As I worked through my wardrobe after purchasing a copy of The Art of Tidying as reviewed recently on,
I pulled out all my jeans in black and blue, white and red and discovered that I had ten pairs of blue jeans, mostly stretchy and jeggings in sizes ranging from a generous 12 to a skinny 16.

So I had a rethink, and spoke to each pair asking the million dollar questions, ‘do I feel cool in these jeans?, do I love these jeans?, do you make me feel sexy and attractive, and the majority screamed back a resounding ‘NO’.


So I made a decision, and it felt as huge as the triggering of Brexit or end of a long relationship, and threw the majority of the offending items out.

As with any major divorce, it leaves you feeling bereft and slightly heady in this constant love fest of fashion.   But fear not, you will soon feel enlightened as it provides freedom for new climbs.

This is when I rekindled my relationship with an old flame, the Levi 501, the coolest and sexiest in jean culture. I was back in love with the rebellious ‘bad boy’ of hard rock, who transcended vogue and survived the Hollywood Dream culture, two world wars and is as vibrant as ever in the fast lane of fashion.

levi 2

I was even more excited when I discovered that my new curve, the 501 was actually starring in a movie spanning several decades and indeed centuries, from Cowboys to California – and being donned by mega stars in Hollywood. A kind of seductive ‘rags to riches’ story – with a fairy tale ‘ever after’ theme, but with hints of Scorsese as opposed to Beauty and the Beast.

levi 1

As with any icon, I have to share the 501 with a multitude, but do so willingly – even though it adorns the bodies of the rich and famous as well as those on the street, I have committed to stay faithful to my new partner in crime, the unrivalled Levi 501. As ever the hip hugging legend, revealing a rip or patch to customise the trend.


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