As we move closer to our big divorce with the EU, some of us are wondering how our everyday life will be affected with the inevitable increase in food and the cost of living.

The good news is there is a way around this fast moving consumer market – apart from shopping in discounted Superstores like Aldi and Lidl which come with its own challenges like accessibility and the cost of the fuel to drive there.

So if you are willing to make a change you can start in your own back yard by growing your own produce – you will have to put a bit of work in yourself, and prepare yourself for a challenge – but one that is healthy and fun, and will afford you all of the exercise and nutrition that you need.

If you have a family it is a great way to demonstrate to the kids how resourceful you are, and give them a clear understanding of how consumerism is taking over our lives, and that you are doing something about it. You can even get them involved in the process and make it a family activity at weekends.

If you have a garden, then you are home and dry, and all you have to do is prepare the soil and plan what you would like to grow. There are many garden centres near to you who will be happy to help you with the seeds and planting programmes that surround different types of vegetables at specific times of the year, and you can even invest in a smallish greenhouse for the more fragile fruits that you can grow without being affected by the weather.

If you live in an apartment without a garden, and are keen to experiment in ‘the good life’, then put your name down for an allotment or search around for a small piece of ground you can rent cheaply from a neighbour or friend to begin your food growing experiment.

At one time allotments were considered to be for the elderly or gardening fanatics and were definitely not ‘cool’, but it is now hugely fashionable with more and more Celebrities and Business Executives utilising this outdoor activity as a means of staying fit and healthy and as a pure distraction from their life in the fast lane.

So make Brexit work for you and start growing your own, which will save you heaps of money and is the ultimate diet to keep you trim and in shape.

You may want to start with the simpler vegetables, and then gradually add to your portfolio with more exotic yields, and in no time at all you will be self- sufficient and proud to show off your produce and be in charge of your own home grown food garden.

Read the Thompson-Morgan quick overview of their top 10 easy to grow vegetables. This website is informative and will give you a great start to growing your own : 10 Easy to Grow Vegetables

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We also recomend you check out The Gardening Mentor

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