As I glance into the tell-tale car mirror on my way to work, I can clearly see the lines on my face that I fondly call ‘my map of life’ – as the sun streams through the window.

I am a huge fan of heavy rock, which is always a surprise to my friends, as I look like the typical middle-class mum of two teenage kids, but I have studied the exciting life of my favourite rock stars, with their drug and alcohol abuse, from the safety of the suburbs. I have watched their tempestuous lifestyle, followed by rehab and subsequent salvation, or worse, with secret envy.

Deep lines are etched on their faces telling the tale, and I am beginning to look a bit like them – without the back story of course, apart from a few wild nights in my youth. Well I am not going to incriminate myself at this stage.

I am certainly not averse to a nip and a tuck where necessary, or even a boob job or a bit of Botox (although I am yet to venture down that road), but believe it or not, I am embracing the inevitable aging process and beginning to relish the freedom that comes with it.

I was always amazed by the sheer outrageous behaviour of my late mother, as she told people off in the street, used the odd swear word (which was most unusual for her younger self) and generally upset people, especially her neighbours.

So, with the exception of throwing the television out of the bedroom window (à la Keith Moon), I am planning all sorts of revelries in a few years’ time, along with some equally daring and dangerous safari expeditions, which are bound to upset a few people!

Having said that, I am already divorced, so don’t have a partner to shock, although my ex already believes I am a loose cannon, and so nothing to disprove there.

My kids are smart and I feel I have done them proud as they are heading to university; and my sister already knows my capabilities, so no worries there.

I need to take the plunge and head off on my own Rock n Roll adventure, which will probably involve a few bottles of wine (nothing stronger as I want to remember it all) and some brave decisions, for a safe middle-class female; after all, the world is our oyster the older we become, and the less we need to justify our actions.

So rather than plan your innocuous retirement, look upon the inevitable as a chance to explore other options, and live your dream.  You definitely won’t regret it, and you will get respect rather than criticism as you embark on your voyage of discovery.

After all, why always take the tried and tested route? If you haven’t done so before, throw caution to the wind for the first time in your life – which is so very rock n roll!!

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