Got to hold my hands up – I am the first to admit that in spite of being University educated, feminist indoctrinated and a full supporter of women in careers, I am still a smidgeon judgemental where females in men’s roles are concerned.

The other day when I was picking the little ones up from school, a really petite lady was dressed in a duffle coat and woollen hat pressed firmly on her head. ‘Are you the new teacher? The words tripped out of me. She looked at me perplexed and said ‘no, I am the new head of security’. She then went on to say that her husband had been made redundant the year before and they had made a joint decision that she would find a job with flexi hours so that he could stay at home and look after the kids and that she could work the hours they needed to earn sufficient money and spend time with the family.   Added to that she said she was really enjoying the role and was thinking of starting her own Security Company.

More and more women are taking on what were previously deemed male roles across varied fields of the job arena, from Engineering, Construction, Boxing, Building and a host of other areas of employment.

Equal pay and equality in the workplace is another issue we are constantly reading about in the press and addressing at Glotime, but as more and more women compete with men and succeed in acquiring jobs where the majority of candidates are male, it is a major step forward.

I recently attended a course in Women in the Workplace and spotted a rather trendy attractive lady with multi-coloured hair, who was part of the attendees. I chatted with her in the break, and discovered that one of their kids had become sick and they had to make a major decision as a family for her husband to stay at home and look after the kids, as she was the main breadwinner. The multi-coloured hair was an experiment her five year old daughter had tried out on her the evening before with a variety of coloured hair sprays, because this lady was great at multi-tasking. She was actually a senior Partner in a law firm and really had her soldiers in place where female equality was concerned.

I am also finding in men’s defence, that many males are incredible supporters of female equality in the workplace with a recent meeting with a CEO of a major oil company in the States, who said that their first Recruitment ad in the fifties stated that ‘it didn’t matter what colour, creed or gender as long as they could do the job’. In our squeaky clean Politically Correct World of today, this would now be frowned upon and deemed prejudice, but back in the day was actually really progressive, and he felt the reason the Company had succeeded and become one of the most successful in the World, turning over Billions of Dollars.

So if you or your offspring are thinking of changing jobs or going into a career carrying more of a male label, then follow your dream – after all it is you who has to do it, and if you love your job you are really home and dry.


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