As we throw our leather jacket over our jeans or track suit this weekend for our trip to the shops or over our dress up as we go on our dinner date, it is an established piece of fashion we now take for granted.

I personally have around ten leather jackets in my wardrobe collected over the past decade – but then I am a bit of a LJ fan and enjoy my range of styles – the majority leaning toward the biker style jacket.

I remember a rather rebellious aunt, who was a bit of a rock chick wearing one she had saved from the sixties, in the wake of ‘Girl on a Motorcycle’ – well before my time – but I remember being fascinated by her wardrobe and her description of her mentor, Marianne Faithfull – a pioneer in rock chic.



Prior to that the leather jacket was a military protective garment for men, but quickly became ‘cool’ with the emergence of icons like Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando donning their fabulous biker jackets.


It was the Nineties when the LJ really hit the high street with models like Kate Moss wearing one over her ball gown and other celebs as a ‘must have’ fashion accessory.

I recently opted for one in place of a suit jacket with a slim pencil skirt and crisp cotton shirt and stepped out and into my meeting with a confidence and swagger that only a cool LJ can bring to the table.

Biker jackets can be found in many fashion outlets, and come in a range of sizes and prices. You can opt to wear two sizes bigger or go for a tight figure hugging variety to rock those curves.

Reiss is a favourite of Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, although I haven’t yet seen her donning a biker jacket. This is definitely the ‘princess’ of biker LJs this season coming in at a hearty £375. Reiss Leather Jackets

If that is a bit steep then you can opt for Leather Cult at £120, River Island at £65,
and H &M at £49.99.
Leather Cult – Leather Jackets
River Island Leather Jackets
H&M Leather Jackets

You don’t have to stick to black, as Mango is doing a fab red biker at only £35.50.
Mango Leather Jackets


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