617 Sqn. Dambusters 80th Anniversary – Airfix Model Gift Set

617 Sqn. Dambusters 80th Anniversary – Airfix Model Gift Set

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the famous Dambusters Raid, which took place on 16th May 1943, Airfix are introducing the new 617 Squadron Dambuster 80th Anniversary Gift Set as well re-releasing a range of classic Lancaster bombers kits.

This year will mark a significant anniversary for one of the most famous bombing attacks in the history of warfare and the heroic exploits of the crews who took part in it. On the night of 16th -17th May 1943, Wing Commander Guy Gibson led 617 Squadron of the Royal Air Force on an audacious bombing raid to destroy three dams in the Ruhr valley, the industrial heartland of Germany. The mission was codenamed Operation ‘Chastise’. The dams were fiercely protected. Torpedo nets in the water stopped underwater attacks and anti-craft guns defended them against enemy bombers. 617 Squadron had a secret weapon: ‘bouncing bomb’.Airfix Models can be used to educate modellers about this historic event, designed so people can accurately recreate (and learn about) the Avro Lancaster B.III and commemorate the legacy of 617 Squadron. A great deal of research goes into producing accurate representations of aircraft of the time – we’re happy to be contacted about this. Our researcher and flight specialist are founts of knowledge on the subject.

A50191 617 Sqn Dam Buster Gift Set – Product Information

No 617 Squadron has become one of RAF’s famous units following the incredible operation know as ‘Dambuster Raid’. Today this incredible legacy continues, the unit was reformed in April 2018 to commemorate it’s centenary, which consists of the first operational Lockheed Martin F -35B Lightning.

  • RRP: £54.99

·   617 Sqn Dam Buster Gift Set

Lancaster Products Information

Recreate the most famous British four engine bomber to see service during World War 11. This hero of the skies would take part in many daring missions during the war including the raid on the German Dams in 1943. Explore our range of iconic Avro Lancaster model kits.

  • Avro Lancaster model kit
  • Avro Lancaster B.111 (Special) The Dambusters – £46.99
  • Avro Lancaster B.11 – £39.99
  • Avro Lancaster B.111 – £39.99



I have met a multitude of psychics over the years, and had a variety of readings, but when I met June Field, I knew I had been introduced to a medium and spiritual healer more tuned in, empathetic and extraordinary than any other.

It is not surprising that June has been voted the ‘World’s Best Psychic’ when she worked with the police a few years ago in the Ukraine to find a killer of young women.  June not only described the murderer, but was accurate about his tattoos and body piercings, which led the police to arrest and sentence him.

June was then successful in winning a competition, out of 70k other psychics, judged by Uri Geller, who was astounded by her psychic abilities, and proclaimed he had never seen such accuracy in any medium he had ever encountered.

June is alsothe GO TO psychic to the stars and here are just a few of the famous faces she had conducted personal readings for

Hugh Grant
Damian Lewis
Gary & Gemma Numan
Susan Boyle
Judy Murray

Check out junefieldmedium.com/Celebrities for more.

Such praise indeed, but as I am ever the sceptic, decided to try to have a reading with June myself, and come to my own conclusion. 

We met over zoom in the pandemic, and June conducted her reading without knowing anything about me at all.  The first thing she described was a crisis I was going through with my family, and how it would be resolved, giving me remarkable insight into what was happening at the time.  Many details that even my nearest and dearest were not party to, and it literally caught me off guard, and I was astounded by her spiritual intelligence.

I then dropped my armour and started listening.  June spent time with me and didn’t seem to be anxious to leave after the time was up, unlike so many other psychics I had experienced.   I felt listened to and supported by June, and knew I was in the presence of a rare soul who was there for the greater good.

I then attended a weekend course alongside other psychics who wanted to learn from June.  It began with an evening of psychic mediumship where she connects and receives information from those who have passed over.  I had never experienced one before and was literally blown away by her ability to pinpoint certain members of the audience and give them messages from relatives and friends who had passed both recently and a long time ago. 

I questioned June as to why I was there as I had never wanted to develop my psychic abilities, but she said it would put me on my right path.  By the end of the two days, I was seeing ‘orbs’ as June taught us to ‘tune in’ – a bit like a television was how she described it.

When I returned home I did indeed feel that something had fundamentally changed as June had predicted, and was a lot clearer about the direction I wanted to take, but that is another story for another time. 

If you want a reading with June Field please click the link to her website.




From the Heart of Cornwall – The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

From the Heart of Cornwall – The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Check out these fabulous gifts for Mother’s Day from ‘Kerensa’ in glorious Cornwall, whose mission is to stock Eco Friendly, Ethical Gifts and Home Furnishings.

Here are our favourite finds, but be sure to check out their website for more fabulous gifts and furnishings – https://kernowretail.co.uk/

Vegan gift set


Sustainable body care gift box


Bee Happy gift box


Small Changes EcoLiving Gift Box



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