Scalextric are proud to announce the premiere release of the new C4479 Thunderbirds FAB-1.This is the first time Scalextric has released any of the vehicles from the classic Gerry Anderson & Sylvia Anderson Thunderbirds Television series.An icon of British TV is now available for the first time in slot car form! Lady Penelope’s FAB-1 is now a Scalextric car with working lights!Complete with Parker driving and Lady Penelope in the back giving the orders the amazing 6 – wheel Rolls Royce looks fantastic in its iconic Pink scheme and comes correctwith a full luxurious interior as well as that icon grille up front. 

“With Scalextric all systems are go!” – By Actor David Graham the voice of Parker.Scalextric FAB-1 will be launched soon.To pre-order FAB-1 please go to

‘Ome M’Lady? – Home Parker

Lady Penelope with her trusted butler companion Parker are ready to rescue anyone from a tricky situation and to do so in pure comfort. The Pink Rolls Royce is guaranteed to be a ‘FAB’ edition to your layout.
Product information FAB-1 C4479 

  • RRP £53.99
  • Item Scale 1:32
  • Release type – New Tooling
  • Colour – Pink
  • Chauffeur – Parker
  • Passenger – Lady Penelope
  • Working lights 

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