Wallis Simpson famously said, ‘a girl can never be too rich or too thin’ – well I don’t agree with that, but my motto is ‘A Girl Can’t have too many shoes’!!

Imelda Marcos allegedly had 3000 pairs of shoes in her ever expanding wardrobe.  Can you really blame her, as she had so many functions to go to and certainly had to match the different outfits, besides which it was a bit of a passion for her too.

We have learned in recent years with reflexology that our feet represent different areas of our entire body, so why not nurture them.  Shoes should be added to our list of psychological wellbeing ‘must haves’ for the sheer bliss of wearing comfortable but beautiful adornments on our feet.

I have found as I get older, I am struggling to wear the shoes I proudly donned in my teens and early twenties, and would never be seen dead in a pair of Clarks or wider fit shoes.  But then to be fair, these brands have upped their game and made their designs far more elegant and catwalk friendly.

If you are struggling with wearing heels, invest in a pair of Dr Scholls party heels at only £4.49, and wear shoes around the house days before the party to break them in and get used to the height and balance, you so that you can enjoy them to the full.  I recently spotted a gorgeous pair of stilettos and wanted to buy them anyway, in spite of the fact I knew they would probably kill me.  The shop assistant just flung me a throwaway line as I walked out the door – ‘don’t forget to practise’.  It made a big difference.

Here are some party ‘must haves’ for you in the shoe department:

Clarks – Ellis Ruby – Rose Gold Leather party shoe, lovely to look at and easy to wear.  £69.

Shoe Embassy – hand crafted shoes are an investment – blissfully comfortable and made from comfy leather, one review said ‘I’m having an affair – this is my second pair’ I spotted this gorgeous shoe aptly entitled ‘Exotic’ now only £47.50.

New Look have some amazing bargains as always, and one I thought you would like is this sexy black faux snake pointed court for only £19.99.

Very.co.uk have a multitude of wonderful choices, and I just fell in love with this unique pair of ‘Irregular choice Nick of Time party heel shoe’.  Yes, that is its name and well worth considering for its sheer style and comfort at £82.

So get in there girls, and start practising!

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