With Christmas almost upon us, why not bring some festive magic into the home by making your own Christmas cards this year. This is a fun activity for the whole family – as witnessed with my own tribe this weekend. We had all decided that it was time we demonstrated some home grown festive cheer, and so we got to work to create our unique Christmas card designs.

You can find supplies in most stores such as Poundland, The Works, WHSmith, Wilkinsons and even in major supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco.  I recommend sourcing a range of coloured card and non-toxic adhesive to begin. I then bought some amazing items, such as stickers, gems, sequins, glitter glue, ribbons, glitter and coloured card. I also found some pretty gel pens to glam up my messages inside the card itself – plus some double-sided tape for easier assembly.



As the family gathered around the table, we all chipped in with ideas, and utilised all of our individual creative skills to design some original Christmas images. As you can see. we improved with each design, but I have an affection for the rougher ones as they hold their own charm with their imperfections. We are all proud of our creations too, and can’t wait to send them out to non-suspecting family and friends. Wonder if they will realise that we made them with our own fair hands!


As we improved in our venture, I was particularly pleased with the small card, and think the matching envelope makes it even more special.


Then as we progressed with the cards, we discovered a really useful tutorial for some extra ideas – http://www.instructables.com/id/Present-Pop-Up-Cards/. Check it out if you are planning to get creative this Christmas.


Do you make your own Christmas cards? If not, will you try it this year? Share your fabulous card designs with #ChristmasAtGloTime and #GloTime on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Share with us with #ChristmasAtGloTime and #GloTime at the same places as above.

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