60% of women will experience some form of hair loss in their lives as stress, hormones, diet and personal health can all affect the health of the hair and disrupt the hair growth cycle.

Nourkrin® are dedicated to helping women achieve the natural, healthy, beautiful hair that is synonymous with a sense of youth, fertility, confidence and femininity and the scientifically formulated products are fully supported by 30 years of genuine knowledge, sound advice and clinical research.


The seminal product Nourkrin® WOMAN – FOR HAIR GROWTH has been helping women suffering from hair thinning and hair loss for 30 years and this experience led to the development of four proactive products to help women maintain their natural, beautiful, healthy hair at all stages of life – BEFORE the onset of a problem:

  • Nourkrin® Active 20+ – for women in their 20s and 30s, an on-the-go lifestyle means carefully balancing family, friends, career, fitness and much more, and this active modern way of life can have a negative impact on the hair. Although hair growth issues are not always something women think about prior to the appearance of visible symptoms, there are still those who will be affected at a young age, despite a lifestyle of good health and wellness.
  • Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy – bringing a baby into the world is one of the most exceptional experiences a woman can have. However, this experience can also have certain effects on the body. 40 -50% of new mums will experience hair loss within 2-4 months of giving birth, and post-partum hair loss is more common than most women realise.
  • Nourkrin® Active 45+ – for women in their 40s and beyond, the health and condition of the hair can begin to suffer despite best efforts to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Daily stressors and hormone-related changes in the body can have a negative impact on hair.
  • Nourkrin® Radiance – Women may experience changes in hair colour at any stage of life. Stress, among other things, has become an increasingly important factor in this regard. 20 years ago, the proportion of women who spotted their first grey hair before the age of 30 was just 18%. Today, 32% of British women under the age of 30 have already started going grey – two-thirds of them blame it on stress. In total, half of all women will have a head of hair that is 50% grey by the time they reach the age of 50. Nourkrin Radiance provides the support required to maintain normal colour and optimal appearance, helping DELAY the onset of changes in hair pigmentation.


All Nourkrin® supplements are safe and drug-free and proactively support the normal function of the Hair Growth Cycle, providing the support required to maintain top quality, optimal appearance and the ability to grow normally.

Buy Nourkrin® Active 20+, Post Pregnancy, Active 45+ or Radiance on an exclusive BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deal until 30th April. Visit the official Nourkrin® shop at http://shop.nourkrin.co.uk/nourkrin-maintenance.html, place 2 packs in your shopping cart and apply discount code BOGOFM in the box at checkout.


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