It hardly seems possible that one of our all-time favourite kid’s shows, Blue Peter, has turned 60 this month.

Most of us can remember growing up with this wonderfully inspiring programme, and many of us can recall the time when Anthea Turner showed us all how to make the FAB Thunderbirds Headquarters, Tracy Island out of cardboard boxes in the mid 1990s


I have got to know the lovely Anthea over the years and she told me recently that one of the highlights of her career was the Tracy Island project on Blue Peter, as it brought so much joy to so many families, and indeed Anthea herself.

Here is Anthea making the Tracy Island model


This was way before computer games like Fortnight took over the World and years before social media, but we are still assured by Mums and Dads and Grandparents that they still get involved with their offspring in home crafts, away from the computer or iPad to give kids a taste of how they can still have fun, in their very own retro world, light years away from the internet.

So for once I would advise DO TRY THIS AT HOME and enter our competition for the most inventive Tracy Island or homemade project of your choice for and you could win a ticket to the Silver Screen Ball at Pinewood Studios and meet Dee Anderson daughter of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson creators of Thunderbirds along with some of the original team behind the classic series.

All you have to do is make your own Tracy Island either free form or following the Blue Peter instructions and send 3 photos of your ‘make’ to and we will select one entry to be our guest on the night.
click for more details of the event ‘ silver screen ball at pinewood studios ‘

Click to download the original Blue Peter plans to make ‘ Tracy Island ‘

Final date for entries 18th November


here is a look back of all the presenters of Blue Peter


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