With the recent world events and stressful news bulletins, Heads Together is rebuilding human strength and dignity.

We are all carrying around huge amounts of stress and with the incredible revelations of Prince William and Harry, we are on our way to recognising our own mental health issues – and recognition is well on the way to recovery.

Both of our Royals have been talking about their own personal issues, losing their beloved mother at such vulnerable ages, and being in the spotlight and forced to bury their feelings due to Royal protocol.

We do not need to be part of a Royal Family to be told to hide our feelings, and ‘get on with it’. It happened in my own home as a child where my militant father couldn’t cope with any outpouring of grief or emotion, and felt it necessary to deal a heavy hand where human feelings were concerned. Especially with my brother, as ‘real men don’t cry’ – and he was just told to deal with it quietly.

So we may feel that with recent World events that we have taken several steps back in our evolvement, but now ‘Heads Together’ https://www.headstogether.org.uk/ are giving us some sort of hope for the future. It certainly seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel in a World where Trump and the Kardashians have recently taken centre stage.

As someone who has suffered from acute anxiety, I am beginning to voice that condition without feeling I am being judged.   Observing the Princes and Heads Together, I recently stopped taking the medication I was prescribed by my Doctor, as my partner told me that when I was taking them it was difficult to communicate with him.

I chose to live and not become one of the living dead, which was what I was turning into. So Heads Together has already made a difference to my life.


My anxiety is still there but far less than it was before because I feel it is allowed, not swept under the carpet. So because I am not pushing it away, I am staying with the feelings and dealing with them properly.

Most psycho analysts will tell you that if you ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ (a good book to read) – your recovery process will speed up. If you treat your emotions as living entities, and talk to them as if they are alive (they are), they will feel nurtured and not attack you, you can then live with them side by side. There is no shame in living with any of the human conditions that affect mental health, as long as you admit they are there.

It was a great lesson for me to learn that, and I can honestly say that I am coping with the pressures of everyday life so much more than when I chose to bury my head and my emotions in the sand.

I hope by my own admissions of ‘mental health’ issues, that I have managed to help even one individual suffering from similar struggles – it will then be all worthwhile.

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