As we ramp up the restrictions on personal contact even more, we are reminded that life is fragile and gratitude for the things we normally take for granted are upmost on our minds.

Like popping into town to meet friends for a coffee or shopping for clothes – booking theatre or cinema tickets.  The lists are endless, and now with this destructible virus, life as we know it is under threat.

We are hoping to give you a little glimmer of light each time we speak and suggest some ways of distracting all of us from the inevitable self-isolation and complete lockdown.

Some of us will cope better than others, and others will be devastated by the news.  But one thing for sure, we will all be affected by this major turn of events.

Make a list

So, let’s begin with gratitude for everything we have, a roof over our head, loving family, food on the table, toilet roll (hopefully!) and then spare a though for the less fortunate, many of whom are on our own doorstep.

I know that in Britain we are famous for ‘keep calm and carry on’ but recent evidence has shown that seems to be no longer the case with all the panic buying, and perhaps gratitude is the one thing we have lost over the years and we are being reminded to get it back.

Oprah Winfrey

I am a great fan and follower of Oprah Winfrey who wakes up each morning and begins with Gratitude.  Our wonderful Oprah who looks like she has everything in life, but that was not always the case, as she had a horrendous childhood and knows what it is like to go hungry.  Besides which many of her guests have lost limbs in the war or are disabled, and she begins being grateful for her arms and legs.

If you are spiritual it all, is a known fact that gratitude is a great healer and is part of many mental health programmes.

Pope Francis (twitter)


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