Written and beautifully illustrated by my mother, Roslyn Bertram, this is the story of my discovery of ballet.

Roslyn Bertram

I came across this enchanting hand typed manuscript that my Mother had put together. It was after she passed away, while looking through pages of her books and diaries, that I found it. The folder was complete and the sketches still together.


I had always remembered this work, as it stuck out in my mind more than any of her other projects. I’d often mention it to her and she always replied with: –

“Oh it’s not that good really. It was just fun at the time.”

Now I am able to share this book as an example of my mother’s unseen talent, coupled with the story of my own childhood and I hope that not only will you love it, but also you will find within its pages a new inspiration for your own dreams.

I have done my very best to keep the contents as she wrote it and only hope that through my edit I have simply clarified and enhanced her vision.

Tasha Bertram. (alias Petrova)

For further details check out Tasha’s website here TashaBertram

Books can be purchased direct from Amazon or LULU


Christmas Book Launch and Signing at Danceworks Studios,London
Saturday 9th December 16.30 till 18.00
‘An inspiration for any young dancer’. 
Written and Illustrated by
Roslyn Bertram
Adapted by
Tasha Bertram
Also in attendance will be Tasha’s son, the one and only Thomas Brodie-Sangster
who has appeared in many block buster films & TV Shows, inc Game of Thrones
and is the voice of John Tracy in the GCI Thunderbirds Are Go! series.
 See DanceWorks for more details and to book


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