As the cold January days set in, we need some real comfort food to cheer us up – but with an undeniable conflict of interest as we also set about our new health and fitness regime or resolutions.

So I am not here to interfere, far from it, but just to show you that we really can have it all, and here is how to start.

Do you like crispy chicken and chips? Who doesn’t unless you are veggie, and there is a solution for you here too. One thing for sure the majority of kids do, and will really thank you for this.

It is all in the cooking, and I am here to remind you that you don’t have to ruin your diet or gain pounds for the sake of a few minutes of shame.

Healthy sin free Chicken and Chips – please see below:

12 pieces of chicken thigh or legs (or fish if veggie)
One quarter cup of rice flour (gluten free option)
Half cup ground almonds
Half teaspoon celery salt
Half teaspoon paprika
One teaspoon mustard powder
2 teaspoons olive oil
Egg whites of two eggs


Pour rice flour and ground almonds into a bowl and mix, add celery salt, paprika, mustard powder and olive oil and blend.
Pour egg whites into a separate bowl and whisk.
Dip chicken into egg white and then into the marinade
Place chicken pieces on a baking  tray.

Oven Baked Chips

Peel six large potatoes and cut into four pieces.  Partially boil for five minutes, drain and chop into bite size pieces.
Add to the egg white and marinade and then to the baking tray together with the chicken.
Cook together in a pre-heated oven on 180 C-350 F for 40 mins, turning up the heat for the last five minutes to crisp.
Serve with sauce or relish of your choice.  Eat your heart out Colonel Sanders.

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