Whether we have done a dry January, or planning a fitness February the one constant in our lives is Passion, but its killer is now lurking at every corner.

We are all insanely protective about our privacy but will discuss intimate details of our sex lives with complete strangers if we are coerced, so why not actually have one to shout about.

So many of us are trading passion for parenting or a healthy sex life for tetchy behind doors grouching.  So how about confronting those Winter blues and getting some passion back into your lives.

You don’t have to act out the Karma Sutra, just some gentle hugging and stroking will do for beginners to reinvent their ‘honeymoon’ or romantic early dating, if it has been a while.  It has even been advised by the experts to refrain from doing more than that for a few days to build up to a satisfactory ‘climax’, in more ways than one, if you have been experiencing problems in this area.

There is nothing better than forbidden fruit to rouse your desire, remember when you were dating and your parents told you to be home by 11.  Those frantic stolen kisses were worth their weight in gold, although the majority of us didn’t appreciate it at the time.  Avoid illicit affairs, as the majority end in tears, but if you are needing to get a bit of spice back into your life, you could do as one of our members of the Glotime office did (and she will remain anonymous) and dress up to meet your partner in a nearby bar, as if complete strangers, wearing only a faux fur coat and a pair of slingbacks!   We dare you!

So we are encouraging you to reinvent the wheel, or at least the wondrous early days of your life before you had the responsibility of a mortgage, family and career – all monumental passion killers.  Which is why the over 60s seem to be having the most fun in their retirement, although they often need help in this area too.

There are some fabulous sex toys on the market, try Agent Provocateur in deepest sexy Soho for the more unique chic sex toy, as well as Ann Summers who always have the latest invention in eroticism, so why not go together to explore what you both enjoy.

The same goes if you are single, and the staff will make you feel welcome and help you chose if you get stuck.  Yes really, you should not get embarrassed as they are quite au fait with most fantasies, and will even encourage you with the most recent additions to their variety of sex toys and lingerie.

There are some excellent lubes on the market too if you need them, and they come in a variety of flavours as do condoms.  You can buy them online as with any sex toy, if you have difficulty in buying in person.  Try www.lovehoney.co.uk who have a good selection.

Vibrators are also extremely useful for both couples and lone lovers, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours – with a variety of speeds and vibrations.  Take a look at www.lelo.com

In finality, don’t rule out a good sexy book – if you have exhausted Fifty Shades, then you may like something a bit more romantic with an erotic undertone like some of the following titles.

The French Lieutenant’s Woman
by John Fowles
avg rating 3.86 — 42,771 ratings — published 1969

Vision in White
by Nora Roberts 
avg rating 4.11 — 117,180 ratings — published 2009

by Richelle Mead
avg rating 4.29 — 284,773 ratings — published 2008

The World According to Garp
by John Irving
avg rating 4.08 — 190,067 ratings — published 1978

Anna Karenina
by Leo Tolstoy
avg rating 4.04 — 543,195 ratings — published 1877

There is nothing better than snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with your favourite sexy story, it is guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart, and hopefully a great deal more.


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