HOLLYWOOD is the perfect box set to really escape the uncertainty of the time and indulge in a true fantasy of legends and happily ever afters.

The series tells the story of Jack Castello played by David Corenswet, a World War II veteran who moves to Hollywood in the 40s the hopes of becoming a star of the silver screen.

Jack is married and wants to provide for his pregnant wife, but soon finds the only way he can is by working in a down town gas station where pumping gas isn’t his only option.

Darren Criss as Raymond Ainsley is a half Filipino aspiring film director determined to break boundaries in Hollywood against all the prejudice that faces him and his black actress girlfriend Laura Harrier who plays Camille Washington.

Against a backdrop of racism, chauvinism, homophobia and outrageous sexual harassment, the reality is blurred as Rock Hudson and Tallulah Bankhead appear as real life characters within the riveting storyline.

It is not by chance that the ultimate project that brings the cast together is a movie where the leading actress throws herself off the Hollywood sign as she had staked her life on becoming a movie star.

As well as being hugely entertaining, Hollywood exposes and examines years of sad ass dynamics, but portrays how the world of movies and entertainment could have been ‘if only’ the World had been in a different place.

Highly recommended and will not disappoint, you may even want to watch it twice!



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