As someone who has always taken risks in my career and personal relationships, I am always told that I look really calm and in control.

This is certainly the case most of the time these days, but I have suffered huge bouts of anxiety over the years, and for no particular reason. When the stress levels were at their peak, I would be mentored by an exceptional psychotherapist who would tell me to live through the anxiety, feel and experience it and come out the other side. He would say ‘so what sort of prejudice do you have against anxiety, it is part of life’. So instead of pushing it away, I would go into it more and then it would pass more quickly.

Nowadays I tend to be able to manage the stress levels far better and spend less time stressing about the future, because that is what anxiety is. My daughter, who is now in her twenties, reminded me recently when I was about to relapse into worry about some small issue in my life, saying ‘If you continue on this path, what message are you sending to the Universe’ – strong words of wisdom indeed, and those I have reiterated over and over again throughout her life. How timely that they should be reflected back to me.

So what has this to do with Vision Boards you may well ask, and that is a very good question.

As a result of this Mother/Daughter conversation, we both decided to create a Vision Board, to give ourselves an image of how we want our lives to look in the future.

Vision Boards are a culmination of all that we want to achieve in our lives, and they really do work. In my mentoring work, I always advise my mentees to create a five-year plan, which nine times out of ten they thank me for as their aspirations start to come true.

Vision Boards can be created as simply as you want, and should reside in a chosen area of your work space or most favoured room where you will see it the most.

You can create it from a very simple pin board using magazines, quotations, paintings or drawings or a combination of imagery acquired around the goals and aspirations in your mind’s eye.

Too good to be true? There is no such thing, and judging from the world-wide best seller ‘The Secret’ there is no limit to what you can achieve if you know what it is you desire.

Your vision can be as large or minute as you make it, and your ambitions could be huge and seemingly unrealistic, but according to recorded history, if you see and absorb your aspired goals each day, it does change your brain patterns and will set you on the road to changing the course of your life.

One case history recorded someone who had spent her entire career in an office as a PA, catering for the boss’s needs; after doing a course in NLP, funded by the firm, she completely changed the course of her career as she did her own Vision Board. She is now a ‘boss’ herself, but a far better one to her own assistant, as she has experienced the ‘dumbing down’ of subordinates from people in power.

Another friend closer to me had a wish list as a child that she put in a box for when she grew up, and she had written that she wanted to live in Central London and have six kids. For a career choice she wanted to be an actress and have a certain amount of money. She now lives in Holborn in a five-storey house, is married to a man who had two kids previously, and now has four of her own. She is also now starring in a well-known television series, her name remains anonymous for now! She had created her own ‘Vision Board’ long before it was fashionable to do so.

So when you begin to worry, spend time with it but not too long, and then start to visualise what you would like to happen in your life; thinking about the material aspects like the career, relationships, home and finances are important, but it is more about how good those material things make you feel. So remember to visualise the feelings of happiness you have had at certain times in your life and create a space on the Vision Board for those too.

After all, it is all about love and happiness at the end of the day, and if a Vision Board can help you to achieve these powerful sensations as well as your life ambitions, then your mission is well and truly accomplished.

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