Coco Eden is a luxury, handmade, silk artificial flowers and fragrances company. We specialise in artificial flowers and provide a range of wonderful fragrances to suit interior design for home, weddings and other special occasions. Coco Eden compliments the senses with beautiful faux flower arrangements. Our arrangements are uniquely married with luscious floral aromas in the form of scent capsules integrated within the arrangements.

The Coco Eden experience allows you to express your sincerest wishes and thoughtful sentiments to your loved ones in a way that is truly unique and personal. The stylish contemporary arrangements from a the visual designs and the in plant fragrances aim to make people happy and make for charming surroundings.

Choose from the Artificial Flower Gifts or Flower Arrangements range to lift your home or office or brighten up someones day by displaying your special affection, whether it be a new house, birthday or a romantic interest. They will love the unique and thoughtfulness attached to being given flowers, that unlike real flowers – will be around for years to come as a reminder of your appreciation. Not only will the arrangements compliment the room visually but the vibrant scents offered from the Fragrance Shop will bring beautiful and exciting aromas, directly within the plant, to their surroundings as well as health and wellbeing.

Wondering what flowers you should choose for a special occasion? Check out Coco Eden’s Artificial Wedding Flowers. As Coco Eden has such an incredibly stunning variety of arrangements, you will be able to choose amazing de?or for your wedding, seasonal gathering or any other special occasions you might be hosting. 

Combine perfect colours with incredible scents to bring a real sophistication to your interior decor while having all the authenticity of real flowers. Choose from the four categories and browse to discover the unique experience that is only offered by Coco Eden.

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