Father’s Day has always been a rather fragile subject in my household, as my Dad in particular has over the years always vowed not to be seduced by ‘commercial’ anniversaries, and urged us kids growing up to heed his warnings and not to fall into the trap of spending money unnecessarily or bowing to the consumer hedonists who turn our heads and burn holes in our pockets.

Did we listen – of course not, along with a host of other cautions, and I am glad that I did not take his advice on this one.

Nowadays my sisters and I always offer a token of appreciation to our Dad, who is thankfully still with us, and although now retired, enjoys a game of golf and is particularly proud of his garden. This makes our lives very easy when choosing gifts for him, as you can imagine.

But not all Fathers are the same, and we have listed below some quirky gifts for those Dads who are a bit more tricky to buy for.

Great for a first Father’s day celebration, get a personalised gift to help commemorate the occasion, such as these super soft pair of socks. For only £12.99, you can put a fantastic twist on this classic ‘Dad’ gift.

fathers day


Also available from prezzybox.com, they even cater to the dads of furbabies, with these awesome personalised socks from paw to hand.

fathers day


If your dad is a master of the kitchen or at least trying to be, encourage this fun and exciting hobby with a gift set in the kitchen.

With a fun apron, father’s can have fun dressing up without the hassle. For only £15, you can choose this Superman character apron and give them the power to battle spices and defeat vegetables.



A gift that can be shared and can also be uplifting and bring good memories is a pre-packed curry night pack at Moonpig.com for only £35.



From seeds and grown plants to gardening tools, you can buy a gift to maintain a garden or inspire him to get outside and be healthy and creative.

From John Lewis for £49.49, get a pair of strong cutters, perfect for keeping plants and branches in order. Available in a smaller size for more delicate cutting, these loppers will make trimming plants easy and stress-free.

john lewis


If your father is a fan of technology, you can go the extra mile if you are feeling a bit flush and treat him to a new device, game and accessory or upgrade that old TV he refuses to fix. There are a host of options on this one, depending on your budget, and both Argos and John Lewis have some great offers.




While gifts are always appreciated, WORDS are the most important element of Father’s Day, and you can express them in a card which he will keep forever.

After all we all know that Dad’s are eternally sentimental, and are likely to cherish a heartfelt message from their offspring which is worth more than anything money can buy.


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