It is true Bling is making a comeback and like it or not it seems to be dominating some of the designer and high street fashion items this season.

If you are like me – the simple classic has always been a safe bet, but I am holding my hands up now and letting you all know that glitz and glamour is very close to my heart.sylvia-anderson

It may be the influence of my late mother Sylvia Anderson whose most famous creation was the Queen of Glam, Lady Penelope and whose influences were indeed Hollywood, and so despite my era and other influences, bling was always on my mind, even though I couldn’t show it. After all sequins and sparkles do not go down well in the office or the boardroom.


So however you receive the news, and it is like Marmite or indeed Brexit, glamour is definitely part of our wardrobe this Autumn.

I am not saying that we have to rush out and buy some tacky sparkly outfits, you can achieve the look by dressing any outfit in some super sparkly jewellery. Swarovski are doing some amazing chokers and necklaces which are always an investment whatever the fashion trend.


You could also go for a less expensive and more transient option, and Primark and Claire’s Accessories are doing a great selection of bangles and earrings which will match the season, and bling up any ensemble.GEDC2114

If you are taking it seriously you could go for a complete ‘bling up’ makeover and sew some sequins onto tops and trousers and brave the looks of disapproval from those less seasoned in the World of Bling.

Many of us associate sparkly with Chavs, and it may surprise you to know the origin of this rather demeaning title of a certain type of female. It all springs from Chaffinches, the birds who are attracted to shiny sparkly objects. Well in that case I am a self confessed Chav.

For instance, I am the proud owner of a very shiny pair of silver trainers of the Designer kind – and I was amazed when my Bank Manager approached me with some trepidation recently and exclaimed ‘oh my goodness, how lovely to see you, I recognised you by your silver shoes – ha ha’. I pretended to be amused, but was just pacifying the poor soul who has been so overprotected from the world of Bling and hasn’t a hope of understanding any of its paybacks.haley-p61174sv-2

So if you are a secret Blingite then I implore you to ‘come out’ this season, and get out there to adorn the stage of glamour. Then you can enjoy your initiation in the true ‘glitz’ of the word – then relish the stares and indulge in the glares, which is the ultimate accolade in the World of Bling.

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