Dating websites are now becoming the most popular way of meeting a partner. Gone are the days when your eyes would meet up with someone over a crowded room at a party or social gathering, and then stumble awkwardly over your words whilst checking out the other with symbolic body language and banter.

It is of course very difficult to clamp eyes on someone whilst you or they are checking out the latest news or emails on their iphone.

So where has the spontaneity of dating gone? We all know the answer to that, as it is the dating website of course.

Tinder was recently described to me by a fellow worker as a ‘shag fest’, as he unashamedly told me he had become obsessed with meeting women through the website, and most meetings had culminated in a one or two night stand at best, mostly instigated by him.

With a bit more exploration and questioning he then revealed that he had recently met two or three ladies who had ticked all the boxes but that he now had the freedom to check out more and so hadn’t settled for one – yet! Well at least he had an ultimate goal – although it didn’t seem to be in a hurry to find ‘the one’. Spoilt for choice springs to mind!

Another female friend met her life partner through the Guardian dating website, and said it would have been hard to find someone with the same interests in this day and age. She is mid forties, a writer and a reader, living in South London.   She enjoys walks and trips to the theatre, a bit of an intellectual and not really a social butterfly so found this to be a great way of linking up with someone. She had met her partner on a third date.

Many same sex partnerships have also been formed in this way of course, and it eliminates the painful process of meeting up in vulnerable venues if they require a more private approach.

I personally respect the ethos of online dating, but feel that there is nothing like the spine tingling, tummy churning excitement of connecting with someone for the first time in the flesh, and the ultimate challenge of taking the attraction to the next stage.

If you are still considering trying out a dating website then check out our top 5 dating websites.



Simple, straightforward and free UK personals site – hugely popular.


Dating Vegetarian

If you are looking for a kindred spirit and fellow veggie.


Love Arts

Matching singles who love theatre, museums and art galleries.


Dating For Parents

Where you are free to share topics like schools and science grades without boring the other to death.


Green Singles

With interests in environmental, vegetarian and animal-rights and people who value the outdoor life.


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