The terminology BROW BEATEN holds strong the significance of the Eyebrow. In recent years our attention has been redirected into this important feature of the face and it is important to investigate what works for you.

The Eye Brow can determine a mood or emotion and can even give a more youthful look if carefully repositioned or reconstructed.

Threading is now taking over from tweezers, and you can source an inexpensive expert in most areas, who will redefine the brow area with just a bit of discomfort and a great deal of long lasting satisfaction. It will last around six weeks.

I have recently discovered a couple of unattractive grey hairs sprouting up around the brow area, and shock horror at my tender age, in panic I attacked them with tweezers to find that I took out some other good healthy dark ones which immediately threw the brow out of shape with a bald patch. A hard lesson learnt, and I am now really disciplined and make sure it is done professionally every time.

Waxing is another option and equally as effective but perhaps slightly less long lasting, and a tad more painful. But I have experimented with both options, depending on availability and accessibility to an appropriate Salon, and threading is the one I would recommend.

A recent ‘find’ is the Wonderbrow which is an amazing answer to a Maiden’s Prayer, and should be investigated. It very speedily creates a think perfect brow and comes highly recommended by fashion experts and celebrities. It is also reasonably priced around twenty quid, and lasts for quite a while too.semi-permanent-eyebrows-with-wunderbrow

Talking of Celebs and Icons, a recent campaign eliminated the image of the brow from photographs of certain stars, and they were as a result unrecognisable. You wouldn’t think that it would make such a difference to the face, but it demonstrates the importance of the Eye Brow.

When you think about it, circus clowns and mime artists practically speak with their brow, and communicate moods without sound as in Silent Movies back in the day. If you have seen a rerun of a one, you will remember those big heavy brows!

It is known that predators in the jungle can read danger on the brow of certain species of animals by the position of their brow, which is why this area of the face is so important to keep in good shape.

If you are taking this seriously and want to make a drastic change you can even invest in a brow tattoo which will alter your look completely. But do not act in haste, as this takes careful planning, and you must not be brow beaten into hasty action.

Hope I have got you thinking, such is the power of the Brow.


Image – Shutterstock

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