The heritage department store Liberty’s dates back to the late 18th century, when it offered original and unique items, and its heritage still prevails today.

“Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.” – Oscar Wilde

It certainly has some unique collections of fabrics, ornaments and objects d’art from all over the World, as well as its designer clothing, accessories and health and beauty products.  It certainly seems its founder’s vision has survived the test of time.

“I was determined not to follow existing fashions but to create new ones.” – Arthur Lasenby Liberty

It is hardly surprising that my mother Sylvia Anderson, who was a Pioneer for Women in Film and Television and a creator of fashion in the sixties, loved Liberty’s.  She introduced me to this fabulous emporium as a child and bought me the famous floral Liberty’s fabric for me to make my first dress.  I have been shopping there ever since.

So now we are giving you the opportunity to relish the delights of this iconic store in the heart of London with a chance to win a gift card worth £100 , just enter using the form below, good luck.


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