Growing up in the seventies in a household where UFOs were very much the centre of discussion and aliens were a given in our Society, seemed completely normal.

My parents, often heralded ‘the Godparents of Sci-fi’ were the pioneers of programmes which paved the way for blockbusters like Star Wars, Close Encounters and Star Trek.

I am the first to admit that this enviably enriched environment was taken for granted by me at the time, but looking back I can now thankfully share the experiences and appreciate the knowledge more than most of my contemporaries.

My father Gerry Anderson took a fact finding trip to Nasa at the time he was researching for the programmes UFO and Space 1999, and came back buzzing with excitement at his findings.  He had trouble doing the sky Space Walk across the bridge as he suffered from vertigo, but the rest was intriguing for him and he shared stories of UFOs and Alien encounters that had been given to him from experts at the Space Station.

I had spotted an incredibly dazzling ‘shooting star’ one early morning when staying with relatives in the country, and as I described it to him, he told me in no uncertain terms that the vision I had seen was probably a ‘close encounter’.  I believed him, and have been fascinated by the subject ever since.

For anyone investigating the UFO phenomena will have heard about the ‘Black Knight’ an unusually shaped black object circling the Earth.  The USA blamed Russia in the fifties for secretly launching the spaceship, but the Russians were equally baffled by the craft.

The film ‘Men in Black’ depicted aliens living within our society, and of course, where there is fiction there is an element of truth, and you only have to scan the Close Encounter websites for evidence of such findings, or read former Canadian Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer’s account of Aliens in our society.

A very close friend of mine living in the States is a woman now in her late sixties, whose husband was in the Military.   They both spotted a spherical shaped silver flying object near a Military base, which swooped above them, turned in the sky and and flew off.  They were both stunned but put it down to a secret Government craft, but on investigation, have never had a satisfactory answer from the Government or the Military to this day.

There are groups of UFO spotters all over the World, and even in the UK, where another acquaintance told me of a sequence of events with no logical explanation, with reference to sights and glimpses of unusual flying objects which landed at key spots in our own back yard.

Without sounding like a weird sci-fi fantasist or conspiracy theorist, if you are a believer or just fascinated by the subject, why not take some time out to explore some of the UFO links and decide for yourself.

Equally, we would love to hear from you if you have had any ‘unusual’ experiences relating to UFOs or unexplained sightings.   After all, the Universe is constantly expanding, and there is so much we have to learn about our own Galaxy and beyond.

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