As our fund raising event Charity, Breast Cancer Care, has been a major success, we would like to give you another opportunity to contribute to this very special Charity who are a major support system for so many sufferers with the disease.BCC New Logo - print


As many of you now know, a major part of my creative time this year has been spent with Stagecoach Theatre Arts, an incredible organization with hundreds of franchises throughout the World to enable 6 to 18 year old children to participate in the performing arts.

My very special musical The Dream Makers is being premiered by Stagecoach in one of their selected schools, and it has been incredible to see the songs and characters come to life over the past few weeks. deea

One of the songs I have written and included in the Musical, was also written with Breast Cancer Care in mind, as its title suggests ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ was written about dark times and light and the end of the tunnel.

The lyrics came easily to me one day, almost as if in a dream, and perhaps they did – from another dimension. They resonated so clearly in my head and I had written them down in no time at all.  I then thought of a melody and my piano player Isaac Asumadu arranged it for me and we recorded it in his studio.

When I appeared on the Gaby Roslin Radio show recently, I submitted the recording to her Producer and to my amazement they loved it and I was able to sing it live on her show.dee


I also performed it at The Pink FAB Ball where we were raising money for Breast Cancer Care and the audience loved it too. So I feel I am doing something right!

The lyrics go something like this:

Went down to the darkness and what did I see
Beautiful harmonies waiting for me
It’s strange but the dark has more light than you know
Its where all the symphonies play and they grow

Don’t be afraid of the dark cos it’s true
The candle of life is there burning for you
I went back to the place that I needed to go
Alone and afraid and my head pleaded no

So I talked to my heart and she told me it’s true
That whatever I did I would have to see you

You know that the future is not set in stone
And I know that my soul has to travel alone
So I come back to tell you I’ll listen and learn
The wonder of love does continually burn

Don’t be afraid of the dark cos it’s true
The candle of life is there burning for you


So please buy Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark for only 99p – it really is going for a song. All proceeds go to Breast Cancer Care. It’s available to purchase from my website


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