We are all so dependent on our iPhones, laptops and all aspects of Social Media, that it is difficult to imagine life without such technology.

Many of us can also remember a time when the telephone was restricted to the home or office, emails were non-existent and the World Wide Web was a phenomenon only imagined in sci-fi books or movies.

How on earth did we exist without them? They have certainly improved communication, education and even creativity in our lives, but how do we restrict ourselves and especially our children from digital excess?

A recent survey revealed that we check our phones on average 200 times a day, and many of us are spending more time in front of a screen than we do asleep.

So how do we combat the stress levels that come with keeping up with the latest trends, expensive apps and a general commitment to social media?

It was interesting to discover that a few high-profile personalities have come off Social Media altogether, Simon Cowell for one, who has not accessed his mobile phone for several months, saying that it was adding too much distraction and anxiety to his already busy schedule.

I think like any heavy addiction or habitual activity, to stop abruptly can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms, and can create even more problems.

But to have a holiday or mini-break from texting or checking your phone could be a good way to start and set an example for your kids.

A group of friends recently suggested that they put their mobile phones away when out together, and the first one to resist and check their phone would pay the bill of the entire group. A major deterrent!

Another suggestion is to charge your iPhone overnight in a room separate from your bedroom, so that you are not tempted to reach for it in the night or first thing in the morning.

If you are feeling even more ambitious you could leave it at home when shopping, or if you are visiting family or friends at the weekend.

There is nothing more irritating than someone who constantly checks their phone as you are trying to get their attention.

It is also a good idea to leave it out of reach when driving, as the urge to look down or reach for the phone as a random call or text comes in can be too tempting, which has been the cause of many collisions.

It would be a good idea to discuss it with your family or social circle, and come up with digital tech-free activities, because if you are sharing some screen-free time together, it is a lot easier to enjoy the experience of personal social interaction, which is ultimately far more rewarding.

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