It is hard to believe that just a few hundred years ago women were being burned at the stake for their ‘devilish’ behaviour, and it is only in recent years women have had the freedom go out alone and have fun.

How times have changed, and nowadays our inner ‘devil’ is not only recognised, but it is being revered and given a space of its own, outside of the home.

The ‘man shed’ is yesterday’s news, and we are now seeing a rise in the ‘she shed’, where we can hang out, chill out and even pass out if we want to.

We have been hearing for ever about man’s need to have time out with his tools and tinkering and even stashes of vodka or whatever his poison happens to be. But it is equally important for us girls to have our own ‘hang out’ to explore what is important to us.

I was particularly excited to see that ‘she sheds’ come in all colours, shapes and sizes and are catering to every taste.

For instance, if you love pink and are a bit of a princess there is a gorgeous pink shed that ticks all the boxes – or if you prefer a gothic stance, and tend to walk on the dark side, there are also sheds available for you.

You could have it sound proofed for instance and install a recording studio to play with some beats if you are a secret rock chick, or build a cocktail bar and play Sex and the City with your friends.

I have just put in my order and am talking to my inner Kardashian as I am indulging in cupids and the more ornate look with a bit of Marilyn glam thrown in with a fabulous fifties print at Central Station in New York.

What I love about this is that it is completely my own space to do what I like in and with, away from the demands of everyday life and even my nearest and dearest if I want to escape.

Well, I also have the freedom to welcome who I want into my ‘she shed’ and believe me any visitors will be carefully selected. So anyone that does get an invitation should feel very special, and prepared for a lot of devilish fun.

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