I have just ordered my all-time favourite film IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE for Christmas, so that the entire family can enjoy one of the most brilliant tear jerking movies ever made, which has certainly survived the test of time.

Do you believe in angels?  If you don’t now, you certainly will after meeting George Bailey, who has given up on life after losing all his money and is about to end it all when he bumps into Clarence, his guardian angel, who has been sent down to earth to save him.

George has created a lot of good will in his community, and done good for a lot of people, so it is payback time literally, and the entire town rally round and restore his faith in humankind.

Christmas is a magical time of year, and it is when miracles happen, but it did not seem so wonderful last week when a 90 year old lady, well known to her community as a kind and outgoing lady, was sitting in her communal gardens outside her home of 20 years.  She was approached by a lady who pretended to befriend her and was robbed of her entire Christmas savings of £1000 from her handbag, which she did not notice until the lady had gone and was looking for her house keys at her front door.

Betty called the police straight away, but it was too late and she was left distressed and devastated that she couldn’t buy gifts for her children, grandchildren and great grandkids.

Fortunately a living Angel, who is a close neighbour of Betty’s and a young mum herself, Hannah Hammond, stepped in and restored Betty’s faith by running a fundraiser in her name, and has managed to raise the entire £1000 from close friends and neighbours.

A few years ago friends of mine got together and decided to spend Christmas at our local shelter to help cook Christmas Dinner for the homeless.  We may not all be in a position to extend to this sort of help in our community, but we can certainly all make a difference perhaps by listening to a friend or neighbour who may benefit from just a few minute of your time.

So let’s all believe in angels this Christmas, and of course keep a very close ear for ‘Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel gets its Wings’ and that very angel could be you.

If you want to help Betty the ‘go fund me’ page is at https://www.gofundme.com/6adjh1k

It’s a Wonderfull Life available on DVD & Blu-Ray from Amazon Its-Wonderful-Life

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