As we move further into lockdown, we are all looking at ways of feeding our families and indeed ourselves in isolation.    Some of us are on very limited budgets at this time and certain produce is also being restricted.

One recipe that is straight out of my grandma’s kitchen is good old fashioned vegetable soup.  She had been through the war when rations and the threat to life was major.

On a lighter note, this is not only nutritious and a boost to the immune system, but a good low calorie option.

I would normally give you specifics but in these unprecedented times, you can substitute what is in your fridge, freezer or food cupboard with any of the ingredients below:

Tomato puree or finned tomatoes
Frozen peas
Sweet corn

Boil the fresh vegetables for 15 mins, add the frozen vegetables and add the seasoning, tomato puree, tinned tomatoes.

Serve with bread or add pasta for a filling family meal.


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