Did you know that that our bones are capable of rebuilding and repairing themselves if managed correctly? In fact, as an adult, 10% of your entire skeleton is actually regenerated each year.

We all get aching bones and joints however old we are and, typically, their power to hurt gets worse in the colder days at this time of year. But the good news is that a unique new natural solution, LithoLexal®, is now here to help – naturally and over the long term!


Award-winning LithoLexal® offers a new generation of products specifically created to change bone and joint health, helping to address the personal cost for sufferers. LithoLexal® is the only range of joint and bone health supplements to contain a unique, marine plant-based extract, which is more bioavailable than the rock-based ingredient used in traditional calcium products. Scientifically formulated and with over 17 years of clinical studies, the range of products comprises:

Bone Health Osteoporotic – to reduce the loss of bone mineral in post-menopausal women

Bone Care Elemental – to support bone health and strength

Joint Health Advanced – to improve collagen formation and joint function


We’re offering 10 of our lucky readers the opportunity to try the LithoLexal® product of their choice for 3 months.

The LithoLexal® range is available exclusively from Holland & Barrett, RRP from £24.95 for 60 tablets (one month’s supply).

Just enter your details below to be in with a chance to win.

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