When I told my young daughter that we were using brown wrapping paper this Christmas, it was as if I had told her there was no such thing as Santa.  So I immediately came up with a rescue plan, as only Mums can, for both my daughter and the rest of the Planet.

It may encourage you to know there can also be a good money save here too as Staples are selling brown paper at only £1.67 per roll, so that is a good place to start.  There are numerous ways to decorate brown paper without causing any harm environmentally.   Plain and natural string can be purchased from places like www.notonthehighstreet.com & https://www.staples.co.uk and then you are ready to go.

Cut outs from magazines are perfect for decorating the gifts.  You can then glue images onto the paper with sustainable glue obtained from any store or purchased online.    I picked a perfect flower and some vibrant images from some old copies of journals I had stored throughout the year, and alternatively you can download images from the Internet in black and white and just colour them in.

It may sound strange, but newspapers are also a cool way to wrap presents, and can again be decorated by add-ons like black and white bows or even old jewellery to stick on.  You can find odd bits of vintage pieces in charity shops to tie or glue onto the wrapping, especially if you enjoy a good ‘find’ and will be appreciated by friends who enjoy receiving gifts with a bit of creative flair and care.

Pressed flowers or leaves also look great, and you have time to prepare them for Christmas if you start now.  There are still some wild flowers and fabulous brown leaves around, so dry them out and place them in the middle of the biggest book you possess, and bring them out to add to your present wrap a few days before 25 December.  Holly is also very pretty on pressies and you can acquire stems nearer to the big day.

You may just want to keep it simple and paint images onto the plain wrapping paper, and there is nothing wrong with that.   You don’t have to be a Picasso to achieve a great effect, just some vibrant colours and even the most child-like attempt will not go unappreciated by your loved ones.  In fact your kids or grandkids could have a field day splashing paint on the present wrapping.

So hopefully I have inspired you a little into the art of sustainable creative wrapping, and still managed to add a little sparkle to the big day.   As you know we are always open to ideas, and if you can come up with some good alternatives for decorating brown paper, please let us know.

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