Caravanning is an ever increasing choice for families and empty nesters as a holiday or even a second home.

It may surprise you to know that the first Caravan site was opened in 1890 in The Isle of Man and it was after that regarded as the ‘rich man’s’ past time, right up until the fifties when it exploded as a more affordable option for families on a tight budget.

With the increased deluxe design of caravans and campervans, and the reinvention of camping sites, it is now more reminiscent of a high end hotel than an episode of Heidi-hi.

It is not that we are against a good karaoke or a camp fire furore, far from it, but the option is yours, and more and more people are making it.

Harvey Alexander, Caravan Club Director of Marketing says ‘Caravanning is a fantastic holiday option. Modern caravans are so luxurious, truly five star. The Club represents one million caravanners and we are delighted to have many celebrity members and ambassadors’.

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If you are already a caravanner or are considering it as an investment, it would benefit you to join this well established club.   The Caravan Club was first formed in 1907 and it now has an incredible 375,000 family members. It is a pool of information and advice, and if you have a question, rest assured they will know the answer with anything Caravan related. They have access to a multitude of sites, and have experienced all the practicalities of caravanning. Check them out on

Dame Helen Mirren, Lorraine Kelly, Billie Piper and Jamie Oliver are just a few of the celebrities who are now owners of motorhomes or caravans.

Caravans are now equipped with all amenities, and give us the flexibility to cook our favourite meals, without having to rely on restricted hotel food, select your location or holiday destinations.

You can buy or hire a campervan if you would prefer to tour, which will give you access to the many camp sites throughout the UK and Europe and will give the sense of adventure to explore landscapes, villages and architecture that would otherwise escape you.

If you are travelling with kids, it will give you the opportunity to introduce them to new horizons including the many farms and parks catering for young people with inspiring activities to keep them amused.

Caravanning now adds to the economy by an amazing £6 billion, which is proof in itself. It is evident that this is the way to go, and more and more people are grabbing the concept and making it their own.

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