Nails are an important part of your image, and as well as completing any outfit, they say a lot about who you are.

For high-quality nail polish, log onto With several brands and types of polish to choose from, you will find some great ideas to transform your nails.

One brand that comes to mind when thinking of great nail polish is FUN Lacquer, which is an artisan brand that offers cruelty-free vegan nail polish. Handcrafted in Singapore, Live Love Polish is the exclusive distributor of Fun Lacquer products in the US. This Company is famous for being 100% cruelty-free and doesn’t stock any polishes with harsh chemicals. It is amazing to have a high-quality and reasonably priced choice of polishes, that I can honestly recommend to you.

These polishes are not cheap, but bear in mind you are paying for a luxury and high-quality product made in ethical conditions. consider the shipping when ordering and perhaps think about saving and ordering enough to get shipping free.

Keeping Your Nails Healthy

Before you start to think about all the beautiful colours of nail polish, you need to remember to protect your nails.


A basic coat is the easiest way to do so, by creating a barrier between your nails and the colour polish. There are so many to choose from on Live Love Polish, but the ones pictured above are the most popular.

The first two are normal base coats and help the polish last longer without chipping. The third is the most popular of all base coats, It is a peel-off base coat which means the polish can be cleanly peeled off without the need of nail polish remover. This is a ‘must have’ for avid nail painters who want to apply fresh polish more often without the damage of over using nail polish remover. There is even a base coat for all those beautiful glitter polishes we are often reluctant to use.


The next ‘must have’ item is a top coat. There is nothing worse for nail art than having the polish become scratched, peeled or chipped. A top coat will seal in that colour and keep your manicure or pedicure lasting longer. These are the most popular top coats currently on the site with varying price ranges. The most popular top coat is the first pictured above and is packaged in a lovely bottle. It has gel-like shine and only one coat per a nail is needed. There are also top coats designed for glitter and smoothing the surface of the nail.

Most people think about nail polish to preserve their nails, but it also important to look after them during the time they are polish free – as although a base and top coat will protect your nails, they can still become damaged over time.


This is why I recommend investing in a cuticle oil, which is another great treatment that promotes strong nails and healthy, hydrated cuticles. The most popular nail oil is the first item pictured and leaves your nails feeling fresh and smelling gorgeous. The third item is for those who want to get rid of their cuticles without wanting to risk their skins health by exposing the skin to bacteria by cutting the cuticle, which I recommend avoiding.

The product exfoliates and tames the cuticles so they can be safely pushed back with the cuticle stick provided. Finally, I recommend a hand cream such as the one pictured forth. It can be used to hydrate your hands and keep them feeling dry.

­Time For Fun

The best part about nail care and art is being about to apply beautiful colour to your nails and compliment any outfit and make-up. It can be difficult to choose and many start with the basic solid colour, while others jump towards the dazzling glitter and holographic polishes.

There are so also many ways to vamp up your nail art by using stencils to help you make more intricate designs if you don’t have a steady hand or the patience.

You will have to explore the website to see everything on offer, but I would like to point you straight away to the ‘fan favourites’ so you can see the highest-quality nail polish that Live Love Polish has in their portfolio. Keep in mind that some polishes are limited editions and popular polishes go out of stock often. The good news is that you can sign up to get updates with the newsletter by entering your email in the dedicated box at the bottom of the site, on any page.


The first polish is very popular and well-loved for many reasons. The most important one is that it offers an intense opaque colour in 1-2 coats. Thought of as being the best black nail polish on the market right now, this polish often goes out of stock and leaves people eagerly waiting for it to return.

Other favourites include the holographic nail polishes with a range of colours to choose from, you will be tempted to pick up the full set and I myself can’t wait to get my hands on my own bottles of the beautiful nail polish collection. Other polishes, such as the product pictured forth offer a more delicate and softer colour and is great for the base of an intricate design.

Going All In

After getting a base and top coat and various colours you could easily stop there and start painting your nails. However, you can also go even further and start adding more detail to your designs. Using stencils and stickers you can create stunning designs for any occasion and with the guidance of the stencil, you can worry less about making a mess.


The first product is important if you want nail art with spotted designs. You can use these tools to create neat dots on your nails, as well as strips and free-hand drawing. The next three items are vinyl sticks are used on the nail to create designs on the nail by blocking off part of the nail from the polish. The site offers detailed instructions to gets the best use out of these vinyl stickers.

Looking through the site I found several interesting products that you could try or experiment with.

A great addition to you nail regime is the must have accessory the “HANDIREST” available from


This is a great accessory to keep your hand steady whilst applying your nail products.

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