Happily married for the last twenty-two years, my husband Patrick and I started ‘dating’ again about three years ago, because we reckon it’s never too late to spend special time together, as you do on those first special dates.

Date nights – or date days – don’t necessarily need to involve much expenditure – we’ve made trips to Art Galleries (the Winnie the Pooh exhibition at the V&A) or special museums (the Dennis Severs House in Spitalfields) or a meal in a wonderful ancient pub in the centre of Oxford (the secret but iconic Turf Tavern). We take it in turns to surprise each other, but with our dates derailed by Covid-19 we’ve needed to turn the tables.

Actually, forget tables. Tonight we’re having an indoor picnic – and it’s a veritable feast. Prosciutto, quails eggs, guacamole, giant green Nocellara olives, prawns, potato salad, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts and a tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad with my husband Patrick’s home-baked rosemary and walnut soda bread. But what brings it all together and makes it a proper occasion, is the bottle of Prosecco we have chosen to celebrate with.

Feast & Fizz

Perlage Col Di Manza DOCG Valdobbiadene Superiore Prosecco is quite a looker. The cork is covered with a fine cotton cloth, bound tight with raffia and the bottle itself is impressive, with embossed birds circling the glass. From Perlage winery, renowned globally as one of the first Italian Organic Sparkling Wineries, it is the world’s first Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG to be made with biodynamic and organic grapes. It has no added sulphites and is vegan certified. It also tastes like heaven – think fragrant rose garden meets crisp apple orchard, though it’s surprisingly dry, rather than sweet or cloying. With a fine, active mousse bursting with Italian vitality, it’s an elegant, aromatic, fresh and intriguing aperitif that’s in a different league to any Prosecco I’ve ever tasted.

Perlage Col Di Manza

WinesWithStories.com isn’t just an exceptional, artisan wine provider, it’s also very informative. Created by wine importer GreatVine Ltd, their mission is to help people drink better wine by providing a handpicked selection of artisan wineries, where authenticity and provenance is assured above all else. Bona fide, hand-made, single vineyard quality wines (unlike more commercial wines) always have a story.

I had no idea before tasting Perlage Col Di Manza that it’s important to drink Prosecco as fresh as possible. It isn’t designed to age like Champagne as it’s made in steel tanks using a different method known as Charmat. And if it isn’t a ‘Millesimato’ Prosecco as this one is, the producers are not obliged to put the year of vintage on the label, so it’s possible that many of the cheaper Proseccos on the market may be quite old and beyond their best (rather like selling food without an expiry date). Prosecco has a shelf life and ideally shouldn’t be consumed beyond the year of vintage, which is why the suppliers for WinesWithStories.com bottle it fresh from the tank for every shipment.


In a nutshell, the less time Prosecco spends in the bottle, the better – but when it tastes this good (and produces no hangover!) there isn’t much danger of it lying around for long…

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