Car mirrors and magnifying glasses should definitely be banned I vowed as I caught sight of my rather tired looking skin this morning.

There have been a number of family visits over Christmas, a short new year’s resolution to lose weight in January with a two day starvation diet, and a string of lunches and dinners accompanied by wine and coffee with friends.

It is no wonder my skin is suffering from wear and tear, as was evident when I dropped the kids off at school this morning as I glanced into the mirror as I was sitting in the driver’s seat.

Talking of being in the driving seat, we really are as we can definitely do something about it. I always remember the famous Body Shop mogul Anita Roddick saying to me in an interview that as long as you hydrated, your skin would look good.

So we can begin with drinking more water. I am the first to admit that my coffee and tea consumption over the winter months has exceeded my water intake, and I am about to take myself in hand on that one.

I have now stocked up on bottled water, as although tap water is good, I can always taste the chlorine and so prefer Evian or Fiji, the latter being my favourite and being stocked in Waitrose or you can order online.

Drinking several glasses of water a day will visibly improve your skin within a few days, and is an excellent way to start.

You could also improve your skin cleansing technique by taking an extra 2—3 minutes a day to make sure the surface is squeaky clean and leave your makeup off for as long as possible, even if only half an hour.

Skin creams are in abundance, but you have to find the one that suits you best. You could go for the Rolls Royce of skin creams, Crème de la Mer which is great for every skin type, and even clears up Eczema – being originally created by Dr Huber with the sea kelp as its main ingredient as a healing property .   Visit the website for a special Valentine offer or throughout the year where they justify the investment with extras that make it worthwhile. A good size pot with perks around £150.


If your budget is still fragile at this time of the year you could go for a more affordable line with Clinique 3 step for £20. This is an excellent skincare kit and will get you in the zone for a full on revamp of your skincare regime.

Last reminder is to exfoliate, some say twice a week, I personally feel once weekly is sufficient to help sustain a glowing skin – and gets rid of any excess of makeup or open pores through exposure to the elements.

It really is what suits you best – shop around there are some great offers out there and it is sometimes good to kick off with a facial which sets you on the road to youthful looking skin.

Do all of the above and you will enjoy those car journeys and the unexpected glimpse of your younger self in the wing mirror.

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