volume Mascara

Dr Huuschka Volume Mascara

Dr Huuschka Volume Mascara is super creamy and thick and you really don’t need false eyelashes if you apply two or three times, allowing the mascara to dry in between applications.


luscious red lipstick

If you are feeling sexy and dangerous, then La Voix is a great luscious red lipstick, and can be obtained from the website of the same name.   I tend to wear it at night but tone down my look during the day with a paler tone, using Clinique, chubby stick – 02 whole lotta honey.

Clinique, chubby stick

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Live Aid

Once again as we go deeper into isolation, major orchestras and bands all over the world perform virtual concerts to remind us again how powerful, healing and emotive music really is.

LIVE AID was the brainchild of Sir Bob Geldoff and was testament to the power of music as it raised millions for the starving in Africa, and allowed global bands and rock stars to reveal their humanity as they performed relentlessly on that magical day at Wembley Stadium in 1985.

Live Aid

‘If music be the food of love’ wrote Shakespeare’, and we know that to be true, as love is the most powerful emotion ever known to man and music is its life blood.

As we turn to alternative medicines, it has been discovered that music therapy is one of the greatest healing agents, with both mental disorders and physical ailments.

Music has literally brought humans back from the abyss, and has the power to heal the mind and lift the soul, especially as the earth is based on vibration and sound.

Perhaps now is the time to take out your favourite collection of CDs or download the tunes that stimulate and excite you the most, and get back to the times when you hit the dance floor and boogied the night away.

Whats in your collection?

We saw a lovely video last night of those overworked dedicated NHS workers dancing together to their favourite tracks, and taking a moment away from the trauma of their days treating the victims of those with Covid-19.

Let us utilise these times in isolation and get back to enjoying our youth or just take the time to listen again to some of the sounds that take us to places we had long forgotten.

Rockdown Lockdown Online Concert

I am still convinced that this Pandemic is here to teach us how to live and love again, and after lockdown we will have hopefully learned some lessons of how to prioritise our lives and get out of the fast lane.

Classical Lockdown Concert

After all, music is the heartbeat of the Galaxy and sounds will spin off into space and reach the souls of those who are out there to appreciate it.    The virtual stage awaits us all, and we are all so lucky to be able to enjoy it.

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When I met Frances Segelman at her home in Wapping recently, I was overwhelmed by her beauty and generosity of spirit as she revealed an insight into her life as a sculptor and philanthropist.

Frances grew up in a creative environment with her Mother an artist and her Father a talented classical violinist.   As Frances showed me around her studio in the basement of her stunning riverside home, on display was a splendid dolls house and furniture, magnificently crafted by her great grandfather in the 1930s, which again paid homage to the depth of her artistic heritage.

Frances is a self-taught sculptor whose work has included the heads of royalty, celebrities, politicians and sports personalities over the past 30 years.

sculpture of HM The Queen

She has sculpted members of the Royal Family including HM The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, whose busts are displayed in Buckingham Palace.    She is currently working with Princess Anne who has recently sat three times for Frances in her Wapping studio and she has been impressed by the humility of the hard-working Royal, whose sculpture has been commissioned for Princess Anne’s UK Youth.  This will mark the Princess’  70th birthday with ITV filming it as part of a documentary of her life.

HM The Queen unveiling her sculpture

Frances recalls when she first learned one of the Royal Family would be visiting her home studio, describing her response as a mixture of delight and trepidation.  But she soon discovered her fears to be unfounded, and the Princess to be both charming and unassuming, resulting in an excellent succession of sittings.

Frances has recently been working with Sir Karl Jenkins the legendary composer in aid of the Royal Academy of Music Principal’s Fund for Academy students with an unveiling at Pineapple Dance Studios.    Frances was particularly excited at meeting and working with Sir Karl as she is a huge fan of his music.

Sir Karl Jenkins being sculpted

‘My Father and I would always listen to music together, and when he died, I found it hard to listen to classical music for a long time.’ Says Frances.   But with the unique collaboration of sounds Sir Karl had initiated, Frances was reunited with music again.

Debbie Moore, the founder of Pineapple Dance Studios, has recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Studio and is a close friend of Frances, and one who she values highly.

Debbie Moore being sculpted

Another collaboration close to her heart is Sir Ben Helfgott, Holocaust survivor and Champion Weightlifter.  He is one of two Jewish athletes known to have competed in the Olympics after surviving the Holocaust.   It also celebrates Sir Ben’s knighthood for his contribution to services to Holocaust remembrance and education.

Sir Ben Helfgott

The imposing Bronze has been recently unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery and Frances says she feels immensely proud this sculpture is now part of the National Portrait Gallery’s Collection’ and one representing her own Jewish heritage.

Frances (Lady Petchey) is married Sir Jack Petchey, whom she met at a Dinner Party in the early nineties soon after the death of her Father.  Frances was immediately impressed by Jack’s positive spirit and found him to be a complete gentleman.  Soon after that Frances sculpted Jack and stayed true to his motto ‘Think a Smile’.   Their friendship continued to thrive after that, and the rest is history.

Sir Jack & Lady Petchey

Frances love and admiration for Jack is as strong today as it was when they first met, and she commends him for his amazing work with his Foundation, of which she is a big part.

‘Jack’s work covers the whole of London, and the clubs and awards give the youths confidence and the ability to move forward and succeed’ says Frances.

The Jack Petchey Foundation now supports young musicians, grants for dance classes in schools and trips to exhibitions as well as leadership and volunteering programmes, which Jack describes as ‘lifting the kids up a million miles’.

Sir Jack, now in his early nineties still goes to the office every day to continue his work, and Frances is constant in her sculpture and philanthropy, as she says ‘It is really all about giving back to Society’.

Their strong support and admiration for each other is awe inspiring, and one feels that it is this the key to their continued happiness.

As for the future, Frances has some amazing projects in the pipeline, including a bronze with Vanessa Redgrave for the Princes Trust and another member of the Royal Family.

Lady Penelope is another interesting idea for a coupling, and if it were put forward, we would certainly be minding our P’s.  After all, there is certainly a quest for strong female role models, and who better than those heroines who combine intelligence, femininity and glamour with talent and tenacity.  Lady Petchey is certainly one who does.


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